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september one

it is already september and fall is right around the corner, eeek! only one more local gig (tonight at fitzgerald's, check the calendar for the details!!!) until i venture back to my beloved pennsylvania and play a few gigs... they are all in and around pittsburgh, so if you have friends or family there, tell them to come out and say hi!!!
thanx to dennis, bill and rich for coming out last night, and once again, thank you dennis for making our stage so sweet!

september six

labor day, and a gorgeous day! i am in the burgh, here i am going through the tunnel from the airport...

and when you drive right out of the tunnel, you see pittsburgh. it's pretty cool...

i have been relaxing and seeing friends and family, and having a wonderful time. tomorrow i have 2 gigs and am looking forward to that because i will see more people that i know, and will be performing with other friends.... my pals jeff and harriet from new york were in town over the weekend, so we had a chance to get together and hang,

and it's a beautiful thing. i will post more pics soon!!!

september eight

we were rained out last night at the waterfront. it was pouring en route and we got there and it was really iffy whether or not to set up everything outside, and the decision was no, because of lots more rain! oh well... i drove to the rhythm house afterwards, going through pittsburgh (weird shot...)

and met my cousin there. watched lori and jeff play and then went to the back room where the open stage was happening, and tons of artists were signing up to play, from singer songwriters to entire bands... thanks to jeff holt for giving me a longer special slot! i really appreciate it! here i am on the stage...

then jeff and lori invited me to come up and play a few songs, which i did, on the front stage! (devil eyes, huh?) and it was alot of fun!

tonight is the birmingham bridge tavern and we are hoping for a great turnout! and thankfully, it's not an outdoor gig, because, guess what? it's RAINING.... :D

september ten

wednesday night was fun at the birmingham bridge tavern! thanks to the guys who put together the open stage and let me do my thing, especially jeff holt... (here we are together!)

my cousins and some friends came out to hang and support and we had a blast! i have been drinking yuengling the whole trip because it is a beer that is FROM pennsylvania, and from the oldest brewery in america, from pottstown, pa, i think.... here i am with my parents and my cousins tom and arleen...

my cousin sara brought a few of her friends to see me...

here's jeff and sara!

one of my art teachers showed up to hang out (we saw her the night before when we had drinks and forgot to take pics!!!) too!!! here we are, me, karen, and my mom!

it was a fun time! yesterday i just ran around in the rain, and took pictures of old buildings in greensburg, buildings where some of my ancestors had taverns and hotels back in the early 1800's, so it was neat. here are a few shots of the area...this is one of the old buildings in greensburg, and it's on the same spot where my ancestor had a tavern... now, i dont know how old this particular building is, but it's pretty neat to stand on the corner and see where my kin used to be...

some of the countryside... (shot out of the car window)


and it wouldn't have been a full day of genealogy without visiting a cemetery... so i went to st. clair cemetery and went to see a few old relatives ;D... also saw some deer and groundhogs right there on the cemetery grounds, but they were too quick for me to take any photos!!!

more later!!! xo

september eleven

friday was fun! mum and i went to the trail and took a stroll and i stopped and took pics of all of the wildflowers and plants along the way! wanted to share them - these are the plants and flowers that i grew up with, a typical september group of things. some of them i know the names and some i havent a clue as to what they are, but they all bring back memories of my childhood! cat tails are all over the place here...


here i am on the trail, with no one else around. so peaceful...

this is harper's pond, where i learned how to ice skate when i was a kid!

took a drive around my old neighborhood and took some pics of the view...

i can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles..... oh yeah...

september twelve

i keep singing that todd rundgren song, "one more day" because that's all i have left here on my trip... it's been amazing. the gigs were great and i have had a wonderful time! started out yesterday (saturday) by going to the mon river museum with my friend mike, and stopped to take pics of the old guffey farm and burial ground along the way...

had lunch with mike in west newton where we got to see the end of their river festival parade with all of the firetrucks...

later on we went to the blind pig saloon where i played a show, opening for jdstrum (who are amazing, by the way!), and jeff marks sat in with me again, and it was a BLAST! he is such a great guitar player and alot of fun to have a buddy play and stand in for the "band" who isnt here this time :I tee hee....

my old friend jim potter, showed up to see me with his wife, marilyn, and we got to catch up on the last ___ years (can't tell you how many!)...

and of course, the producers were there!!! :D

jdstrum hits the stage!!!

jeff and drew!!!

thanks jeff, for booking me in with you guys, it was a fabulous time!!!

september fifteen


if you didnt have a chance to read the email i sent, i am having a sale on my 1st 3 cds ("10,000 jalama road," "welcome home," and "soak") if you purchase them at cdbaby and purchase at least 3 of those cds (whatever combo you want) or one of those cds and two others that are listed in the $5 sale list!!! just go to the cdbaby website and click on the $5 specials to browse OR if you KNOW that you want to buy just all of my cds, go to my buy music link on my website and use the little sales box. the regular prices are listed in your shopping cart until you choose 3 cds that are listed in the $5 specials list, then they are shown as $5 each. it's an amazing deal, and a way for you to own the entire che zuro catalog for a really low price!!!! this sale will be over before october 1st!

september nineteen

did you know that it is

argh, i jest found out! tee hee... will have to break out the captain morgans later on to celebrate! (not yet, its waaay too early to start drinkin me rum!) have a great rest of the weekend!

september twenty-four

tonights gig was fun - and colorful!!! thanks for showing up, dennis, thanks for the flowers and jeff took this great pic of us singing our little old hearts out!!!!

dont forget to listen to the radio show tomorrow morning - it is also repeated, so LISTEN!!!!!! xo

september twenty-five

just a quickie to post some pics from todays FUN radio show!!! you can hear repeats of the program by going to this link and clicking on the streaming.... you will hear all of the artists who played today, including our host, tee-m whom we all sang along with on "knockin' on heavens door!" got there and we all visited and had some coffee and donuts...

it was an all ages event! this is luis' son!!!!

kelda gets ready to go on...

while tee-m chats over the airwaves...

...with mike stark!

luis gets some cheering help!!!

and even MORE!!! (jj and his mom!)

tee-m takes a quick nap before i go on!


tee-m takes the "stage" and we all join in for his tune!!!

shana (from "let's go sailing") then played a few tunes on her piano!!!

and last but not least, dean acevedo and jimmy did a few numbers and we danced in the hallway!!!!

what a great day!!! now i am off to rancho santa margarita to play again!!!!

september twenty-six

just updated everyone's name who played on the radio show yesterday and also added their website info, so check them all out!!!! have a GREAT sunday!

september twenty-eight

last night at the brass elephant was great fun!!! it's such a cool songwriters hang and dave and ellen do SUCH an awesome job!!! and thanx to dave clarke, we have, once again, some fun pics to post!!! THANKS DAVE!!! we arrive and hang for a little bit before going on...

then we hit the stage....


dave mixes our sound...

more us...


hanging out with some friends afterwards!

some of the other female artist...


a fun time!!!

september thirty

it really feels like fall here in southern cal, and of course, october is just about here, so it is a welcome change! last night's show in the garden pavilion at the celebrity centre was really alot of fun, the acoustics were amazing and the room was wonderful to play in. alot of great songs and singers and it was just a great event. thanks to tom fair for inviting me to perform!

today is the LAST day of the cd sale on cdbaby for me - you can get a minimum of 3 of my 1st 3 cds (also anyone else's cds that happen to be listed in the $5 bin!) for only $5 each! so hurry if you were thinking about getting them - the sale is over at midnight tonight! new journal will be posted tomorrow!!!