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September 4

Writing from a remote location, kind of chilly - cool outside, cloudy, it just rained, it's very green and very muddy and wet, but pretty wonderful considering the heat California is having right now, again - and I am really enjoying my stay in the east... It's been too wet to really do much outdoors, i.e. ride bikes on the trail, golf, but I have been doing quite a bit. It's just a nice time to be back in Pennsylvania and to see my family and old friends, and go kick around in some of the same places I kicked around as a kid! Tomorrow night I will be playing a gig at the Boston Waterfront, a really neat restaurant and lounge with great owners, and the room overlooks the Youghiogheny River, so of course, I LOVE it!!! Check back here in the next day or so for some photos that I promise to post of the area, the gig, palz and other things that are going on around here!!!! xo

September 8

Pennsylvania has been great and I am having quite a bit of fun! Besides a fabulous Labor Day weekend, I also had a fun gig in the township... at the Boston Waterfront. It was a great success, lots of people were there and I really enjoyed seeing everyone and playing some new material for everyone... Some pics... my aunts, mom and cousin...Cousin Janice, Aunt Jean, Mammamia and Aunt Mary!

Vaughn, Sandy, Bill and Dad...

playing while it's still light out, but it was a fabulous dinner crowd on a Wednesday night!

Sara and Greg

Brad, Norma Jean, Terry and Jimmy...

The Greenock Posse: Rio, me and Dave

Greg, Sara and Cousin Lenny...

Next day it was beautiful, no rain, just perfect, so Mum and I went and played some golf. It was perfect weather for a round, and the hills were alive with, well, good golf weather! :D

My favorite goofy golf hat

My Mum

More to come in a day or two... XOXO

September 9

Trying to catch up with all of my gigs and photos and events, so bare with me!!! The Homestead Waterfront gig with the Pittsburgh Songwriters Association was really alot of fun. Had alot of family and friends there, and everyone played so well! Here are Van, Rubbie and Barry aka P.E.!

My cousin Chuck showed up...

Mum sang with me since there was a second mic set up, which was so awesome. She sounded great!!!!

Cousin Judy came by to hang out with us... (Here she is with Mum and me!)

and then... the family... cousins galore! :D Judy, Ron, Mum, Dad, Maryann, Jamie, Rick, Arleen, Linda, Joe, me, and Sara

September 10

Saturday was so much fun! Traveled out to Ohiopyle, PA, where peeps in the area go for white water rafting, hiking, drives into the forest, kayaking, etc etc etc, and I was headed out for their Music in The Mountains Festival! Cousins Sara and Arleen, and pal Dave went with me, and Mike, Tom and Cindy met us out there. Seeing the falls again, after not being there for a long, long time, was just amazing. Breathtaking.... And the sound of the water was wonderful to hear!

Me with my cousins Sara and Arleen...

There was a park ranger there with a red-tailed hawk, which we also have here in California, and I had a gazillion questions for him, and actually got to PET the hawk! He is 5 years old, male, and very calm around people....

And I got to meet Smokey The Bear!!!! (tee hee)

Then it was time for me to perform.... The stage was right on the Yough (the river the flows from the Monongahela River... :) and it was just a wonderful view of the whole area from the stage!

And I played until it started to sprinkle....

....and then the clap of thunder and RAIN...

Hung out and had lunch with my cousins and friends... me, Dave, Arleen, Sara, Mike, Cindy, Tom...

After that, Sara, Dave and I went to Elizabeth to check out the "Win Clay's Chopper" party, where we ran into alot of friends and hung out til we were too tired to continue hanging out.... :D Saw Brucie and his band members, but missed their show...Here is Brucie with Dave and Sara.

Here is a very lit up Cousin Lenny on the dance floor....

Took more pics but it was dark and they mostly turned out blurry... Third Degree with Jimmy Kenders played while we were there, and Dave Granati played after that. It was a fun party!!!!!!

September 14

Back in L.A. and playing up a storm this week... Did my every other Tuesday gig at Uni Bar and Grill which was really alot of fun, and the gang was all there! Woo hoo!!!! Thanks to Dennis for taking some pics.

I am just getting back to normal after having such a luscious vacation back east, and I will be posting more pics soon!!!! XOXO

September 25

Santa Barbara was glorious!!! Tisa and I got to perform at one of our favorite Borders and also saw some old friends (thanks to Jason and Bruce for stopping by!!!!!!!), and enjoyed the Santa Barbara lifestyle! Here is the beach we were at on Sunday morning...

Hearing the crashing of the waves was amazing. And it was perfect weather!!!!

We didnt take any performance photos, because you have seen enough of those! Just the scenery.... Next stop, North Hollywood! Tee hee.....