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March 28

Hope everyone who celebrates had a glorious Easter holiday! Mine was filled with love and warmth. Now today, it is snowing again, dumping, covering all of the greenery that has started to pop up for spring: tulips, daffodils, RHUBARB (this is like GOLD in my family!) and it is beautiful outside!

         I am so happy to announce that I (as well as friend and co-writer Tisa Adamson) have been included in a book entitled "Remembering The Days That Breathed Pink."

This is a collection of poetry, prose and lyrics collected and edited by my friend Nicole Borello and available at Quaci Press. Four of my song lyrics that have to do with the woman's experience are in this wonderful book, as are three of Tisa and my songs.

Please support indie artists in this media (as well as music and art) and purchase this, especially if you LOVE poetry. The book is really diverse.

To check it out, go HERE, and also check out the other books available from this publisher.

Thanks so much for your support in all of my endeavors!!!

March 22

I am back from Los Angeles where I put in 2 more days of recording my next CD with Ed Tree. It is sounding great and I cannot wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, Part 4 of my NAMM coverage has been released on Guitar Girl Mag, here and following is more from my last day of NAMM and who else I was able to run into or meet!

As I got into the hall, I noticed Steve and Karen Hunter coming in! I knew Steve well in the 80s so it was a GREAT feeling to see him again and finally meet the love of his life!

I forgot to post this very cool photo of my friend Lori and I hanging out with Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) and Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent) in the hall:

L-R: me, Brad, Lori and Derek

Then I headed up to the 2nd and 3rd floors and ran into Stacy Robin whom I know from being musicians in Los Angeles for so many years! Great to see her!!!

Then Lori and I went to the Roland booth for a big surprise.... coming... and met up with Sunbie again, and our friend Sheila....

... and then met Stevie Wonder!!!

I felt like "Golden Lady!" And I have to thank Lori for inviting me to have the opportunity to actually MEET him! We then proceeded to walk around the NAMM show WITH STEVIE and his right hand man, LaMar! It was an amazing experience, so much so that I actually got choked up while just walking around. Here I was WITH Stevie Wonder! I used to roller skate to his music when I was in junior high!!!!! Lori and I were both giddy!!!

After Lori left to go watch her beloved Panthers in the NFL playoffs before she headed to the airport to fly back to NC, I met up with old pal Lorraine, and we had lots of photo opps!

Saw Stevie Salas again (it was a STEVE DAY!)

and then we ran into Phil Chen, whom Lorraine and I knew back in the Danny Johnson and the Bandits days!

Then thanks to Stevie (Salas) I was able to meet Doug Wimbish and also some of Stevie's friends from SoCal, who knew some of the same people I did from back in the day!!!

We even ran into the Gruesome Twosome! Fun times!

My time at NAMM was incredible and I look forward to more antics next year!!!!

More stuff coming soon!

March 13

What an incredible weekend of performing! Thanks to all of my new and very generous friends from all over the place: my new pals from Ft. Meyers Florida - thanks for making the trek all of the way to DV just to see ME!, my new crazy Michigan friends, all of the dancing in their underwear children (you know who you are) (and their lovely parents,) new friends from Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Salt Lake City! (hehe) And of course, all of my wonderfully fun local peeps who continually support me by attending my shows and giving me so much love! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my "job" and thanks to you all cannot wait to do it again!!!!

Feeling the love and thankful for it!

March 5

In the 80s I played a musician (WOW, what a stretch!) on the TV series FAME. Most of the time I was way in the background, and some of the episodes you cannot even find me although I WAS THERE! It was a fun time. Barry Squire who worked at Local 47 Musician's Union would get calls for films and tv where they needed real musicians because we knew how to actually play. Sometimes actors just couldn't pull it off because it would take them learning to actually hold the instrument and look like they were playing it. (Check out some films where someone is playing and singing, and a lot of the time they are not even changing their hand position on the guitar when the chords change - because THEY DO NOT PLAY!) One of the calls I got was for a rehearsal room scene with Ian (Michael Ceveris - before he started shaving his head!) and another union musician, Michael Henderson (I think) which was directed by none other than the wonderful and talented Debbie Allen. Episode 22 of the last season (6) for the TV series, we had a blast working together. That night I had a gig at Wong's West with either Puss N Boots or the Phil Seymour band and a bunch of the cast came out to see us and hang out, including Michael and Bob Romanus who you would know from so many 80s movies and TV shows! Such a fun time. Also many, many episodes of this TV show includes my friend Liza Carbe on bass who is so visible in lots of episodes, as well as Stevie Salas who is featured a couple of times rocking out in Season 6.

Some screenshots of "Ian" and me jamming, hehe.

If you want to watch this episode, entitled "Of Cabbages and Kings" CHECK IT OUT HERE! My scene is cued up at 15:00 with Miltie (Robert Romanus) sitting at a piano trying to write a song.

