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it is the year .....

october 1

happy october!
i think this just HAS to be my favorite month of the year... not only the ghosts and goblins are exciting, but the fall colors (in alot of areas) and the smell of fall.... i LOVE it!
here are a few nighttime pics of the balboa peninsula from the ferry!!!

a little blurry, but still quite beautiful...

october 6

wanted to share pics of the impending autumn in the mountains... beautiful, huh?

looking up!

i am off to the east coast for a few days and will try to post some eastern fall pics while i am there! ta ta!!!!

october 8

greetings from pennsylvania!!! i am here on a VACA, which i definitely NEED!!! here are some pics from earlier today out on the golf course. flew in this morning on the red eye and then just HAD to go out and get some fresh air and hit the stick a bit! isn't this just gorgeous???

me at the 4th tee box...

mom getting ready to hit!

the unbelievable leaves are a'changin'!!!

close up........

view of the youghiogheny river from #9 tee box...

later on, aunt dot came over to have us all sign her autograph hound from her 90th birthday party, YES, this woman is NINETY... she is my idol!!!

here's mom and dad with aunt dot!

the moon rise over the golf course! :D

october 9

a beautiful day in the pennsylvania mountains. took a trip to gorgeous nemacolin woodlands today and had a little playtime with the kids!!!

this whole area is historical. it is near fort neccessity as well as where general braddock was buried along the national road.

here i am in the great room of the new lafayette building, with the marquis de lafayette in the painting above!

here i am with my aunt jean in the tea room!!!

that's it for now... hope you watched survivor (ISNT IT GREAT THIS SEASON???) and are having a great autumn! more coming soon!!!!

october 10

just another day in the neighborhood. wanted to take a pic of the old yough river sign before it ever comes down...

took a drive to the mountains today and saw alot of beautiful leaves once again. they seem to be changing everywhere, what a gorgeous state to be in!!! took a ride to bear rocks and took some pics...

then i saw a groundhog and snuck up on him to take a pic - this was the closest i could get!!!

more later! will try to take a bike ride on the trail and take some pics tomorrow, or just stay tuned for whatever!!!!!! xoxo

october 11

decided to take an early morning bike ride on the trail, and glad that i did! it was gorgeous.... i love riding around this area where i was born and raised!!! this is the great allegheny passage, the cumberland and pittsburgh trail, on the youghiogheny river. you can check out more about it at the allegheny trail alliance website! in front of us is the trail going north-west!

some pretty trees right by the river...


the river heading towards boston:

took these from the ballpark, see the ducks and the gal walking her dog in the background? and also do you see the colors of the trees on the hill in the background? cool, huh?

the boston bridge

hope you like my little travel journal. i just wanted to share where i have been with you!!!

october 12

wow, what a whirlwind trip, i can't keep up with the pics i have been taking!!! had a great time with my cousins last night, celebrating tom's 29th birthday and jamie's 29th birthday. we are all the same age!!! here they are right before we threatened to call the fire department:

cake, yum! fred and rose marie!

lisa, erik, erin, jim, and me!

cousins! arleen and me!!!

group pic with the birthday boyz... tom, erik, junie, arleen, jamie, erin, lisa, and jim! (sara and gavin, we MISSED YOU!!!)

today it was vaughn's birthday, so we went over for a drink!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAUGHN! (this is debbie and vaughn!)

mom and dad in celebration mode!

today i went driving around the area to see the fall leaves. the colors have gotten even brighter in the past couple of days! amazing... here is the fells church and graveyard, which was established in the 1700's:

the road to ???

a beautiful tree in buenie (pronounced BYOO-nee) :D

the creek (pronounced CRICK, tee hee) at boyds hollow...

going up stream from boyds hollow on patterson.

boyds hollow road

after dinner tonight we caught a pennsylvania bonfire! what a great ending to a beautiful weekend!!!

