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hey, happy labor day! come and hang out with us at
for the afternoon! they have great food, drinks, and OF COURSE MUSIC!!! (us, duh!!!!)

make sure you all get a load of MARS before too long; it's the closest it will be in our lifetime, and its REALLY cool!


nicole's last day of work!

we will certainly miss you!!! me and nicole.....

zulma and mary working on some biz...

nicole finishing up some things!!!

zulma and mary!

i'd like to thank everyone for coming out to all of the gigs this week! we really appreciate your support!!!


my cactus is blooming!!!!! woo hoo!!!




argh... had to share this weird pic of my cat buster - she was sound asleep, seemingly upside down, and seemingly VERY comfortable.....

pics from last nights gig at the rib joint! here we are with some interesting peeps who were at doheny days... yes, thats a margarita glass on the gals hat! tee hee!!!!

their close up!

anna maria and markie d, keyboardist extrordinaire.....

harry "bamm-bamm" solomon and everyone's favorite barbie!!!

diana (who HATES getting her picture taken, can you tell?????) and our own mandolinist (is that a word???) morgan!

chris and neda at the end of the night.... sorry so blurry, i think the photog had too much jack daniels..... oops!

thanks to mark, morgan and harry for sitting in with us, and being the che zuro orange county band and drill team (i am only quoting harry! aka the drum major! tee hee!!!) and we would also like to thank our newist band member bob, who, after never hearing us before, sat in with us like he has listened to our music for years! you totally meet that band requirement = NO REHERSALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for coming out to the pajama party on thursday at hallenbecks! we had popcorn and licorice on the tables and all of the performers wore pajamas and alot of the audience came dressed in the spirit of the evening!!! here are some cute pics from that night! charlie, leslie and joe in jammies!

me and linda ready for a slumber party!!!

kimberly and judy catch up!!!

lisa sings about wearing "his" red plaid robe....

the awesome audience (notice stuffed animals also in the audience!)..

linda sings about teacups!

lisa and judy on stage!!!!!!!

miss leslie lingerie... and check out the roses that dennis brought for the pajama party!

cyhndi's solo debut!!

charlie plays my tacoma!!!

kimberly comes back!!!

girlfriends!!! the pajama clad charlie, me and lisa...

me and dennis!

thanks for making my last che's lounge (3rd thursdays) / no ho a go go at hallenbecks successful... it was a great run there and i thank anita and rob for giving me the night for soooooo long!!!! hallenbecks, by the way, is not closing, just certain nights... so stay posted for more gigs, including more for me at hallenbecks in the future!!!


dennis just sent me these cool pics from the thousand oaks borders show on friday night! didnt even realize what a cool background we were in front of! thanks!!!

do you like our messy floor???

more fun pics soon!

don't forget to come and see the show at the cat club on tuesday night! flyer is here!


dennis is now the official che zuro photographer, since he has been taking and sending me all of these pics from gigs and stuff! although he didnt actually TAKE these pics, he sent them to me last night after my cool gig with bruce teitell at the grand hotel in simi valley!!! it's d and me and carol!

the flash didnt work until we took a bunch of shot, and when it did, well.......

more to come!!!! see you tonight in valencia, kidlets!!!

SEPTEMBER 27 later

my friend dan passed away thursday night after being ill for a long time. he is already missed... here he is in healthier days...


well, our favorite "official" photographer showed up at the gig again last night and took some cool pics! thanks to everyone who came out to the valencia borders! we really enjoy this particular store and had a great time!!!

here is a really cool view from the 2nd floor! look at that mess on the floor!!!!!! eeeek!

next gig is wednesday october 1st at brennans in the marina, and will be the last show until mid october due to my travels!!! so come and get your fix!!! :D check the calendar for additions and updates!!!