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July 26, 2015

Usually my posts are fun and upbeat, sometimes informative, sometimes sentimental, but seldom are they filled with judgements. This entry in my journal will be vastly different than anything I have ever written. This will reveal how I feel about so many things in today's world. Most of it not so good. (Which will show you why I choose to post upbeat, fun things here and on Facebook, because the world is filled with sadness and anger!)

Where has our society gone? Now it is guilty until proven innocent. Now it is write your judgements of people you do not even know, because you read 1 article that depicts them as a monster, so now you "KNOW" that this person is definitely guilty. People post their comments and do not even know the entire story most of the time. And it is showing how stupid we have become as a society and how brave people can be in social media because they don't have to answer to anyone IN PERSON. What happened to finding out the truth? What happened to letting You-know-WHO being the only judge?

Recently I have seen this with events such as the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, where crowds of people used vandalism and looting to show how they felt about the injustice (similar to the burning of Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict,) which all really helped things. ??? Seriously people? We also have people reading 1 article about my old producer and have stated that "He is GUILTY" only because they have "heard stories." This all makes me sick. Guilty until proven innocent.

Folks don't seem to take the time to let the facts present themselves and then let the authorities and experts make their decision about what happened. We all as a society are now jury and judge and executioner. And it makes me want to hide from people. This makes me not want to be friends with people that I love. And that is so sad to me in this awful, angry, opinionated world.

My feeling is that this started well before the easy-to-post-anything-you-want era. To me it feels like this has been built throughout our parents' generation, who wanted the best and all of everything that they couldn't get, for their children. We were spoiled. We were taught right from wrong, but we grew up in the "ME Generation" and that, although if felt good during the time we were rooting for "ME," it is now backfiring on all of society. And now with access to the internet and social media, people have decided that they can sit in their pajamas with the their computer and type in whatever they want to "say" without having to deal with consequences. What ever happened to "alleged" in this accusations?

It is disgusting how our politics in this country is no longer moderate, although I really feel that most people are somewhere in the middle. If you agree with one thing, your left wing friends call you a "righty." If you agree with something on the left, your right wing friends call you "lefty." There are many other descriptive words that have been used as well. Why can't one believe what they believe without someone judging you so harshly? And why, instead of name calling, dont people just ask you why you feel this way? Maybe they would be more understanding if they actually knew something.

Some people who were really vocal about eradicating the Confederate Flag once and for all, are loyal fans of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Why can't we eradicate THAT show, because it has no morals or values. People who think they know everything are glued in front of their TV sets watching mindless stupidity and hear one story and because they feel that it is true, because they read it or saw it, they also feel as though they have the ability to burn someone at the stake. Once again, where is "alleged" here?

Now we have Sandra Bland. Her death is sad. We have all sorts of sides of the story. I was not there and do not know anyone involved in this, so I cannot make any kind of a judgement. The only thing I can do is feel very sad that someone died, whether at her own hand or at someone else's hand, before her time.

I will remain on Facebook and will continue to write here in my journal, but am choosing to keep things light so that my heart doesn't continue to break - break from stories in the news and friends jumping to judgements so quickly. I want to stay out of anything political as I think that your political views should be private unless you are running for public office. Then we should all know mostly all of your business.

(Not all. Sorry people, not EVERYTHING.)

My posts will not be as many as in the past. I can't handle it anymore. I don't want to feel this profound disappointment anymore.

About 10 plus years ago a friend of mine said that I should be posting my feelings about politics because I am a public person and I could sway people my way, and I told her that it was none of anyone's business how I felt about anything political. The past few years have been evidence of the reasoning behind my original thought about this, and now I choose to remain quiet.

Thanks for understanding.....

Now onto some fun and light things!

My friends from the band Incendio, stopped by twice while heading to and from Wyoming and Montana, and we were able to catch up! They are amazing, so check their schedule and GO TO SEE THEM ASAP!!! Amazing music and wonderful people!!!! Check them out HERE!

I was in Los Angeles recently and was able to see my old friend, ex roadie of The Orchids, Joe. We had a great chat for a short while before he was heading home from being at ComiCon in San Diego! He told me all about the conference and I was especially interested in the "beefcake" panel that had Sam Heughan from Outlander. Of course, because of reading the whole Outlander series, this is one of my very guilty pleasures on TV. The show is done so well (which is unusual thinking for a book reader) and I am impatiently waiting for season 2. Anyway, Joe was so kind to give me his old iPad and show me some recording apps that I am looking forward to trying out!

One day I was able to have lunch with my cousin Kristin, whom I had never met due to her growing up in a different state, and also being so much younger than I! She is a doll and I look forward to getting to know her better and seeing her again, when in California!

With all of the controversy over the alleged rape of Jackie Fox by Kim Fowley, I decided to go and see Kim and chat with him, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.(The first time I have EVER visited him and actually got a word in edgewise! Hehe.) Whatever your feelings are, I have my own views due to being in one of his many bands and having worked with him as songwriter and band member. I actually KNEW the man and worked with him. And continued a friendship with him over the years, until he passed away.

The education I received from this man paired with the introductions to countless people in the music industry could have never been the result of anyone else I had met and/or worked with in the industry.

I met people like Danny Goldberg, Ray Manzarek, Michael and Pamela Des Barres, Sham 69 (although I was the one who picked them out at the Columbia conference in 1979!) and many, many more record company owners and executives, rock stars, top photographers, music journalists, songwriters.) In all of my years in the business, this was the man who let you know
what he had planned and what you were going to get.
He expected you to WORK hard.
It was non stop from rehearsals to band meetings to recording sessions to promoting your gig later that week to a songwriting session ALL IN THE SAME DAY! My experiences were mainly all positive, with the negative ones being only his crazy antics of throwing furniture and name calling when certain band members were giggling or talking during his dog dance. He was trying to teach us all how to have thick skins for this music "business" that is one of the most ruthless. He made introductions so that we would be able to nurture relationships in the business for the rest of our music careers. He TOLD us to keep in touch with these people, remember their names, treat them kindly the next time you see them, have things to talk about to them - music oriented and newsworthy items. He was hard on us because we were women and women weren't taken as seriously as men. He hired a female engineer when only one other male producer (Mike Chapman) during that time period was doing the same. He had women on his management team, songwriting team and promo team. His publishing company had women representatives. He taught me much of what I know today about the music business and how a strong work ethic can make you successful on any level of the business.

RIP Kim.
And THANK YOU for the amazing music business education and tools for the working musician!

Kim's Grave

There is talk about a concert to raise money for a stone for him!

A very interesting bench-stone near to where Kim is. Mary Iris Bennett.

Hattie McDaniel's memorial - she was in Gone With The Wind!

A large tortoise meandering through the area... along with the peacocks and many, many other birds and animals!

Cecil B. DeMille's family tomb!

Johnny Ramone!

Im back in Utah now playing music and working with my non-profit organization, Mountain Arts and Music. And headed to Montana this weekend! Cheers! More to come, soon!