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may 1

beginning of the east coast california girl tour, in PA (pronounced PEE-AY for those of you not in the know, tee hee), and its the start of a great day - a radio show in indiana PA and then a gig at mcardles, which i am sooo looking forward to! and soon, news (via email to everyone on the mailing list, pssst!) about how to purchase SNACK! will post pics from today later on, after things actually HAPPEN!!!! xo

may 2

the tour kick off was amazing! drove to indiana, through greensburg where there are so many beautiful old restored buildings....

and made it to WCCS on time for THE ACOUSTIC HOUR with anthony frazier...

we had a BLAST!!! i got to play a minor thing, she's bringing you down and everything is love live on the radio, but the best part is I READ THE WEATHER REPORT!!!! THAT was sooooooo much fun!

here i am with randy:

the jimmy stewart museum is right across the street from the radio station...and we did some of the VIDEO there! (yes, you heard correctly, VIDEO!) anthony did a little video of me singing "everything is love" and we did some shots in front of the museum

and also in front of some beautiful blooming tulips! so check the website of the wonderful acoustic hour for the video, and in the meantime check out the other pittsburgh area artists' videos from the acoustic hour.... THANKS ANTHONY!!!!

later on i did my gig at mcardles which turned out to be fantastic! first of all i had a great write up in the mckeesport daily news - thanks to brian krasman! - van stragand opened the show and did a great job with his beautiful songs!!!!

then i performed and had a blast!!!

had to get my pic taken with some i am with dave and norma jean

with frank and barb...

my cutie pie producers / merch babes...

p.e. and me!

with joe and his brand spanking new cd!!!

cousin tom, cindy, jamie and arleen!!!

got to go to hanna's town, the oldest settlement in westmoreland county!!!

the fort...

tomorrow i leave for west virginia and the rest of the tour!!! will post more pics as i go along! xo

may 5

happy cinco de mayo! too bad tisa and i arent playing at a mexican place tonight!!!! but we are in charlotte right now, she flew in from orlando and i drove in from nashville, so the duo is raring to go!

here i am ready to leave the burgh and drive to west virginia...

got there and my cousin fred was my roadie for the evening!!! we had a great time at the rendezvous! here i am with junie and fred!

played a great show....

micah set up and let me use his sound system and then he and his brother gabriel had an impromptu jam session at the end of the night!!!

then i drove to nashville the next morning with a quick stop at lincolns birthplace...

then i got stuck behind some traffic on the way back to the interstate!!!

finally made it to nashville and had some of my friends at the show, which was great!!! here i am with sara, tony (who drove up from atlanta!), erynn and doak!

and performed...

hannah miller went on after me

after that we went out to broadway where all of the honky tonk clubs are and saw all kinds of bands in each club!!! it was such a fun trip! tonight we play here in charlotte at the evening muse, so hope to post more pics. unfortunately, it was too rainy today to take pics over the mountains, in tennessee and north carolina, but it was gorgeous..... more to come!

may 7

wanted to post a few pics from the past couple of days!!! tisa finally arrived (in charlotte) and we played the evening muse where my friend bernard showed up to see us!!!

it was cinco de mayo and we went for some mexican food afterwards and then hit the hotel and got ready for the drive to charleston!!!! got there right around lunch and my friend cecil took us for an awesome tour of the city! here we are down by the walled city - with little pinckney!!!

the city is gorgeous!

one of the historical buildings!

tisa and i went to the terrace where we had a fun gig, but it was cooler than we had thought!!!! but it was still FUN!

the view of charleston was gorgeous from the terrace, especially when the sun was setting...

thats all for now.... will post wilmington pics really soon! xo

may 11

gotta catch up on the rest of the tour for you guys! wilmington was another amazing town that tisa and i had never been to! when we got to airlie gardens, we went towards the back where there was water and boats and birds and marshland and it was beautiful!

finally met laura mclean, whom i have been in touch with for YEARS! she put on a great music event that weekend, and we were fortunate enough to have been booked on a day that was sunny and warm and just gorgeous!!!

before we played, tisa and i walked around the festival and got to see all of the paintings and arts and crafts, as well as the bottle chapel that was done on the grounds...

that's tisa on the right (IN A DRESS!!!) looking at the chapel!

che and tisa!

the flowers at airlie were all in bloom (except that the azaleas were about done...)

i loved this bench and had to have my pic taken sitting there...

they also had a children's tent with music and dancing and poetry and lots of other events. here is the genesis group that could dance!!!!

after having dinner with family friends, tisa and i went over to the radio station gallery and performed with a few other artists that i have networked with in the past! it was so great to meet some east coast gals!!! here are joan bujacich, allison tartalia, me, leslie berry, and tisa after the show.

we want to thank laura for her southern hospitality, for booking us some great shows, and welcoming us to wilmington! we had a GREAT time! next morning, we left wilmington....

and drove through virginia, then maryland where i stopped to see my friend sue!!!

and her KIDS! i couldnt believe that they all wanted to come and meet me for a refreshment!!! it was so wonderful seeing them... here i am with tommy, erik, lauren and john! notice the "soak" t-shirts!!!! :D

then i drove through my gorgeous and beloved pennsylvania...

and got back to my parents house just in time for mother's day dinner and mum opening her gifts for mums day and her birthday, which was yesterday!!!!

it was a GREAT trip!!!!!

may 13

don't forget that you all can watch the internet telethon that i will be doing (solo) for hep c awareness, starting at noon, pacific daylight time, 3pm on the east coast, and it goes on for about 8 hours, with a ton of great music, comedy and also alot of information about hepatitis the logo for the website and you can logon for free to see the whole show!!!!

thanks to kelly z for putting this whole thing together!!!!

may 17

thanks to everyone who came out to our cd release party last night at universal bar and grill.... it was a great success and alot of fun with alot of SNACKS!!!! and thanks dennis, for taking all the pics, we really appreciate it! here are the snacks! (tee hee)

pics of us playing....

part of the crowd!

dennis gets creative....

we finish up our set.... thanks to dennis for the gorgeous roses!!!!

may 22

well, it's here and it's up on cdbaby for you all to purchase....SNACK!!!

we are very excited about this cd and are happy that it is finally here! woo hoo! xoxo

may 24

my little tuffy (real name: hey you) died last night :( - she lived a nice long life (she was 14!)....wanted to post a pic of her for everyone to see and also ask for your good wishes for her journey into kitty heaven....

she is really going to be missed.....

may 28

i havent been updating this journal because of my loss (see above).... and there has been alot going on, and i need to catch you up!

saturday night, tisa's cousins thano and dimitri were in town playing at a greek fest, so we went down there to see them and hang out a bit...

george works hard selling cds...

wednesday night (also cindy's birthday!) i got to play at a dylan tribute at brennans, organized by the one and only jeff cleveland! here he is, right, sitting in on a few dylan tunes!

jeff and me!

then this afternoon we played at the 14th annual maypole party in no ho! jeff organized the music and invited us to play, and it was GREAT FUN!!! (happy birthday josh!)

the music begins!

tisa and i had alot of fun playing!

more soon!!!

may 29

completely forgot to post dennis's pics from friday nights gig at the grand vista hotel hosted by bruce teitell....

thanx d!