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september 1

first of all, my prayers go out to everyone whose lives were devastated by katrina. can't believe the pictures on tv of new orleans underwater. we all have to do whatever we can to help! please donate at the red cross, either blood or money or whatever you can spare. more info will be here soon....

it feels odd to be on vacation and actually be posting my pics, but we have to forge on with our lives and help our countrymen as much as possible when we can....
firstly, it was mckenna's first day of school on monday, and didnt she look cute????

i made a trip to gettysburg, and it was really a special place. started at the cyclorama building with the painting thats in the round which tells the tail of the battle of gettysburg, and that gave the perfect start for a day on the battlefield, learning more and more as we walked and drove around....these are the things that i saw... cannons. EVERYWHERE. it was amazing that they were just everywhere....

the view from the cyclorama building of the high water mark of the battle.

one of the larger monuments with the pennsylvania monument in the background...

an old photo of the wills house (on a plaque right outside the house) where president lincoln stayed the night before he gave the gettysburg address, me standing in front of the house, and a snapshot of the house today from across the street!!!!

here i am in front of the dobbin house where mum and i ate lunch downstairs at the springhouse tavern. this place was built in 1776!

back to the pennsylvania monument and the battlefield. the 155th with my great great great uncle's name, b. r. goodlin...

the battlefield from general lee's point of view:

the beautiful boulders in the valley of death....

september 4

i haven't been keeping up with the journal because there has been so much going on here, mostly me visiting my family and just taking it easy. and it's been a good trip! on wednesday, my mum and i went to the frick art and historical center in pittsburgh which was henry clay frick's homestead while he lived in the area. we saw clayton, his home, as well as a great auto museum and of course the art museum, and to top it off, had high tea in the cafe, which was beautiful! here i am in front of clayton...

the greenhouse there was filled with california plants and flowers which amazed me. everything that is in my yard in los angeles!!!!

i really miss my kittens, but "cookie" comes around alot, so i get as much cookie love as i can possible get while i am away! :D

of course i have been enjoying the pennsylvania countryside while here, and it has been gorgeous out the past few days since the rain has subsided... here is the area around jacobs creek.

and this is looking west at dusk, in greenock!

went out to junebugs on friday night and met my friend mike for a drink, and who walked in but a bunch of old pals with their guitars. so it was a junebugs jam!!! lots of fun and great old memories and making some new ones!

here is jimmy, jeff, bruce and michael!

and mike and me having some beers! (i drink stoney's while in junebugs! :D)

that's all for right now! gotta run, visiting with more family this evening!!! xo

september 5

saturday playing golf was really quite wonderful. the groundhogs were out and about. but it's tough to get close enough for a good photo...

mom and dad with the incredible view, and then me in front of the view of the old barn...

such a beautiful sky....

"the hills are alive...."

we then went down to the boston waterfront for some nourishment and got a table with a view of the river (the youghiogheny, of course!)

"cousin" lille has been visiting all weekend! (tee hee!)

last night my cousins came over for dinner and we had a blast. we we are at the end of the evening, having our buttery nipples. thats a DRINK!!!!! (really good one, too!) - we started with "bad habits" and "fuzzy roots," so it was an interesting evening!!! :D

september 11

so sorry i haven't kept up with you on everything, but i will try to catch up...

it's the 4th year anniversary of another disaster, although unnatural when compared to hurricane katrina, 9-11.... this day was scheduled for alot of musicians as a day to perform and remember how we were attacked, maybe help raise more money to help the families who lost loved ones, and also never forget, but move on.... i feel that we are so vulnerable as a nation right now, although as a people, we have all helped the people of louisiana and mississippi, but we can always do more. if you already haven't given somehow, either to your church or in your town, or perhaps, like me, you may know people who had to evacuate new orleans, and now cannot go back, because there is nothing for them to go back to, then please, please donate something to one of these charities:

also, if you have thought about purchasing my cds online and are ready to do it, i am donating all of my profits for the month of september (which could add up!) to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund. if you go to and click on FOR CHARITY link, you can search through all of the indie cdbaby artists who are part of this worldwide donation! you can also search for my music there, or click on the links for each individual cd at my buymusic page. whichever way you want to do it, ALL of my profits from these sales will go to the red cross to help the hurricane victims. THANK YOU!

