From the recording Rivers and Rain

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V1 I walk down to the battlefield
Down to the three rivers, that collected all of our tears.
Were we fighting to be free, or were we fighting for the greed?
To take the land that wasn't ours to steal away....

CHORUS Allegheny Angel come to me
Every time my heart breaks, you can see….
Shine a light upon my way,
Give me hope/strength for just another day

Allegheny Angel comfort/come to/rescue/shelter me....

V2 I crossed the sea from a foreign land
To make a new life with nothing in my hands.
My lungs fill with coal mine dust,
And now the rivers run with rust,
But my children's children will have a better day.


Bridge: In the light of the day this place takes my breath away
Rescue me
Give you thanks in the night this fair earth has paved my way….
Allegheny Angel…..Allegheny Angel shelter me.

V3 On the cobblestones in Market Square
No more smokestacks left to steal away the air
Singing songs about my life with a new and different strife
I am grateful for this land I stand upon.