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may 1

happy may day to you all. i think this could very well be my favorite month! lots of things happening this month, from gigs galore, to the possible release of "orphans," to a little solo mini tour at the end of the month, to my birthday!!! woo hoo! keep checking back here for all of the updates!!!

may 2

just a reminder to you peeps up in the san luis obispo and morro bay area, tisa and i will rock the house at 2 dogs coffee on saturday may 3rd and sunday may 4th! we look forward to returning to one of our very favorite areas of the world! check out the calendar for all of the latest gig info! see you soon!!!

may 3

sorry about the cancelled gigs this weekend. with a lack of a good singing voice this weekend, i feel like it wouldnt be a very smart idea to push it. we will definitely re schedule some shows in that area!!!!

may 4

used my downtime by shutting up and working on my website!

the updates are as follows:
  • - you can now sign up for my mailing list online!!! just click on mailing list and add your info! don't forget to give me your city and state, so i can organize the email list alot better!!!

  • - radio stations have also been added. most are playing "soak," while some are still playing "welcome home." i will try and add the details of each station, someday.....

  • - NEWS! from the most recent crap to the old crap!!! i know i have missed some stuff too, so if anyone can remind me of some real important thing that's happened in the career of che, let me know! ;I

  • - all of the sound bytes for welcome home have finally been added along with lyrics. i haven't done any more of the "story behind the song" for the toons that have been missing, so you'll just have to read the lyrics and guess!

  • - info about soak with links for the lyrics and sound bytes. the sounds will come slowly within the next week or so, but all of the lyrics are posted and the audio tracks are available for 9-11 and taken!

the next big website project will be to add some stuff from my upcoming "orphans" cd, so hang onto yourself and look out!!!!

may 11

happ mother's day to all of you moms out there! especially to MY mom, who also just had a birthday yesterday!!!

yup, that's me and me mum!!! looks like both of us are talking (to my dad who was taking the pic), and if you are wondering, no, nothing has changed. good luck getting a word in when we are together.
i want to also celebrate my grandmothers anna and ida, and all of my great grandmothers, teodosia, nellie, maria, margaretha, ella, margaret, mary m, hester g, eliza, hester r, mary a, and all of the others whose names i haven't been able to find yet!

may 14

dont forget about the moon eclipse tomorrow!!! here is the info for los angeles area, so LOOK!!!!

(stats from the griffith observatory!)
2003-05-16 Total Eclipse of the Moon
o ' o ' W118 22, N34 05
Pacific Daylight Time
Moonrise 2003 May 15 19:41
Moon enters totality 2003 May 15 20:13.7
Middle of eclipse 2003 May 15 20:40.1
Moon leaves totality 2003 May 15 21:06.4
Moon leaves umbra 2003 May 15 22:17.4
Moon leaves penumbra 2003 May 15 23:14.8
Moonset 2003 May 16 06:14


may 26

having a blast on the east coast - will be posting more photos as we go along, now that i have set up the computer to do all of that stuff!!!
first day in town i encountered a gaggle of geese (i think that's what they are really called!!!), and HAD to take pics. look how green it is in PA!!!

the male in the front was checking to make sure his women were ok as i got closer....

he stretched out and then started towards me flapping his beak and squaking, or whatever they do!!!! eeek, RUN!!!

tomorrow i play downtown pittsburgh at market square, and look forward to a beautiful day!!!

may 27

this trip has been GREAT! b-b-q'd with the family on sunday and my cousin and i played guitars and sang!

cousin fred, ain't he cute?

no more beers for YOU GUYS!!!

today i played market square in pittsburgh.... the drive into the burgh...

view from the stage:

me, LIVE!

the ghetto clown (i didnt name him, he gave me that name!!!!) and me!

more soon!!!

may 28

birthday, awesome, fun, tired, yawn, can't type, more tomorrow, with pics to boot! 29 !!! woo hoo !!!

may 29

some pics from my b/d gig with the pitsburgh songwriters, whom i would like to thank for the great show and the flowers!!!
me down by the river = the mon (monongahela!!!)

p.e. james warming up the crowd...

me, on the brick stage

p.e. sitting in with me!

kate performing her tunes!

me and the boyz, tom, mike and roy!

my producers (the original ones!) and the birthday girl!

i am off to cleveland and wont be able to upload anything until saturday! see ya then!!!!!

may 31

welcome to cleveland!!! i left for cleveland on thursday afternoon and saw the rock and roll hall of fame, although i didnt get a chance to visit it = NEXT time (july 3rd) i am there with tisa, it's a must-do on the list!!!

here i am with cuz'n dave on wruw fm 91.1 in cleve... getting ready to go on the station!

che sings

the end of the successful interview! how many of you listened on line???

me with producer jim!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

nick and the jam band at maple grove, a cool little place in maple heights...

my pals show up to help celebrate red's birthday (may 25th) and mine too!!!! john, red, marcy...

jump out of car when they begin to write a ticket, smile and say "hi! i am from out of town and i just LOVE cleveland" in a gushing way (and mean it!!!), and then ask for a photo with them!!!!

if that doesn't work, grab a cute girl in the vicinity (in my case it was red!!!) and try the photo op thing again!!!! it should work like a charm!!!! tee hee hee!!!

thanks to everyone in cleveland for making my trip amazing!!!

the memorial day tour and vacation is almost over... boo hoo. tonight i am going to see joe grushecky at the boston waterfront, so i'll see ya there!!! xoxo

oh! also, i wanted to share some pennsylvania scenic pics to let you know more about where i am from and what i love about this state!!!....

i love the old farms that are around these parts:

the old markle farm...

and i love cemeteries... go figure, huh... one of my faves is in westmoreland county, where i have alot of ancestors buried...

seems nuts, but it's such a pretty place, and the flags they put out for the holiday made the whole place look so amazing. and of course it was a beautiful day!!!

my great great grandparents tombstone with the gorgeous rhododendron in the background...

now thats REALLY it for today!!!! xoxo

june 3

june journal coming soon, i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!