tisa and i are back from paso robles where we were chosen to compete in the first annual winery music awards/battle of the bands... and it was great fun! we had a nice trip up and back, and cass winery is gorgeous. they have a lovely listening room and tasting room there as well as a great patio, where steve, the owner, was grilling chicken for everyone... anyway, we were so floored when they announced the winners of the evening and we came in FIRST. so we are back there on saturday october 8th, performing again with the 5 other groups who came in 1st and 2nd in the 3 months of competition. i want to thank everyone for making it such a great day, including producer kathy, the sound guys, nate and dominic, steve, lisa and alice from cass winery, all of the judges, and my friend victoria who was the one who told me about the contest! here are some the cass's incredible grapes:

tisa laughs!

here i am in the grapevines....

victoria and i catch up on things!

cliff was an awesome m.c.!!!

if you are interested in going to the finals, please go to my calendar, and all of the links are there for you to make reservations and purchase tickets for saturday october 8th.

september 19

i am back in cal from my 2nd trip to pennsylvania, this time for my high school class reunion, and i had a BLAST! the weekend (a long weekend) started out with drinks and dinner with my folks... here is mom, unable to pick up her cosmo without spilling it, so.....

here we are together after dinner....

the next night was the cocktail party at the waterfront with the acoustic music program that i put together for our class and whomever else wanted to come... and we had a GREAT crowd!!!! classmates, schoolmates, neighbors, cousins, teachers!!!! here are p.e. and i sitting in with van!

mom comes up on stage to sing with me and everyone loved it!!! (except her??? tee hee!)

my cousins crashed the party! :D that's erin on the left, flown in from chicago, arleen above me, all the way from sutersville (tee hee!), and sara on the right, who drove in from west virginia!!!

here i am with my producers / roadies....

the next day was the big reunion day... my friend karen drove in from new york on friday before the cocktail party, sat morning we went to my cousins for breakfast, and then started preparing for the big event!!! me with karen at my folks house...

here are carol and linda selling tickets for the chinese auction, and vicki smiling!

kim and cindy help me with the halloween basket that i won, and me picking the ticket for the next gift basket!

some of the reunion committee during the slide show and presentation... debbie, kim, ken, donna, linda, carol, cindy and terri!

me and the boys!!! dean, paul, me, mike and billy!

monica and linda dance!

linda gives me her best face! :D

joe with his broken toe!

our classmate bruce resnak is in iraq so we all signed a poster for him!

more pals! donna, sharon, patty and debbie!

billy and jayme!

it was alot of fun!!!!!! wanted to share the pics and my great time with you! xo

september 23

tisa and i are back with a slew of gigs, and on wednesday night at brennan's irish pub, barry and jim showed up to see us, so it ended up being pennsylvania night! b hasnt been in town for 25 years, and isnt it interesting that the week i see him on fri and sat nights, he flies into town a few days later and i see him again!!!! :D what are the odds???? here are jim, me and barry...

the duo....

tisa, barry and me...

alot of gigs coming up this weekend and next week, so stay tuned for more pics! xo

september 26

santa barbara's sandcastle festival was alot of fun on sunday! we arrived to perfect weather...

tisa and me on the balcony of the beach club:

palm trees

our friend antara was in one of the groups competing for the best sandcastle!!!

view from the stage:

a couple of shots of us, thanks to bruce goldish!

bruce does his thang....

making faces

dancing barefoot (while playing and making faces, i might add!)

we loved being back in s.b. and hope to get back there again SOON! xo