Che Zuro's Spring 2016 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

June 12

One of the things that I get to do when I go to Southern California, is go to the theater with my friend Don, who ushers regularly and knows all of the best plays and events around town!

We were able to see the play, The Madwoman In The Volvo which we knew nothing about, and were laughing so hard during the whole show. WOW, what a great play to see! The writing and acting were superb! I highly recommend it, especially to women of a certain age (if you know who I am talking about!!!) Going into the theater I noticed The Carrie Hamilton Theater, and gasped - YES, THAT Carrie Hamilton! I had worked with her a few times on the TV show Fame, and when she passed away from cancer at such a young age, was very, very heartbroken because she was a wonderful soul. Don told me that her Mom donated money to have a theater in Carrie's name and voila, there is it, right next to the Pasadena Playhouse, on the 2nd floor!

There is a painting of Carrie inside the lobby of this beautiful little theater, and it made me happy to "see" her again.

The gal in the center is the Carrie that I fondly remember.

June 11

Excited about getting a couple of more long days in the recording studio, working on my next solo CD, working title TBA! Hehe. Sorry! Anyway, every time I have been in SoCal, I try to book a couple of sessions with the most amazing Ed Tree.

Here he is with his trusted assistant.

I was thrilled to be able to sing through what is known as the BEST MIC EVER, the Pearlman, designed by my old friend, one of my first friends that I made when I moved to Los Angeles a gazillion years ago, Dave Pearlman! This was a treat and I love the nuances that it brings out in my voice!

Besides recording, engineering, producing, playing guitar, Ed is adding other stuff, like bass! Always like a little bottom!

I was recording a newish song, Everything's Alright, with slide.

With "Big Red!"

As I progress I will keep you posted on the process and of course, any release date or CD release P A R T Y!

June 10

Yesterday I returned to L.A. Radio Studio to perform and be interviewed by the wonderful Mike Stark! It was GREAT to be back in the studio where I have done a few shows when still in Los Angeles, after I joined Mike at another studio for his second hour, once a month, and our show was cleverly (not) called The Second Hour. We had such a great time and I MISS doing radio, so this was a real treat for me not only to perform but also be with Mike again, on the radio! Here is a little snippet of the show we did. Stay tuned for more. Also, you can go to L.A. Radio Studio to find out more about the station and all of the shows they offer!

June 5

This is one of those days when I'm really missing my girlfriends, from the childhood Greenock girls, to my EFHS buddies, to my Pittsburgh rock music pals, to my college girls, to my bandmates and fella musicians from various rock groups and combos, to my roomies and BFFs from my life in Los Angeles, and my new life in Utah and all of my female relatives that I constantly miss so much.

Just one of those ugh I MISS YOU moments that one gets teary eyed but works through. (I miss my guy friends too, but it was the "girlfriend miss" that I had today.)

Thank you Jenny for coming by to see me today and giving me those couple of moments of girlfriend happiness, I wish we could have spent more time together. And being on Main Street made me miss you even more than I already do, Natalie! Nothing like the power of girlfriends. You know who you are!!! (Love and Miss!)

Now back to normal life.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Jill the pill from Sutersville! (quote from Shelley!)

June 2

Alice from the Bags, a punk band from the 70s in Hollywood, has a GREAT website and blog and is a wonderful writer. She interviewed my bandmate, Marina Del Ray, from Backstage Pass 2 years ago and has added it to her website about women in punk. It is incredible how I walked into meeting the girls from Backstage Pass, in October of 1977, and then was invited to audition to be in the band and play guitar and sing, literally a month or so afterward. Immediately after arriving in Los Angeles, I was already in a band!!! Although I only rehearsed at The Masque a few times, I did see a lot of shows there and knew a lot of the bands. Read the article here.

Here is a fun photo of the girls after Genny quit the band and Holly rejoined. Marina, Holly, Spock and me.

And here is a photo of Genny, Holly, Marina and me at Brad Elterman's gallery opening a few years ago, standing in front of the iconic photograph Brad too of the band with Rodney Bingenheimer. This is also with Rod "The Perve" who played drums, as BSP always had a male drummer!

I hadn't seen these beautiful women in decades, so it was really great! We were missing Spock as well as Barbara, who came in to play keyboards when Marina had left the band.

And "The Perve?" Well, he lives near me and now we have another band together, after all of these years! Details coming soon!

May 30

Memorial Day.

