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november 3

well, autumn has really kicked in and it is gorgeous here in southern california! november is always such a mellow-ish month, and it really is for me due to not so many gigs (sorry local palz!!!)! i will be performing alot more in the coming months, but want to take some extra time off to get that new studio cd going. will begin recording before the end of this month and will give you some updates as well as some preliminary mp3s to listen to!!!! enjoy the kickoff to the holiday season! xo

november 14

what gorgeous weather we are having here in so cal! (didnt i say the same thing in my last post???) anyway, this weekends gigs were alot of fun, both outside, and just the perfect weather to perform outdoors... pitfire pizza was especially fun because i was surprised by one of my high school classmates, betsy! she lives in atlanta and was here for the weekend, with her husband, and shocked me by showing up at the gig. it was great to see her!

we also had mony and kristin and their adorable kids (and one of the kids friends, plus another kid that made friends with them all at pitfire!) at the show, which was alot of fun!!!!! here's amanda with her new found friend, whose name escapes me.....

da boyz... victor, ethan and noah...

and the girlz with mony and kristin, hanging out after the gig while we were packing up....

dennis was there taking pics of our performance... (THANKS!)

and more...

once again, not alot of gigs lined up for now. trying to re group for awhile and make a few changes, and also am waiting for my mammoth schedule so i can see you guys on the slopes! more to come soon! xo

november 19

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old friend and bandmate, Matt Sorum!!! Am thinking about you today, buddy, and hope you are well!!!!! Here's Matt and me backstage at one of our gigs... in the huge hair days!

and a pic from a photo shoot with our old band, Population: 5 which included Matt, me, Danny Stag, Johnny B. Frank and Prescott Niles. Weren't we cute? (OK, DON'T ANSWER!!!!!)

not alot of gigs coming up and i havent posted my mammoth schedule yet (we are STILL waiting for snow.... unlike last year), but stay tuned for more!!!

november 24