october 12

so much going on around here that i just haven't been able to keep up with everything.... BUT, besides tomorrows radio show :

Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary on WPMD.org
With ELEVEN artists performing Live. Sat. Oct 13th '07 11am-1pm (pacific time)
on http://wpmd.org
Show replays 3 times daily 7am, 3pm and 11pm (pst) On the alternative stream.


Each artist will perform a surprise cover song and then we'll spin a song of their choice from their CD.
TEE-M will do a finale, with everybody joining in.

LUCIA IMAN http://luciaiman.com
ARIELLE SILVER http://myspace.com/ariellesilver
PLASTIC SOUL http://plasticsoulmusic.com
DINA GATHE http://dinagathe.com
AARON WOLFSON http://myspace.com/aaronwolfson
STEPHANIE ERDEL http://stephanieerdel.com
PELIKAN PIE http://myspace.com/pelikanpie
BRANDON SCHOTT http://myspace.com/brandonschott
MONA FOR NOW http://myspace.com/monafornow
CHE ZURO http://checheche.com
TEE-M http://tee-m.com

i also am going to be part of the gogirls music fest again this year in long beach on october 18th. here is all of the info...

hope you all can make it. every year gogirls chooses a charity to raise money and awareness for and we always have such a great turnout and a wonderful time, so please come and support us!

other than all the normal crap, all is well! i will try and check in when new stuff happens!

october 14

well, the radio show went really well!!!! took alot of pics and want to share them with you. there is also a podcast that you can listen to whenever you want HERE... and thanks to all of you who listened live! it was so great to hear from you!!!
now with the pics..... click if you want a larger file and to download the photo!
the list of the artists and pelikan pie!

al and tee-m and me kissing tee-m!

hanging out / tee-m, dina and p.k.

laura and jony / and....plastic soul!


arielle / this is an all ages event!

mike stark (our illustrious host) and tee-m / lucia iman gets help from al!

aaron wolfson / mona for now!

mona for now / brandon schott

stephanie erdel with rin and brandon sitting in! / the jam begins!!

little brandon! / getting ready to sing and jam!

tee-m and al start the finale / jam!!!!


MY DAY WASNT OVER!!! i went to see my palz SHAM 69 later on in long beach and took some pics. will post those soon!!!!!

october 19

finally updating with more photos!
sham 69 was AWESOME last saturday night in long beach. they rocked the crowd, and it was a fabulous crowd - i havent seen that many mohawks in years. but it IS the 30th anniversary of PUNK! here's the band...

dave in the lights!

tim and dave:


hanging out with rob, ian and dave after the show!

friends forever.... dave and i catch up on our lives!

dave and me with dave "kermit" treganna waaaayyyy back when... :D

more stuff soon! xoxo

october 23

fires are awful. could see the billowing smoke on sunday coming from the malibu and the santa clarita area fires, then suddenly there was billowing smoke coming seemingly from all around. surrounded by fire, yet so far away. not threatened here, except for air quality. the skies here had remained blue with a ribbon of smoke around the horizon until mid morning today. the smoke from the lake arrowhead and orange county fires are all moving west, covering the whole southland basin. the san gabriel valley looks choked with black and white smoke. there are parts of the sky that is orangey red, mainly early in the morning and of course, at sunset. but the sun goes behind the smoke and then completely disappears, well before it actually sets. here is the latest photo, from right this very moment, from the mt. wilson webcam...

this is looking south west-ish, from the local mountains that everyone can usually see from los angeles and the surrounding area, looking into the pasadena/san gabriel valley area. all is well here, for now, because i am really not that close to any of the 14-16 raging fires. but the freeways in areas are closed and too many people have been evacuated.
pray for rain....