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turn me OFF deadman...

october 31

october 28

happy anniversary arleen and jamie!!!

went up to san fran for the weekend to visit palz
and we jumped on the trampoline (i think i need to get one of those!)

then we made candy apples!
woo hoo!!!

austin and natalie...

october 23

ready for halloween???
jack henry, casey james and talullah are!!!
thanks debbie for sending me the pics.... CUTE!!!!

october 19 (later!)

just got back from rock creek canyon, and took more pics!
going up....

snow on the peaks!!!

the last light on the mountains...

and this is the MOON rising!!! stoney, huh? looks like the sunset, but it isnt....

nitey nite!!!

october 19

a beautiful autumn day in the mountains, and i wanted to share it with YOU!!!

i LOVE these cameras with the ability to take pics of yourself!!!
this is me, straight from waking up to this glorious day!!!

comeonna to my house...

me again.... aren't the leaves just GRAND???

october 14

Che plays the Coach House in December!!! WOO HOO!
I will be opening for Glenn Tilbrook who was with the band Squeeze!!!
It's a solo show on Saturday December 7th
and I have discount tickets available NOW!
You can either snag me at a gig and buy them from me there or
send $10 per ticket (checks made out to Youghiogheny River Records!) to:
Youghiogheny River Records
1107 Fair Oaks Ave #206
South Pasadena, CA 91030
and dont forget to send your name, address, phone number and email address in case there are changes or updates!!!
Your tix will be sent ASAP!!!
This will be a fun show, a great songwriting show!!!
AND it's on a Saturday night, which means you can GO OUT!!!!!!

october 5

my uncle sent me these pics that his friend took in southwestern pennsylvania,
and i wanted to share them, since they are,
as you will see....
this is so typical of pennsylvania in the fall.... makes me homesick!

some pics of the famous brady's bend...

cook's forest...

a waterfall with those slippery rocks!!!

one of those gorgeous old covered bridges that you always see out in the country in PA...

thanks for letting me indulge you!!!

october 1

LOVE this time of the year!
it's crisp and clear and lovely...
all ready for all hallows eve???????????????????