I have to thank, in addition to Barry for sending me in on these calls for FAME, Allan Arkush. Allan directed me in his wonderfully fun music film "Get Crazy," and picked me out of the Nada Band for some lines, which led to me getting me into the Screen Actors Guild! Allan was directing an episode of FAME that day when I went on set to meet with the casting guy who chose the musicians for all scenes when we would break out into song and dance! When Allan and I saw each other, he stopped the shoot, told everyone to take 5, and we caught up! Not only was it great to see him, but he also was my real IN for getting on the show! THANK YOU!!!

March 1

Finally I got Part 3 of my NAMM coverage out to Guitar Girl Magazine. (Part 4 coming soon....) Click here to read the whole article!

That third day at NAMM was continuing to be amazing, seeing so much great new gear and seeing so many friends that I dearly miss.

Although it was just briefly, I did run into my pal Kelly Z all over the hall on Saturday! Here we are outside of the media room.

Her band Kelly's Lot is in the throws of more recording, including the just released "Mr. Chairman!" My friend Lori and I met up and went to all of the booths that she needed and wanted to go to as well as all of the booths I needed and wanted to go to, and ran into a friend that neither of us knew we both knew! ROBB LAWRENCE!

What a weird small world. I met Robb when I first moved to Los Angeles in 1977, when NiteBob gave me his name and number and said CALL HIM, any friend of mine will be a friend of yours! We had lost touch for a few years, but have now reconnected thanks to NAMM! Carmine Appice was also there with Robb, but slipped away before we could get any photo! Then when Mats Holmberg texted me with "Where Are You?" and I texted back "NAMM" and he texted back "What hall, what booth?" I couldn't believe that I was about to see another old friend I hadn't seen in ages.

We go back into the 80s as friends and it was so great to see him!

Lori and I ran into her friend LaMar who you may have seen with Stevie Wonder! LaMar is a great guy and was checking out some keyboard stuff when we ran into him! Here is cutie pie Lori with LaMar!

Then I turned around and saw PRESCOTT NILES! Pres and I worked with Josie Cotton in her band, The Partycrashers, in the early 80s and then when we were not touring anymore, put together Population 5 with J.B. Frank, Danny Stag and Matt Sorum. I hadn't seen Prescott in a long, long time. He did a radio show recently and gave me a shout out!!!

On the way out of the convention center, when Lori had to run to go to the TEC Awards and I wanted to run into the Mariott to see the band Venice with old band mate, Mark Harris, I ran into Pam and my old band mate from the Orchids, Sunbie Sinn! We promised to see each other the next day but grabbed a quick hug and photo!

Then I headed to the show. Venice is amazing. Their vocals just kill me. I wanted around afterward and then went to find Mark Harris, their bass player whom I played with when we were hired to work with Charlie Sexton, and then saw Charlie there too! OMG what a great reunion!!!!

And yes, Mark's t shirt had backwards printing on it! It was a wonderful reunion and catching up just made me feel so good! Then Stevie Salas was there! OMG! More reunion time! Stevie, Charlie and I hung out and chatted with so many people, plus caught up with each other. Stevie and I have known each other since the late 70s when we were all kids in local bands in Southern California. Then I was in Charlie's band in the late 80s an toured and really rocked with probably the best band I have ever played in! What a great night.

More to come, one more day of NAMM!!!

February 17


I am now an endorsing artist with F Pedals!
I LOVE THEM! I have the Edstortion and the PhaseVibe pedals which were designed by Francesco Sondelli, owner of F Pedals, and Eddie Kramer, and BOTH are truly amazing. Light weight with a heavy sound, I can get everything I want with these super small stomp boxes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them and cannot wait to have the Digital Delay box that will soon be available. And everything else they have. The great F Cables are so easy to plug in and shorten if you need to, and I look forward to the announcement of the pedal board that is in the works! Super happy!!!

Here I am with Francesco and Claudio at the NAMM show!


February 15

Part 2 of my NAMM 2016 coverage for Guitar Girl Magazine is out! READ IT HERE! Just rereading what I wrote and the photos and videos I took has made me smile. So much happened there, including seeing my friend Dave Castagno from Screamer Magazine in the Media room

and running into Scott Detweiler

who was playing at the Peerless Guitars Booth in Hall E. So many of us were out there trying to see as much stuff as possible, catching live performances of many famous as well as up and coming musicians, but would run into each other and try to catch up!!!

Old pal Buzz Clic from the band The Rubber City Rebels from Ohio, whom I hung out with in the old Hollywood days when we all first moved to Los Angeles, texted me so we could reconnect,

and he gave me his new CD "Return From Nowhere" by his band Buzz Clic Adventure which is BRILLIANT! (Thanks for my copy, Buzz!)

