31 December 2020

Yikes, it is the end of the year. It went slower than usual and although many people thought it sucked, I am one of those who has been actually taking the time to relax and recharge.  Since usually I am so busy especially during the holidays, it is nice to have time to be obsessed with decorating sugar cookies and watching all of the old favorite Christmas movies and TV cartoons. I can't even remember the last time I was able to just enjoy decorating the whole house for Christmas, early enough to be able to get out every single item that is for that holiday, and then have the time to sit and enjoy the lights of the Christmas tree while looking at all of the ornaments gifted by so many friends and family, or that were purchased while on tour with one bank or another.

So, yes, I needed this down time. I DO miss seeing people regularly, playing music everywhere, driving all over creation to be able to play for people and get in my social stuff so I am not Jonesing, like I am now. I MISS PEOPLE. Playing out here and there I have been able to see some friends, and also I was able to spend time, a lot of time just hanging out, with my Mom this year. All of these pluses. All of these blessings.

Today I am reflecting on all of the positive things from this last year, and there are a lot, and trying to not beat myself up for not writing all of those songs I had ideas for, finishing painting the house, working on my genealogy books, scanning photos, going through old slides, and all of the projects that have been on my list forever, it seems, and focus on how good I actually feel, what I want to accomplish for real, and what is important and what is not!

I want to wish you a very good new year, prosperous and cheerful, not hateful and argumentative, which I have seen so many people heading in that direction, including close friends and family, and the ability and opportunity to achieve the goals you feel are the most important things in your life!