my vaca is almost over :( will try to post a few more pics before leaving for los angeles... xoxo

october 13

last day in PA... boo hoo! mom and i took a walk this morning on my beloved trail...

we went from buenie to the old dravo cemetery...

here's mum down by the river...

that's it for this trip! hope you enjoyed seeing parts of pennsylvania that most of you have never heard of! see you this friday in redondo beach, california!!!! xoxo

october 18

back in cal, trying to get back to "normal!" when suddenly i get an email that is seemingly from ebay.com telling me to update my info at their site and they gave a link.... i was curious that it might not be a real email, so sent to spoof@ebay.com and I WAS CORRECT! the info asked for was the usual, name, birthdate and place, credit card and bank info, you know, all of that unimportant stuff!!!!!!! DUH! so be careful pallies!!! it looked real and even the site that it took me to looked real, but being cautious was a good thing! see you later!

october 23

wont be online for a few days because i will be in tampa to play at a fundraiser that my friend debbie has put together for the Catholic Mobile Medical Services and the Santa Maria Mission! the star of the night is the fabulous Don Felder! i will be opening up the show as a solo, and am really looking forward to it. i havent been in tampa, florida since i was a little kid on vacation, either, so this will be a fun trip!!!! when i get back, i hope to have some great pics to post right here on the site, so check back after the weekend, and SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!

october 27

back from tampa, into the inferno, since southern california is burning... this pic is from my friend jeff, from this morning in the thousand oaks area....

it's pretty scarey with how all of the fires are spreading. we are safe here in los angeles, tho, so far!

pics will come ASAP of the weekend in tampa! you will most definitely enjoy them!!!! xoxo

october 29

ok, FINALLY, my pics from my tampa trip...... here goes:
driving from the airport... getting into the car and driving in tampa made me realize how much i really miss florida!

you can tell you are in florida from the trees and the moss and the flowers!

the girlfriends are back together for a fun filled weekend! kathrin, debbie and me!

the next day, i stayed in my pjs for awhile!!! the boys (jack henry and casey!) got ready for their t-ball game, with special help from mom (debbie) and kathrin!

jack henry helps clean the pool, preparing for the big event!

the band reherses on the outdoor stage not knowing that the whole event will change due to a fluke rain storm!

and jack henry organizes the rest of the day while his dad and a pal relax a bit...

in the meantime, the kids begin to get ready for their spooktacular event, which is a big neighborhood halloween party! this is miss princess tallulah, and peter casey pan!

the fundraiser begins!!! here are the main organizers: ali, debbie, kathrin, don, debbie, mark, father bob and sister sara

the performances begin, in a much more intimate setting, debbie and mark's living room...

my tampa debut!

don takes the stage with his tampa bay band and wows the audience!!!

a once in a lifetime event!

don and the band

stephanie, me, jennifer and darcy

our lovely hosts and main organizers, debbie and mark!!!!!!

the next day we went to the bucs game in tampa, where they demolished the dallas cowboys 16-0!!! here's a shot of the stadium!!!

debbie, me and kathrin, HUGE bucs fans!!!!! :D (what was the score again???)

mark and rex!

a shot of the tampa skyline on the way home from the game...

after the game, i met up with my old friend michael and his new wife, marita, who also live in tampa!!!

then back to the house to say my goodbyes and pack my bags, leaving VERY early monday morning... so, bye bye tallulah!!!

bye bye house with the ghost! :D

check this out, on the flight home, i could see all of the san diego and san bernardino fires, which was really scarey. and took a pic of the s.b. ones before the place turned. it was scarey to see huge puffs of black smoke rising from what seemed to be a calm terrain. you can see all of the different sections of the fire, and the smoke going towards the ocean...

that's it for now! hope you enjoyed my trip!!!!!!

october 31

it's raining here in southern california - great for the firefighters and awful for the trick or treaters, but after these terrible fire storms, we are so happy that the rain is here!!! so, everyone, have a happy halloween today and tonight!!!!