Here is another photo of Liza (whom I wrote about in the article) and her partner in everything, J.P. Durand, demonstrating the Tone Dexter box, also in Hall E.

My Friday ended with a drink with old friend Ed Roscetti, who was there to see his sponsors and endorsements, and ME, and then I went to Angel's famous party in Angel's Suite, where I got to hang out with GREAT people!

L-R: Angel, Teresa and me.
The blondes!

More coming soon!!!

February 14

Better late than never...

Coverage of the NAMM show. My Part 1 article about the NAMM shoe for Guitar Girl Magazine is out and you can read it HERE with more to follow. I just could not write 1 article so divided it up into 4 parts to reflect the 4 days that I spent at the conference, the National Association for Music Merchants, 2016 in Anaheim, CA. More that happened there, on Day 1 - a local high school marching band greeted the early morning attendees

and once inside, I went straight to the Ernie Ball booth (which is the company that invited me to go this year!) and saw my friend Don Felder signing autographs and making people happy!

NAMM for me is more than just the new gear. It is reconnecting with old friends, or seeing folks that you never get to see anymore (except maybe on Facebook) and getting to spend a few minutes to a few hours with them! Don Adkins and I hung around a lot, and I also was able to spend some time with my drummer friend Rod Mitchell, whom I was in the L.A. punk band Backstage Pass with as well as having a new band together in the Salt Lake area, called The Wild Side! Unfortunately I did not get photos of everyone this year (can you EVER get pics of EVERYONE???) but my memories will be with me forever! On the way out, Graham Nash was performing and did everything from "Bus Stop" all of the way through to his new material. Incredible performance with Shane Fontaine,

with a voice that has gotten stronger, believe it or not, with age.

February 1

After my last post, David Bowie passed away (suddenly to his fans) and I was without anything to really say. Finally, I have been able to work through a death of someone that felt like a friend. I had met him once at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood, actually bumping into him accidentally, and we both turned around and said hello. He said, "Oh, sorry, CO2" when he saw that I was wearing a slicker raincoat, striped pants, slicker boots that did not match the raincoat, all bright and cheerful. He seemed very much the gentleman. I was very much the fan. He will be missed in this world, but fortunately had given us this last CD with videos which all were obviously done while he knew he was terminally ill. Bravo David and what an amazing role model you are - working as much as you could to create knowing you would be leaving us all so soon.

Last Tuesday I got back from my trip to Los Angeles where I attended once again, the NAMM show, which proved to be incredible once again. Along with running into the usual suspects and hanging out with my friends, I also ran into many old friends. I will be posting some things about NAMM in the next week or so, posting photos and stories about what happened while there. So much fun! And I also snagged an endorsement with a new pedal company. News coming soon!

What I did the day before NAMM as well as the day after NAMM, was begin the recording of my next CD. There is a working title, but I am not going to give you any spoilers. You already know a couple of the songs that will be on the CD, (see below) as well as 2 songs written by friends that I have received permission to record. You may know these tunes - "Hold Me" by Danny Johnson, and "Wings of the Night" an old Orchids then Puss N Boots song co written by Jan King and Chris Castle (Castle / King - don't you just LOVE that!) - and I'm thrilled to get this permission because both of these songs are favorites of mine.

The fabulous Edward Tree is at the helm of this CD, and already we have a great working relationship! He sat in with me at Songwriter Serenade in Arcadia when I performed there in December (click the media link for the video of us doing "Going To California!") and he is the perfect person for me to work with! I'm so excited! Of course, because he is in L.A. and I am in Utah, it could take awhile, but I will keep you posted. Here is a pic of us playing together at J.C. Hykes songwriters event in Arcadia, calling ourselves "The Hat Band!" (Just kidding.)

I will post more stuff soon!

January 10

So many early January birthday's of some of my best music heroes, David Bowie on the 8th, Jimmy Page on the 9th, Michael Schenker today. I have loved so much music, and it seems like so many have gone, but LOTS of them are still with us, so I can still learn from what they continue to do. Like Bowie, just ch-ch-changing with every decade or even more than that. Just completely reinventing himself and being a true artist. Happy birthday to all of you!

