september 1

since i have been so slack this month with updating my website, i thought i would get a jump start on the september journal. it is just around the corner!!! :D
wanted to post some pics of my pals, the band sham 69 (go visit their website at or befriend them at and check out their new cd, it is GREAT!!!!
here are some pics of the show in the inland empire...

rob and tim

more dave

the whole band. except for ian - drummers are always so tough to photograph!!! sorry ian!

the show was great, it was PACKED and it was awesome to see everyone singing along with every song!

i am off to mammoth sans computer, so will check you when i get back. those of you in the west, STAY COOL!!!!

september 3

the mammoth reunion party was awesome. we all had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting people we have only heard about! it was a huge success and marianne did an amazing job of putting this all together!
i got there to see the first artist, my old friend fiddlin' pete, from bishop. he couldnt stick around to sit in with me because his band had another gig in independence later in the day!

i FINALLY got a copy of his cd, songs of curly fletcher, that i have wanted to buy for so long. he also has a dvd and other cds available. check him out at
frank (my "band" for the day, tee hee) and janice came along with me!

i started out my set with "stay forever"

then frank came up to join me!

a few more tunes in the wind!

then we all got to hang out,

listen to everyone else perform and hang out with friends!

it was a beautiful day and at one point on stage i was actually chilly!!!!!!!! there has been a heat wave here in southern cal, so it was a really nice change. (i even had to put on a sweater at the end of the day!!!!!!!! exciting! :D)
maggie and me:

maggie, bob, pam and palz...

the drive at dusk into dark was wonderful. thunderstorms in the mountains and the warm wind was just amazing....

more stuff soon!!! including new cd news, tour dates, and general blabbiness... :D

september 10

arrived in PA on saturday and have had an awesome time here so far, despite the humidity. today it was a gorgeous day and i really enjoyed pennsylvania and everything it has to offer.
saturday night i went to the west newton community fair (we have those kinds of things here in old peeyay) with my cousin and some friends, and had ice cream, met new people, hung out by the river, saw the fireworks and heard a great band with a singer from town. they are called NOMAD and i think they have a website that's something like or something like that... check them out. very good country/southern rock band. fiddle player was wild! fireworks were over the river, and i tried taking some photos of them....

sara and sandy

here i am with cousin sara!!!

greg and christopher

next morning i left pretty early for my ohiopyle show - in the mountains - for their music in the mountains festival. it was just sooooo green...

and the falls were just blazing with the rushing water....

i played a longer set because the second band never showed up!!! and it didnt rain this year, YEAH!!!!

cousin judy and her husband ron came out to see me and hang out a bit!

christopher at the falls

we all went out for lunch at the firefly grill and took what could be an annual photo!!! :D me, christopher, greg, sara and sandy

more of my big september vacation soon! :D

september 22

Ernie Payne R.I.P.