march 15

what can i say??? sorry about not keeping up with this so called journal?! SORRY! i have been in and out of town so much these past weeks, that i just didnt have a chance to really format some kind of cute march page, or even upload it. a few of the places where i have been have had no phone or internet service and no TV! imagine that! (tee hee)

so here i am writing to try and catch you up on stuff... if you have tried to reach me on myspace, i also hadnt had a chance to check my messages there, so am now climbing out of the dark ages back into the tech ages. i will eventually get an answer out to you!

tisa and i have started recording our guitar parts for the project that we had started with our friend marko marcinko on drums and some keyboards and jeff peters at the controls. it is going to sound great, and for those of you who want a full band cd, this will be it!

i have also started the much requested solo acoustic cd, so hopefully will have a nice choice for you guys within 2007! i know, its been a long, long time since i have released something new. we did have "snack" in 2005, but it is already 2007 and there was nothing really on the horizon, so here ya go!

i will also be doing some request only shows where you email me what songs you want to hear and those will be the ones that i definitely do that night.

currently listening to: the lost podcast with jay and jack.....

march 17


was that REALLY george strait at our gig last night asking if we did any country music? since i am not that familiar with country music and artists, i really am not sure, but tisa kind of recognized him after the fact! of course this was completely out of context - like seeing your hairdresser at the supermarket. you know who she is but who is she really??? tee hee. anyway, hope you liked the country-flavored tune that we did right after you left the stage area, george!

so, what's with the green beer? no, i am kidding. it is too early for that! i did get a st. pats day greeting from my old friend johnny fean from the band horslips! what a treat that we have found each other again after all of these years. one of these days i need to pull out photos from those days and scan them for the website and to send to some of the old friends that i had and now still have. myspace has been pretty awesome in finding friends from the past as well. seemingly everyone has a page on myspace! check out mine /chezuro and all of the friends that i have on the site. lots of musicians and bands and actors and friends and family on there!

have a great and safe day, and i will keep you updated!!!! xo