Che Zuro's Spring 2015 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

June 4, 2015

Life has a way of making you too busy to remember some of the important things. I am finally back. Of course I post stuff on Facebook all of the time, but this journal has been a more personal way to let you know what has been going on in my life, not JUST my musical life.

So here I sit on a dreary, overcast, stormy day with many things in my head that I want to tell you!

As you may know, I co-founded an arts organization almost a year ago with my friend/musician Trish Painter, Mountain Arts and Music, and we have been very busy running this new official non-profit, with workshops and music jams and trying to partner up with everyone we can think of here in this area, to promote artists! This area has many, many talented people, from fiber artists to musicians to visual artists. We have many photographers and writers and dancers. But many people do not know each other. (No clue WHY.) And if one gets together with like minded people on a regular basis, ART becomes a daily activity in your life!!!!

Last night this art group got together to transport our stage to the farmers market site. It was hysterical. I kept singing the Beverly Hillbilly's theme song. It was so funny just getting this giant stage onto a trailer that was obviously meant for smaller items.....Finally we got it onto the trailer...

This is probably highly illegal, but we had lots of man and woman power to get this ready to transport!

Then we were on our way to the site.... Escorting were members and friends of Mountain Arts and Music!

We are now ready to start the Ogden Valley Open Market, with music just about every Thursday night through the summer. Start date is July 2 (because the farmers will have little to no produce until then...) and goes through September. It looks to be a busy summer of music and art here!!! YAY!

Also, I was back east, played a few gigs in my hometown, visiting with friends and family, and worked hard on some house projects. Had an amazing time with the visiting and gigging part! The work part, not so fun, BUT rewarding when your project is finished!!! I'll be back at the end of August for more gigs and more visiting and probably more work! Here I am after finishing one of my projects, painting the shed!

Now I am still in the throws of booking more dates for the summer, filling in where I neglecting to work hard with booking weeks ago, and also finishing everything for a couple of mini tours that I want to try to do. Announcement: I am going to be BACK at Ohiopyle's Music In the Mountains festival this September 5th at noon, playing for 2 hours! BE THERE! Thanks to those of your who contacted them with complaints that I was not there last here! It worked! I am thrilled to be going back to that beautiful venue and place and to be able to perform for you in that setting.... I think they will love my new song "Pennsylvania!" I am also working on the pre production of my next CD, long overdue. So hopefully I will have something before the end of this year.

Some of the CDs that I have just received and listened to are...
Tisa Adamson's Fingers!!! YAY! She finally came out with a CD, and I am thrilled for her! Click on the image and it will take you to CDBABY where you can listen and purchase the disc!

Three songs that she and I wrote together are on this recording, Stay Forever, Tease and Stupid! Give her a listen and SUPPORT!!!!

If you love the blues and amazing raspy voices, you will LOVE The Sonny Moorman Group's Lucky 13!

My friend Willie Perkins manages this band that play mostly around the Ohio area (hoping to be able to catch them sometime soon!) and I love this record. Listen and buy!!!

And.... my birthday gift this year was a ticket to see ROBERT PLANT! He played in a sold out 1200 person venue in Salt Lake and was amazing.... I had his newest CD, Lullaby and....The Ceaseless Roar, and just love it. The feel of the whole recording just reminds me of the softer Zep stuff, the more folky but with interesting instrumentation, and I adore it and his voice...

I LOVE music!!!

Now I think we have caught up! You can make comments on my Facebook page if you like!!! Enjoy the last days of spring!!!

April 3, 2015

Hope you had a fun April Fool's Day! Being under the weather, I really did not venture out to be tricked, but a few of my Facebook friends posted things that at first, I thought, WHAT?!?!, and then realized, oh yeah, it's April 1st!!!

I want to wish everyone a blessed Passover and Easter this weekend. My Dad's Pysanky, the Ukrainian egg dying art, are displayed in a basket on my dining table, every year. I remember making these with my Grandmother, his Mom, and my Dad before Orthodox Easter a lot of the years when I was really young. Back then we used pencils with straight pins in the eraser part and dipped the end in wax to make designs on the blown out eggs. Now they have tools just for this art including a contraption that is used to blow out the egg from the eggshell with virtually no cracking! My Dad's eggs (I have one that I did last year at art class in there as well!):

For more information about Pysanky, check out this Pysanky website!

My second cousin Maria was born and raised in what we call "the old country" near the Carpathian Mountains, and brought the wooden eggs that were made in her area, where her Grandmother and mine were from. Both sisters came to America but her Grandmother returned to the old country to get married and raise a family!

Have a wonderful holiday or just a great weekend!!!