My new CD, "Rivers and Rain" is available for purchase here, as a digital download, full album or individual songs! Some of the tunes you can stream!  Other places to listen or purchase my music are, besides  iTunes, Spotify and others, are here:   
Available are ALL five solo CDs available for full album digital download OR single song downloads, PLUS BOTH Che Zuro and Tisa Adamson CDs, "Soak" and "Snack!"    And NOW you can download The Orchids LP that has been out of print for decades, as well as the band I joined in England, The Photos, with an album's worth of material, all for free! 
Available are physical CDs of "Rivers and Rain", "Orphans", "Welcome Home" , "10,000 Jalama Road", "Walking Toward The Sun" plus the two Che and Tisa CDs mentioned above, "Soak" and "Snack".  Here are digital links for some of these records, where ALL MONEY COMES TO ME!
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Digital download links for entire albums:   (Single songs go to Bandcamp, please!)
10,000 Jalama Road - Che Zuro - digital download whole album:   ( $9 )
Welcome Home - Che Zuro - digital download whole album:   ( $9 )
Orphans - Che Zuro - digital download whole album:   ( $9 )
Rivers and Rain - Che Zuro - digital download whole album:   ( $10 )
Soak - Che Zuro and Tisa Adamson - digital download whole album:  ( $10 )


As of today, May 18th, 2020, all of my 5 solo CDs are available once again on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and more! Check it out!

Please message me if there is something specific you are looking for and cannot find it!

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"What a long, strange trip it's been." -Jerry Garcia Hope this finds you happy, healthy and safe. Now that things seem to be settling down, (kind of), I am ready to tell you what has been happening and what my future in music even looks like. March 13th was my last gig, at Snowbird Resort, before everything quickly shut down from covid19 within a few days. Thinking it would be just for 2 weeks, I happily enjoyed the down time, something I have not had in many, many years, but then when more and more shows, festivals, markets and venues remained closed or canceled all music events, I worked on other passions of mine. It has not all been lost. Unfortunately, some of the bigger festivals I was hired to play either solo, or with my band, Wildflower Moon <>, have been canceled or postponed until autumn or even into 2021. Some of these events include (so you wont make plans to come and see me/us) Scenic Pittsburgh's Brews With Views event (that we were finally able to book), Deutchtown Music Festival, Music in the Mountains (Ohiopyle in September), Price's International Days, Price City Culture Connection, Ogden Valley Open Market, Helper Arts Festival, Lava Folk Festival, Ennis Open Studio event, and so many more. With many restaurants finally being able to open, but with the fact that having no money coming in for weeks or months, music is the last thing that will be brought back. With this, I can announce a few dates coming up, but not until the end of June. (And with the protests and riots and openings all over the country, that could change as well with potential spikes of the virus.) Make sure you check my website for all of the details or go to facebook to my music page, @CheZuroMusic, or stay here! At this moment, upcoming dates include: Thursday, June 25, 7-9pm, Slackwater Pizzeria & Pub, Ogden, Utah Thursday, July 9, 6-9pm, Portneuf Grill, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho Saturday, July 11, 7:30-9:30pm, Slackwater Pizzeria & Pub, Ogden, Utah August is looking more optimistic! Meantime I am working on my book! Much love! Stay safe!

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With the voice of an angel and guitar chops of a rock star, Ché Zuro brings the audience a joyous musical roller coaster ride at every show. Regardless of the size of the venue, she gives the listener something to ponder with her songs about love, fun, break up and even death, in a way that is easy to hear, feels familiar, and touches the soul.

This seasoned performer who has toured and/or recorded with Berlin, Carmine Appice, Charlie Sexton and more, has released her 7th CD on the Youghiogheny River Records label, playing locally and out of state “pretty much wherever they will have me!” 

Find out more about Ché HERE or on her Facebook fan page,!  Follow her on Instagram!