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may 4

wow, life just has a way of passing by and you realize that you haven't been in contact with your friends, or added to your blog, in such a long while... i apologize! but, it's MAY!!! even though here in southern california it still feels like late winter into spring. chilly, overcast, chance of rain... when will i be able to put my winter sweaters away???

there are quite a few gigs coming up next week - sorry that i booked them all in a clump! it wasnt something that i thought about as i was adding the shows.... but you will either miss me when i am not playing, or get a good healthy helping of che music next week :D !!!! don't forget that if there is a place you would like me to play either solo, or with my duo, please email me with the details of the venue and i will certainly check it out!!!!

more later! xo

This Friday, May 5, KHZ Radio will play "A Minor Thing," from Che Zuro's "Welcome Home" CD. "KHZ Radio with Carolyn Fox" airs Friday at midnight on 1580 AM in Los Angeles, plays in heavy rotation in Ocean City-Salisbury, Maryland on 1590 AM, and on the Internet at KHZTV.COM.

may 14

happy mother's day!!!

it is a special day for all mum's everywhere, including people like me = a kitty-mum!!! tee hee. anyway, thought i would post a pic of my mum and me, from a long time ago :D

may 16

from last night's show at universal bar and grill, compliments of dennis! thanks!

may 22

elliott v. smith, rest in peace...

may 28

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to.... it's my 29th birthday again, and since i am in pee-ay, i got to spend it with my folks, which was great.... down at the waterfront with food, drinks, great music and great weather!
the river

the band (front page!)

the family

the end

may 29

memorial day.... it's the end of the day, and what a wonderful day of honoring our fallen soldiers it was. my friend vicki took me to the elizabeth parade and memorial day service at the waterfront! the parade..

bill with his daughter madeleine

more parade...

vicki's dad front and center!!!!!

vicki's mom sings "i'm proud to be an american!!!" for all of us (and beautifully, i might add!!!!)

vicki and ted!

bill and me

then all of the soldiers, dignitaries, and other who put this event together, went down to the water to put a wreath in the river in memory of the fighting men and women who died serving our country, with a 21 gun salute to follow!

this is not just another day off, it is a solemn occasion, and i was happy to have been able to be a part of this national holiday...