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 october 1 

isn't this the cutest little logo you have ever seen??? it's from a website that is from somewhere in europe (i think it's swiss) and there are a bunch of little club-type logos... dont know if ZURO is a place or just the name of a club or maybe even a bad word! (anyone know???) its perfect for the october journal.... maybe i will make t shirts with it for my family, woo hoo!!!!

i am in the process of updating the photos page on my website, and will be adding more and more live shows and radio shows and some other things as well... if you have any requests, please let me know and i will try and put stuff up that you might want to see. this IS a fan driven website, you know, and i want you to be happy!!!!

 october 7 

been so busy, but good busy!!! here are some pics thanks to dennis h, from our last uni bar and grill show. it was alot of fun and you shouldn't miss the next one (in november!!!)

my pretty new red guitar...

tomorrow is our show in goleta, and we are excited because it should be a gorgeous day in santa barbara (goleta is the next little town going north/west). and dont forget that we still have discount tickets for our coach house show on friday october 22, when we open for cross canadian ragweed! just for the info and i can get them to you right away!

we are excited to play there again! woo hoo!!!

 october 9 

happy birthday to jeff k, martine c, john s, jayme and kristy :D
last night's meeting of the old gang was alot of fun! syl and i went to the OC to see the danny johnson tribe and had a blast!!! here we are: me, sylvia, danny and lorraine!

john and lorraine...

the band hits the stage!!!!

what a fun time we had!!!

 october 13 

last nights gig at the mainstreet songwriters showcase was alot of fun. good music, good vibes, etc.... it was so much fun that after they kicked us out (well, we WERE the only ones left there still talking....) garret had to play us a song that he wanted us all to hear and voila, an impromptu jam on the sidewalk!

look at this little crowd!


rusty came by to support the music and hang out!

thanks garret for a great night of music!

 october 17 

yeow, it's beautiful here in the eastern sierra and i wanted to share the changing of the leaves with you... the aspens

leaves in the pond, with the reflection of the trees...

cottonwoods and aspens

it's almost time for the horses and mules to be taken down to a lower elevation. i was happy to have been able to go visit with them before they leave!!!

grazing in the grass...

little whitie!

me with the lake in the background!

portrait of a beauty

it also snowed here overnight and continues to rain at the lower elevations.... fall is in full swing and father winter is on his way!!!!

 october 26 

yeow october has been BUSY!!!! sorry i haven't reported much and don't have much in the photojournal department to share.... but, scoop is that tisa and i are having a garage sale of sorts... the "soak with che and tisa" shirts that are on sale on the website (buymusic link) will be given away to every person paying to get into fitzgeralds to see us tonight. if you already have one, think of a friend you might want to give one to, and don't forget that we also have some kids sizes left!!! (holiday season IS coming up) if you would like more than one shirt, we will sell you them to you for only $5 at the show tomorrow night! we have limited quantities of t's too, so once they are gone, they are GONE!!!!!! get to the gig early to see our friend martine locke, who will slay you with her awesome songs, voice and guitar playing!!!!!! xoxo