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November 28

happy thanksgiving!
and thanks to everyone who came out to all of my gigs this past week!
i am thankful for you all!!!!

November 25 (later)

tourbaby santa barbara pics here!

November 25

tourbaby shows were successful!
here are pics of the los angeles one... (santa barbara will be posted later today!!!!

November 23

THANK TO PAUL ANDERSEN for an awesome article about tourbaby and ME!!!
go here!

November 22

pics from last nights great show at hallenbecks...
alanna checks the mic for the song circle...

song circlets, alan, kimberly, and mark...

the fabulous mark humphreys!

then we had james coberly smith and severin browne with jeff kossack on percussion! woo hoo, they were incredible!

and then our beloved james, the drummer ;D

those of you wanting pics of me will just have to come to the next one and take your own!!!!
tee hee!

November 16

has it REALLY been 10 days since we've talked???
wow... time flies!!!
it's been beautiful here after the rain!!!
snapped some pics and didnt have the heart to make them smaller, so bear with me when it comes to downloading them!!!
mt. wilson and the san gabriels... parts of pasadena... pretty, huh?

that's mt. baldy out there, no REAL snow yet, but we can hope!!!

i can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles....
we are looking towards orange county here. amazing, huh?

way way way way out there - due east - you can see bear mountain (i could actually see snow on the peak, but it didnt come out in the photo...) and also san gregorio peak... that's near palm springs!

more regarding music, SOON!

November 6

my mum just sent these pics that she snapped on november 1st!!! can you believe that there were still tons of leaves on the trees in pennsylvania??? WOW!!!

home sweet home...

sigh... oh, to jump in the piles of leaves...

November 1

happy november!