may 5

i love utah. there is so much about the terrain that is just unbelievable, you must go there if you never have. utah still has alot of wide open spaces, farmland, horses and cows everywhere, and that rock that you always see in travel shows. breathtaking. here is one of my favorite valley's in utah....

other news in the life of che.... i have begun recording my much requested solo acoustic cd! because there are not alot of tracks to record, it should be done and ready for purchase by the beginning of the summer. yes, in about 6 weeks, hopefully! stay tuned for more news about it!!!!

happy may! xoxo

may 7

gardens, gardens, gardens!!!
that's what i saw over the weekend at the l.a. garden show. i was so happy to finally be in town the weekend of the show, because i have missed it for YEARS! my friend lorraine and i went and went to one of the talks = annie's annuals = and i was inspired by the drought tolerant display gardens that they had, put together by different landscape designers and other design firms. peacocks and peahens were roaming around everywhere and the place was buzzing with delight! this is looking north to the mountains - what a beautiful day...

here is one of my favorite gardens...

suddenly i heard accordion music! and looked and saw some-one-thing playing!!!

a fun and inspiring time....

may 20

saw my friends band incendio last night in glendale and they were AMAZING! great music. you MUST check them out... myspace/incendioband
here are jim, j.p. and liza...

had a great time with my friends, including patte and andy

and a bunch of other pals.... a fun time.

acoustic solo cd is almost finished. i have yet to shoot the cover but have a couple of shoots planned and will keep you posted on the whens and wheres that the cd will be available... some of the songs that you have heard live lately and were wondering when i was ever going to release them on cd will be on this recording : she's bringing you down, everything is love, cast my spell, love slave, heavy heart, and many, many more! stay tuned for more info!!! xo