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February 20

And now, finally, some of my NAMM coverage! You can check out exactly WHAT NAMM is here for those of you who have no idea what that is, or those who know, but want more of the details about the show. My coverage for MY first day, with Guitar Girl owner/CEO/editor/finder of great guitarists and gear, Tara Low, went very well, with both of us trying to see and hear and meet everyone and everything that we could possibly get to! Because so many things at NAMM are conflicting, we went to some together and other things separately, and for "Preview Day" got a great whiff of what was new for 2018!

With the two of us starting at the C.F. Martin booth for a special media event, we were thrilled to meet new President Jacqueline Renner (pictured here with Tara)

and hear about all of he new stuff from CEO Chris Martin.

Martin constantly inspires musicians

with new items like their gorgeous new line of ukuleles

and showing off their beautiful artistic guitars

that are custom made with artwork by Robert Goetzl!

Heading out into the lobby where a number of manufacturers were showing off an item or two from their company, we came across some very cool and interesting things! D'Angelico was showing off some of their new electric solid body models

while Boss had a cool little boom-box type amp where one can hook up your guitar via bluetooth (or hard wired) and play anywhere!

Cal Campbell was showing his Dad, Glen Cambell's signature acoustic electric guitar from Ovation while we checked out Steve Vai's design for his Morley Pedal.

We heard the new Bose travel singer-songwriter amp which has 2 inputs for quarter inch and XLR needs, that we solo musicians can just easily take with us to gigs:


and the cute and talented gal who was demonstrating what it sounded like!

(She was great and I wish I had gotten her name and contact info!!!)

Monster had two sizes of their Superstar Monster Blaster, a bluetooth speaker, the small one which included a flashlight, and both are the official Joe Perry models:

I ran into my friends Cathy and TJR (here I am with T)

Artist and Luthier Michael Spalt was on hand to describe how he builds guitars somewhat like a woodworking furniture builder. I unfortunately did not get a photo of the cabinet that doubles as a guitar stand that can be set up in one's living room as a piece of beautiful furniture.

His objects of art are stunning, and he uses reclaimed wood, things that he finds in antique stores and whatever inspires him as an artist. The close up of the body of this guitar:

Stephen McSwain showed us his gorgeous custom made axes from his own company McSwain Guitars including his "Fear and Loathing" guitar he is talking with us about here! (Hey Johnny Depp!!!! You NEED this guitar!!!)

We then headed to the Fender party!

CANDY STORE ALERT! We saw so many wonderful guitars in this room, starting with this one

plus all sorts of beautiful reissues and custom guitars!


Charvel Guitars were represented in this room as well! (Remember the pink one that I play at most of my band gigs?)

Also, I was thrilled to run into my old friend Joey Brasler who is now the VP of Product Development at Fender (congrats!!!)

and we also were grateful to have met Leo Fender's widow, Phyllis, whom I caught here with Tara!

This was the end of the first day for us, a long one, with much, much more to come! Thanks to all of the merchants who invited us to parties, what a GREAT kick off to NAMM 2018!

More coming soon!

February 18

Finally some of my NAMM coverage has been published, and I am excited! The TEC Awards is always a fun event to go to, this year there was so many different items that I wanted to check out that also just so happened to be nominated for a TEC Award! The coverage is here, with links to all of the nominees as well as the winners. GalPal Temple Ray was able to show me the actual Award that the company she reps received for a Technical Award in the Microphone Preamplifiers category. (Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel) It is all very exciting! Here is the link to the TEC Awards article and then a link to my overview of the NAMM show, HERE.

In the meantime I am also doing some film reviews from the huge number of movies I have been watching for awards season, mostly to nominate for January's SAG Awards. You can read the three that I have had published so far (two look like they are under pal Lorraine Chamber's name, but they are indeed my reviews for The Hollywood Times) HERE.
The films I have reviewed so far are Baby Driver, Hostiles, and mother! Check them out. Coming soon will be Three Billboards and Get Out, probably 2 of my top 8 films of the year!

Stay posted for all of the news on the Che front!

February 1

Holy WOW, I have not updated this since August! But I am back, writing daily (maybe not HERE daily, but I am back to writing every single day, whether it be articles for various magazines, reviews, song lyrics, etc.) and have high, high hopes to be able to keep up with this journal.

Just getting back from NAMM 2018 is taking over my life right now. I have been organizing all of my materials; photos, videos, business cards, scratchy notes that I wrote and now cannot read, schedules, etc., and will be writing a few different articles for some online magazines as well as here! So, as soon as I finish the actual work for the zines, I promise to write all about my NAMM experience this year, who I saw or met, the music that was amazing, and any gear that I personally would love to own or have/am buying that I saw at the show!

I was there with Guitar Girl Magazine and we had so much fun going to media parties and being invited to some amazing VIP events for the entire show. Starting on the Tuesday before NAMM actually opened their doors, media events take up a couple of days with previews, concerts, and what certain companies are going to unveil at the show. Super fun.

In the meantime Guitar Girl Magazine has unveiled their own hard copy magazine which is stunning! (I got my own copy at NAMM, and was thrilled to see my review of the Yamaha AC3R Acoustic Electric guitar inside!) GG also has released a beautiful calendar for 2018 and it is not too late to get one! Here is the link to order: Guitar Girl Calendar at GG Magazine or here at Amazon so grab one while they are still available! (I am "Miss" January-February-March-April 2019, photo by Sue Kinn!)

So now that I am back and writing a lot again, I'm hoping to keep you in the loop on everything I am doing: film reviews, music reviews (live and recorded), fashion stuff, etc. Instead of starting a whole new website for my review stuff, I figured you might want to check out some of this stuff as well, so it will be located here, at least for now!

THANKS for your support!

NAMM coverage coming soon!!!!