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november 1

wow, november already... at least our southern cal fires are better under control and its lightly snowing in the local mountains. (crazy, after the extreme heat we had at the beginning of this week!!!)

this month, we have 2 gogirlsmusicfest shows that we are doing, one in arizona and one here in l.a., which should be GREAT! all proceeds go to our designated and very cool charity, the rock and roll camp for girls, and daisy guitars is giving away a guitar at the end of the tour, which everyone who goes to one of our go girls shows will be able to sign up for!!!!

also, i will begin my season's stint at mammoth mountain, so pray for snow and let's get shredding!!!!!!!

don't forget that pics of my trip to tampa are posted at the october 2003 journal, where you can see the performance photos as well as pics from the bucs game!!!

and...... yesterday i got my first review of ORPHANS, which will soon be ready for purchase! check it out here!

november 2

so many of you have emailed regarding my song that is in that old sci-fi film, "critters." it WILL be on the orphans cd, and that WILL be available probably by the end of the month at! some of you have been requesting at least a sound byte, so here it is: no turning back
it was recorded at my old friend paul ray's studio on a 4 track, with yours truly playing everything! very shortly i will have all of the song bytes from orphans as well as the lyrics and everything pertinent about each song on the website. i will post it right here when that happens!!!!

november 4

the calm after and before the storms....

november 6

getting ready to leave for arizona, so look here for pics of the weekend when i get back on monday, OK? i was gonna take my laptop, but due to the amount of gigs and driving that we will be doing, i didnt think i would even have the chance to upload anything. so hang tight til next week! xoxo

november 11

veterans day... a day of remberance...

pics from the arizona tour are here!!! woo hoo! driving to the glendale borders gig and seeing our first spectacular arizona sunset!!!

here we are on saturday performing on WEEKEND GOOD MORNING ARIZONA! thanks to kat for taking this digital pic on her TV, since i totally spaced and forgot to take any pics that morning. we DO have a video and i will try to format a little bit of it and put it online....

lunch with katina!

driving around the phoenix area checking out the rock formations... gorgeous....

that night was our gogirlsmusicfest show at chasers, which ended up being a great success and alot of fun! here's tisa setting up while charlie was getting ready to do her sound check!

kat from devils foot road and mary lemanski take the stage to announce the bands and tell everyone about our charity, rock and roll camp for girls!

charlie rocks!!!

tisa and i take the stage and have a blast! her cousin thano came and sat in with us on "hombre mio" but i didnt get a pic of that. if i do, i will redo this section of the journal and add it!!!!

tina angotti then takes the stage...

pooped but getting ready to drive to nogales....

the next day we went to the mexican side of nogales! here's tisa checking to see if her cell phone still is working at the border. (yes!)


we went to visit tisa's grandparents old home in nogales, which was pretty amazing!!! here's tisa being flooded with childhood memories!

tisa and me with uncle nicky and the reception committee!

then we went back to town to shop and have a bite to eat. here's one of those mule carts where tourists can have their pics taken wearing sarapes and sombreros, and check out that polka dotted mule!

leaving mexico... see the fence in the background??? america to the left, mexico to the right! pretty wild!

the road back to tucson from nogales...

it was a great tour, alot of fun, but little sleep!!! we plan to go to arizona more often as one of our regular spots for our mini tours because it was so great! thanks to everyone who made it so special for us!

november 12

back in beautiful los angeles... when the sky looks like this, i just can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else in the world....

november 14

dont forget to join us tomorrow night, saturday november 15th for the GoGirls Music Festival at universal bar and grill. we are raising money for the Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls . all the money from the cover, which is only $5, goes to this organization, so come down and check out It's Me Margaret, Two Loons For Tea, Kelly's Lot, Kanary, The Eyeshadows, and of course, Tisa and myself!!!! hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

november 21

its been so long, but i finally have the photos from the gogirls fest shows... here are a few shots from the los angeles show which was last saturday night... our mc...

it's me margaret started us out...

the awesome audience...

tisa and me on stage...

and then my digital cam battery died, can you believe it??? it was a great show, though!!! woo hoo!!!

for pics from the gogirlsfest in arizona, go to my photos page, scroll down and click gogirlsmusicfest/arizona!

november 27


so dont forget to eat alot of ...
...unless you are a vegetarian!

and be happy and hang with your friends and family!!!!

thanks for your continuous support and love!!!

luv! XOXO