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october 2

october already??? i totally forgot yesterday and didn't make my october journal on time, so sorry!!! it will be a slow month for gigs, starting out with last night's borders in arcadia show which was alot of fun! thanks to all of our friends who came out to see us! tuesday night i will be appearing solo at dave osti's new songwriters night, top shelf acoustic cafe, which should be a great new hang for everyone in the san gabriel valley! tisa and i return to hallenbeck's (finally) on friday night, october 7th and then head up to paso robles for the winery music awards at cass winery on october 8th for the final battle of the bands competition! (we won our heat!) there is alot of music out there to so and hear, so please support indie music!!! thanks! check out my calendar on my website at www.checheche.com/live.html! XOXO

october 9

happy birthday to jeff k, john s, martine in tahiti, jayme and kristy, and whomever else i forgot today!!!

tisa and i are back from paso robles.... want to share the pics.

working hard for us, here in california...

the road to paso, on which james dean crashed and died 50 years ago last week!

one of the wineries

some of the performers "backstage" at the music awards...

our soundman, bill, and recording engineer, kip...(THANX GUYS!!!)

me with cliff the m.c.!

steve and alice cass, the owners of the winery and hosts of the event!

tisa and dusty!

cliff and kathy announcing the winner!

CONGRATS to threes and nines! too bad you are too young to drink the wine! ;)
tisa, victoria and me at the end of the very long day....

that was the last gig for awhile, but keep checking here for day to day fun things in the life of che zuro!!! xo

october 25

been so long!!! have been taking a much needed break but for a few shows, and one of them was the gogirlsmusicfest last thursday at the liquid lounge. we had a great turnout and kelly z did an incredible job!!! here are some pics!

madalyn, our fearless leader, and a friend!

tim, kelly and brian

kelly's mini lot

thanks to everyone who came out and helped us raise money for the lynne cohen foundation for ovarian cancer research!

october 31