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november 1

can't believe how quickly the time is passing! hope everyone had a great halloween, and now we are onto november and then rest of the holidays!!! eeek!

november 2

this is very important, especially this year when there are so many important issues at hand!!!! GO GO GO!!!!!!

november 12

sorry it has been so long since i have posted anything, but i have family in town and we have been having too much fun!!! (also there havent been many gigs.... but i will post some pics in a minute....) went to catalina island and had a blast, played some golf, bla bla bla....

it was so gorgeous there, and i hear it was overcast on the mainland.....

this was one of those views that you think you can't really capture with a camera, but here you go....

last night was our gig at the liquid lounge, a really cool little joint in long beach that we are playing again on december 9th for the l.b. gogirls music fest! even tho my voice was a little iffy, i screeched out some notes and we had a fun time. thanks to david for taking the pics!!!!

the backdrop was really is frangelica working hard!

tuaca rocks! (not on the rocks....)

that's all for now!!! onto san francisco in the morning! xo

november 20

thanks to misty, we have some cute pics from last night show at the canoga park borders!!!

one more duo show before i head up to mammoth for the thanksgiving holiday, and i am excited! mammoth has 4-6 feet of snow and the whole mountain is now open! if you are planning to be there, please stop into the mammoth mountain inn to see me at the dry creek bar thursday, friday and saturday, from 3:30 til about 7pm!!! i will even play your requests!!! woo hoo!!!! xo

november 23

dave took more pics at the brass elephant show on monday night, so here they are...

i was having voice problems, but got through it with flying colors. thanks to all of you who came out... we really like this place!!! and we hope to be playing there as often as possible!!!

for those of you traveling for the weekend holiday, be safe and have a great thanksgiving!!!!

november 25

november 27

my trip in mammoth is quickly coming to an end... started out with a beautiful drive north (the first time, long story, stupid me, dont ask....)

the next day was just gorgeous...

today we got that storm that came in from the north and it started with rain and soon turned to snow making thanksgiving weekend truly beautiful (until i had to shovel and then drive in it!)

oh yeah, and i am up here to perform, which was alot of fun!!! it was packed thursday and friday nights but tonight, because of the weather, only a select few made it out! my friends from the beach came by to see me and i got to take my break and have a cocktail with them!!!!!

and to my surprise when i picked up my dinner to go......

hope to do some awesome skiing tomorrow with all of this fresh snow, and then i will be on my way back to l.a....... xo

november 29

i am back in l.a. and it is gorgeous here too - it must have rained and then the winds came in and blew all of the smog away!!! i can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles.... got to ski yesterday in the BEST SNOW i have ever skied at mammoth! it was just amazing.... here i am before taking some great runs!

close up - look at that grin - and i hadn't even skied yet!!!!

no gigs til the december 9th gogirls music fest in long beach, which you ALL should attend!!!