Che Zuro's Summer 2014 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

June 9, 2014

Wow, what a crazy month it has been! I think I JUST said I was leaving for Pennsylvania and now here it is a month later, and nothing new has been written. So sorry! It was a great trip - besides 3 gigs, I also went and jammed (yes JAMMED, something that I never really actually DO but am starting to - finally after all of these years!!!) with friends a few nights as well. So the trip consisted of ALOT of music!

Pal and drummer boy Greg Stewart kept telling me about this place that had Wednesday night jams, but every time I was back home, Wednesday night was not a good night for me to go out... until this trip. He also told me about this white dude that played the crap outta his guitar, Jimi Hendriz style and all and voila, it happened to be guitar player extraordinaire, Danny Stag, whom I was in a band with in the 80s in Los Angeles, Population 5! We got in touch, put some tunes together that we might be able to jam together on and then, after not being on stage together for 30 years, we PLAYED TOGETHER and it was the most amazing feeling ever!!! LOVE that guy. It was just a trip to be able to get on stage (and even in the same places we were on stage together way back when) and JAM.

Besides that jam, I also went to Sheree's and jammed with old friends Greg, Brucifer and Harry, some dudes I have know since Junior High!

And my last jam session in the Burgh consisted of me singing with The Jades, a REALLY GREAT classic rock band featuring Jimmy, Tom, Dog and Dave. Jimmy and Tom were in bands in my high school when I was in junior high and playing in a band with other high school dudes that they knew well. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Jimmy and me!

Since being back in Utah, I have been booking alot of gigs and doing so many things! Even started going to an art class which eases my mind and takes my stress and throws it right out the window! Has that happened to you? When you are doing something and are so focused that even when someone is talking to you, you kind of don't even really hear them? THAT is exactly what happens when I am drawing. It is a blessing to be able to take such a great class from such a wonderful teacher, Jennifer, and with such amazing other students, Trish, Carolyn and Sharon! My inner artist is really coming BACK out!!! LOOK OUT! I am loving it. I may even start posting some of my art work, but NOT YET!!!!

Going in Pennsylvania was really a great way to stay reconnected to those whom I love dearly. There were some out of state friends that were also there at the same time, and I found myself hanging out with a vast array of friends from over the years, from my early childhood with cousins to my late teenage years of concert going with gal pals who were just as crazy as I was - and still are! The feeling I have inside is indescribable, just such a warmth that you cannot compare to anything else. Having these old friends and family members in my life STILL is just so incredible! And the fun we have had!!!!!

This month I have some events I am working on and gearing up for the Community Stage at our local farmers market, The Ogden Valley Open Market. It will be once again, a 5:30pm to dusk on Thursday nights chance for people to perform and get experience, try out new songs, meet other musicians or just to hang out and enjoy the music and the market! This year should be spectacular as we are starting with a BANG on the night before Independence Day!!!! If you live in this area, DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

Until next time.... xoxo