Che Zuro's Spring 2018 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

March 31 (all about January 25!)

Once again, so sorry for the delay in all of my NAMM coverage. The coverage, for Guitar Girl Magazine has been published, but there was so much more that was not necessarily "female guitar oriented" that I also wanted to write about, so here it is.

Preview Day was written about last month and you can check that out in the archived journals on my website, in the Winter 2018 link.

So now, the actual Day 1, Thursday January 25th, of the January NAMM show! (YAY!)

Once again the John Lennon Bus was present hosting music all day and small demos of how people can record inside the bus. This is an amazing thing for young people since the bus hits areas with schools and promotes music IN schools as well as songwriting and recording.

And the high school band that is made up of the best of the best of a number of high school musicians in the area greeted us once again!

I ran into the main hall and met my friend Michael Mason, who was the final drummer of my old band Backstage Pass, and hung out with him at the Harmony booth where his son in law was in charge of the guitar department! We forgot to take a photo, unfortunately, but I will see him again! Then I ran (you HAVE to run here because the convention center is huge, they just added a whole new wing, and with the crowds of people ALREADY THERE on Thursday, it was difficult to see everything and everyone!) up to the Sennheiser booth where I met old friend and photographer Don Adkins, Jr., to catch Randell Kirsch and LuAnn Olson's set there with their son, Bryn on bass! (They are also old friends!)

(Photo of Randell and Che by Don Adkins, Jr. 2018)

On the way out of Sennheiser, I heard this AMAZING SINGER, soulful, beautiful acoustic soul music, and came across another stage near Sennheiser, with a duo led by MJ Ultra! Although I only heard the last couple of bars of his last tune, and he would not be playing there again during the weekend, I HAD to chat and ask him about his music! HE IS ALSO FROM PITTSBURGH so that was super cool! Anyway, he gave me his CD, "Ocean Drive" and I LOVE IT! PLEASE check him out HERE!

We then started to go as quickly as possible from place to place, which was fun but also not relaxing! Don dragged me over to the Godin booth to see an acoustic rendition of Everclear, which was amazing to see and hear! (Unfortunately the audio in my video is not great, but wow, being right up front and getting that energy was FANTASTIC!) Freddy Herrera, Art Alexis and Dave French rock out acoustically!

Afterward I got to meet and chat with Art

(Photo of Che and Art by Don Adkins, Jr. 2018) and then play the guitar he was using! (And decide that I NEED ONE OF THOSE - the sound and action and weight is awesome!)

(Photo of Che by Don Adkins, Jr. 2018)

We stopped by Don's friend Cole Coleman's booth Thimble Slide where Cole fitted me for a slide that he gifted me. (Review coming soon - I am still trying to work with it, as I am a newby when it comes to playing slide guitar!!!)

After a long, productive day, I ran back to the Marriott to check in to my room with Angel and the Sirens, changed clothes and then went off to the D'Angelico booth for the private Bob Weir concert! Last year I was able to go as a guest of drummer and dear friend Matt Sorum, who played a couple of tunes with Bob and the band (see my coverage last year at Guitar Girl!) and this year I went as media! When I got there and got in line, and to the list, MY NAME WAS NOT ON THAT LIST. Neither was Guitar Girl. As I moved aside to text my editor about what might have happened, the man who had been standing behind me asked IF I WANTED HIS EXTRA PASS!!!! His wife was originally going to be at NAMM but at the last minute she couldn't make it, so I said YES and went in with him and tried to buy him a drink, but they were all complimentary! So, Mike Risko of Mike Risko Music, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And wouldn't you know, he introduced me to Jessica Lynn, one of the artists I had planned to see earlier in the day but was unable to catch due to the massive amount of acreage that NAMM now has! Haha!

Here is the band with Mike in the center! Thank you SO much for listening to what I was going through and offering your extra pass. MUCH appreciated. So now I am friends with these peeps! Lucky ME!!! Here I am with the lovely Jessica Lynn!

PLEASE check out her amazing music at her Jessica Lynn official website!

Bob Weir was very good, although this year he started out and ended with the same musicians, the show gave us all some of our favorite Dead tunes including Dark Star and CASSIDY! I am flattered and thrilled to have been a part of this special event! THANK YOU D'Angelico Guitars for putting on this wonderful event that people will remember for years to come! Some pics of Bob and the band!

What a great Thursday at NAMM!