I have just added a couple of new videos to my website, which you can see by clicking the MEDIA link above this journal. My friend Lorraine decided to use my camera to video me playing Going To California in Arcadia, CA, on December 8th with Ed Tree sitting in with me, and Tom Bartolac videoed all three sets of me, Liza and JP (Incendio) and Tisa Adamson at Jones Coffee in Pasadena on Sunday December 13th. Thanks to the video producers for these great captures in time of music that I love playing!!! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Speaking of Ed Tree... NEWS NEWS NEWS... I will be starting my new CD with him in about 10 days, when I'm in L.A. for NAMM. Some of the songs I hope to record will be mostly new, including "Back To Ohio," "Pennsylvania," "I'm Coming Home," (yes there is some kind of a theme there) and more. Tisa and I have been writing every time I have been back to L.A. and there are a few co penned that I would also love to record. There are also 2 songs by other artists/friends that I hope to record, but am working on the permission and publishing information. This is so exciting because I have finally made the decision to DO this and not just talk about it. Since about 2010, people have been asking me when I will have a new CD out and I have stated "I'm working on it" which actually meant I was working on the hows and whens and also the songs! I will keep you posted on the progress and hope to start releasing little tidbits here and there!

That is all for today. It's a dreary day here, good for songwriting, but it is time to put all of the Christmas decorations first.

January 9

We have been getting quite a bit of snow, a few days when I didn't want to risk driving to BAND rehearsal, but this is great for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts as well as for our water in the summer and early autumn when we risk having drought. Like much of the western United States, we have also been in this drought for a few years, but with these storms that are also hitting California with lots of rain, are hitting us with lots of snow. It is presently snowing, light flurries, no wind, and beautiful outside.

Speaking of climate change, I have always wondered what the experts really know, including what they say is the fact that things are melting and soon some of the edges of the country will be under water. Wasn't the United States or at least parts of it under water a long time ago? Wasn't the Grand Canyon under water? I have found sea shells when hiking in the mountains in Los Angeles, which means those area might have been under water a long time ago. It is so interesting to me! I found this great video online which explains how the earth had been changing for years before we even had emissions and all of the stuff that the so called experts are saying about climate change. (Im glad they changed that name from Global Warming because in some areas people were having the coldest temps ever!) Here is the video. You can post on my Facebook page what you might think about it if you like. I just thought, wow.... this kind of explains how I have been feeling about all of the talk about this.... Climate change video

Here is a pic looking out one night when it was just gorgeous!

Tonight I play at the Poplar Street Pub in Salt Lake City, a great place for drinks and food and socializing. What a huge place, too, with lots of different rooms and lots of different people coming in! Join me if you are nearby!

Mark your calendars too, I'll be back in Los Angeles for some gigs in July and headed for some fun gigs in Montana in August. Let me know if there are any places in your area that you would like for me to play! I'm ready to branch out!!!!!

January 5

Thankfully a new year is here, with love in the air!

After a whirlwind year like 2015, I'm happy to be dropping a few things from my plate, NOT musical nor anything that I am creating, but other things that have been keeping me from taking the time to create MY art! There will be some cool things happening this year, announcements to be made as these projects come to fruition! So stay tuned!

My gig schedule looks pretty good. Unfortunately I will not be playing Powder Mountain this year, as they have decided to book full bands in there. Although I am working on a band project, we are nowhere near to playing the required 3 hours of material, but we will soon have lots of fun cover material and originals mostly by me, all worked up for potential great gigs in this area (and maybe even points west and south, since drummer boy and I played together in my first band when I moved to Hollywood a gazillion years ago!) More about the band, also coming soon, as we decide on a name, get photos taken and figure out the logistics of bookings around all of our crazy schedules! A hint though, there are 4 of us, all sing lead and 2 of us are girls who look like we could be sisters! And NO, not like Ann and Nancy......

This is my view from the kitchen window today:

And although it looks like I could be out there in the snow, I have decided to catch up on stuff (like this journal) today and spend some time enjoying the views. After a couple of major drought years it looks like, knock wood, that THIS could be a great season for snow which means water for the summer months. It sounds like I live in a crazy area, but the Western US has been in major drought for a few years with limits on how long one can take a shower or wash your car or water your lawn. So this is a good thing.

After a great trip to Los Angeles in December, where I was able to play some shows and see my California friends and fans again, I am already in the throws of booking yet another "tour" there, possibly in July. Sitting down this week and next with my calendar and my options, which also include Montana and Idaho this year (and possibly Wyoming,) I'm ready to branch out again into some familiar and unfamiliar territory. If you know any any place that you would like to see me perform, please let me know, or let THEM know and give them my website info!!!! (THANKS!!!)

I'll be back at NAMM this year, the 4th weekend in January, as an Ernie Ball artist once again, searching for the newest and best music oriented products especially for indie musicians! I will be reporting in some articles that I will post here for everyone to read. The last article I had published was in Blues-E-News Magazine in their Women's issue. I did my "The Women of NAMM 2015" article for that mag which you can read here: Blues-E-News Women's Issue and hope to write more for them. I love adding photos and videos for you to see because you almost feel like you are there!

Hopefully I will be able to post more often now that I plan to have a little more time for me and a little more time for you! Drop me a line via email if you have any questions or suggestions, OK?

Much love and many random acts of kindness in this new year!!!!