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may first

happy may day! i can remember my mum always talking about how big of a deal may day was when she was growing up, and now, nothing, really... maybe in some cultures it's a mark for something, but i dunno anymore. here is something i found on the internet about may day, so you all can have a little history lesson here!!! ;D

May Day was once, in its earliest days of glory, quite a celebrated date. It was marked by plenty of dancing, singing, and merriment.

This unofficial holiday was never and is still not really considered a holiday by most people in the United States. In fact, it is often overlooked completely. The reason for this is quite possibly the fact that it was not recognized by the Christian church in the earlier days. Some places, though, do hold annual parades and plan festive events to celebrate the end of the winter season as well as the beginning of spring. The town of Minneapolis which is located in the state of Minnesota, held their first May Day parade in the year of 1975. Part of the parade is said to be life-size puppets. The gala event is said to draw thousands of people every year.

It is quite possible that May Day began a long time ago with the Druids and their custom of worshipping trees. But, the original May Day is thought to have started as part of the spring rituals which were celebrated in Europe before the Christians came to power. When the Christians abolished or changed the pagan holidays for their own use, May Day was completely left out. Since it was a celebration of spring as well as fertility rites, the Christians decided that they wanted no part of the illicit sexual activities which were commonly promoted.

This holiday was often symbolized by the colorful new growth of spring. It was an early tradition for the youngsters of Europe to carry fresh flowers and boughs and to visit neighborhood houses. They would sing songs that commemorated the arrival of springtime too. People typically decorated their homes with fresh flowers, gren leaves, and tree branches. And, May Poles were a common sight on this holiday. Some considered the poles to represent the "tree of life." They were erected in the town squares in order to mark the presence of spring as well as the coming of summer when all of the trees, flowers, and crops would be growing heartily in the light of the golden sunshine. The May Poles were usually trees that had been cut down in the forests. The branches were removed, and the trees were then carried into town. Brightly colored ribbons were then attached to the tops of the trees. The youngsters took turns grabbing a ribbon and dancing around the poles as part of their May Day celebration. Some cultures believed that the winding of the ribbons around the May Poles was an attempt at helping Nature remain in balance after the long, cold winter, and continue its plush green growth cycle. The youngsters would wind the ribbons together in a colorful pattern. The youngsters also held an annual election in which they selected a May Day King and Queen who were then supposed tp preside over the day's events.

In conclusion, it is interesting to note that May Day's significance has since lost its appeal to most people over the years. Since many Americans, especially the ones who are subjected to cold, snowy winters, are struck with "Spring Fever," you would think it would be celebrated more vigorously in the United States, especially in the Northern region.


may fifth

cinco de mayo

guess i already celebrated cinco de mayo last night with michael and aaron, drinking tequila - does that count? michael made a mean enchilada with all of the fixings, too, lots of fun!!!!
once again i am on that history kick, so here is a link to find out more about this holiday!


may eleventh

played in 99% full voice last night, whew!!! so glad! i was SICK!!!! sheesh, what good is che without her voice, huh??? (DON'T ANSWER THAT!!!!!!) so, the gig was great, and we will be back at the universal bar and grill on june 14th at 9pm, woo hoo! come on down (or up) and have a drink, some food, listen to some music, bla bla bla.... :D dennis took some interesting pics last night....they got more and more artistic as the night progressed, tee hee.... here are a few of them. enjoy and see you soon!


may fifteenth

newsflash! at the recommendation of paul carosi of radio free tunes my song "Pack of Lies" is being featured on "Hidden Radio" this week. loadpuller mails his weekly playlist to a large mailing list and posts in message boards all over the net. check it out at

also, just booked the california mid-state fair, so put it on your calendars for sunday august 1st if the mid-state fair is something thats typically (or not) on your agenda!!!! its gonna be FUN!


may sixteenth

hung out with marko from "bent blue" yesterday... he is in town playing drums with david liebman over at the jazz bakery, an amazing show if you have a chance to go and see them on their last night, tonight! here's marko with me and tisa!


may twenty-second

last nights gig was SO MUCH FUN with bernie being back in town! thanks again to bruce teitell for booking us together and for everyone from simi who showed up to support the show, the night, and the artists! fun time! of course, dennis was there and he and i took some fun pics of the goings on... wonderful bruce opened the show

then bernie took the stage...

tisa and i hit the stage and did a few tunes...

i am digging that red tacoma.... it sounds great, too!!!

dennis and craig hang out...

then bern sits in with us!!!

a blurry pic of tisa, bernie and me....

last night was also the opening of gypsy 83 here in los angeles, and i had to miss the premiere and after party. hoping that jeff will fill me in and maybe have pics of the party for me to post here on the site. i cant wait to hear "crystal sea" in the movie!!!!!


may twenty-sixth

here is the poster for gypsy 83...

it was so amazing to see john doe and sara rue perform "crystal sea" and then hear my version later in the film... it was so cool! you should all try and go see it when it comes to your town!!! jeff said that the premiere in l.a. was GREAT and he got to meet karen black, who plays bambi le bleau in the film! here they are!!!

oh, and my friend angie is trying to find homes for these two adorable kittens... they are gray with blue eyes and black with those kitten-yellow eyes, and they are sooo fluffy and cute! and only 6 weeks old... their "brother" from another litter, star, is an amazing cat... here's "blackie" and "gray!"

and the both of them hiding!!!

if anyone wants to adopt, please contact me!!!!


may twenty-seventh


thanks, jeff cleveland, for taking her off of my hands... (tee hee!)

ha ha ha!!! no.... not really... after our set last night, tisa jumped up on stage to help the guys out with some harmony vocals!!! i had to get it on film! thanks to you guys who showed up to see us so late - it was a fun gig!!! and we played our new guitars, loved it!!! last gig of this month, the next one being a song circle, solo, for me, with lisa johnson and kelly zirbes at fitzgerald's in woodland hills on wednesday june 9th! see ya there! xoxo