A day to remember those who died while fighting for the Freedom of all Americans. Yes, we can thank Veterans, the living ones and the deceased ones, but TODAY is the day that we thank those who actually DIED while fighting for us. Those whose bodies were left on the battlefield. Those who died from their injuries of war. Those who gave ALL for us. Please remember THEM as you BBQ, go boating, party with you families, shop the sales, whatever you do today, REMEMBER THEM.

I want to thank everyone who made my birthday weekend incredible. All of my family and friends who remembered and dropped me a not, text, call, email, sent a card, sent cookies or turnovers or cake or chocolate, to everyone at Kelly's Roadhouse who made yesterdays' gig so special, ESPECIALLY Kelly and the boyz! I am blessed to have you all in my life!!! Thank for getting me through another year unscathed!!! Hehe! Music love and gratitude!!!

May 26

Sometimes the best tips are not monetary. After playing Slackwater and noticing a family with young children who seemed to enjoy my music, I found this in my guitar case along with other tips! There was a folded up note with this on the front:

And when I opened it up, I found this:

THANK YOU Celia!!! This is wonderful and I will cherish your note forever!

May 21

The article I wrote for Guitar Girl Magazine is available to read now. Scroll down to the May 20 entry for luthier Kim Walker's story! Thanks!

May 9

What a GREAT weekend! Saturday night I played at Driscoll and Son's again, my fave place in the Township to play! Thanks to Ray for booking me again and to all of my friends and family for showing up to see me and hear my music!

A bunch of my cousins came to see me, including Rocky and Luke!

Jill and Sara were there too!!

My Mom was there with some friends, and the place was packed!

Dog showed up! (And my friend Debbie at the back table!)

It was great to be "home" for Mother's Day, too, and take my Mom to brunch! I already miss her!

May 4

Finally, Sandy's tombstone has been installed! Susan and Dorothy did such a great job.

Her Music WILL Live On!!!

May 1

I played a new place (for me) on the North Side of Pittsburgh called The Park House and had the best time there! Zamir runs such a great place and the falafels are the BEST! I had a nice group of friends show up to see me, too, so it was super fun!

Here are Lynnie and Lou!

Here I am tuning up.

After the show I got to hang out with my pals too, like my old friend Nicky!

It was great to see Lou, Lynn and John!

I'll be back there playing again on Saturday August 27, 10pm to midnight!

April 29

Heading back to Pennsylvania in April/May is an annual thing for me and I was thrilled to be able to jam at Brucie's weekly jam session at Sheree's where I played lead and also rhythm guitar and sang a bit. Love these folks and they are always so welcoming to this hometown girl! Here I am with Dog, who also cannot hear a thing, trying to sing back up, while John holds down the bottom!

Dog and Jeff jamming!

Harry let me play his guitar too, so I was able to play some "softer" rock, although I still couldn't hear a thing!!!

Love seeing my girlfriends too... Gals from my childhood, people I have known forever, and also friends' parents whom my folks were friends with. In one case, my Grandmother helped deliver her Mom. (The gal in the center, Karen! The other gal is Virginia!) And THAT is why her Mom was named Ida, after my Grandmother!

Love these people and miss them terribly

April 11

This year I was fortunate to be able to book a weekend gig at Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming, and wow what an amazing time I had. The drive up:

I was able to ski and also received lodging right there next to the slopes. Nearing the end of the season, there is always a chance that the conditions will be crappy, so although I had a great ski day on that Saturday, Sunday's weather was not so nice. It rained. Ugh. Here are some pics of the first day, of the valley below me and the Tetons!

My first gig was out on the deck in the really great warmth and it was so much fun to entertain the skiers passing by and folks who stopped for food and drinks. The second day there was a chance of thunderstorms, so I played the gig inside, with people who came up from Driggs and Victor just to see me!

What a fun time. Thanks to Chris and Beth, and also to all of the new friends I made in Wyoming!!! Here I am with my new friend Chris!

April 1

My last Deer Valley gig of the winter season was so much fun! With friends and new fans from Texas, Michigan, Florida and more places, it was WILD!There were a group of supportive young people in their long underwear who really seemed to like my music! Here are some photos for you to giggle at! Here I am playing in front of the big windows at the EBS Lounge, such a beautiful place!

Suddenly I had a horizontal audience!

Everyone was really having a great time!

I LOVE this shot!


Thanks so much to Rhonda for remembering to send these precious photos to me! What a fun time and a great way to end my apres-ski shows at Deer Valley!