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march 1

march has come in like a lamb here in southern california. you couldn't ask for a nicer day, but from what i hear, it's the calm before the storm.... more rain and snow coming to california. crazy, huh????

not alot of gigs this month, but i am starting out, once again, in mammoth. right now, i know i will be somewhere on the mountain, but not sure exactly where, so please check the website calendar to find out if you happen to be heading up that way this weekend. i am scheduled to play on saturday and sunday probably from about 2:30 to 5pm, apres-ski, in one of the lodges! hope to see you out there on the slopes, too!!!

other than that, i have an upcoming liquid lounge show with my acoustic duo, where we will be playing right before kelly's lot, so you HAVE to check that out, thursday night, march 9th!

hope to see ya soon!!!

march 2

just got some late bad news that my friend and ex-manager gerry tolman died on december 31st here in socal... he was an amazing person, always ready to help and had a good answer for just about everything. he managed my band, population:5 in the 80's and did alot of traveling with us up and down the coast, keeping us all in line. (it didnt work! :D) gerry, you will be sorely missed, and always loved......

march 4

the drive to mammoth was amazing. left los angeles while it was sprinkling, then it started to pour and then i got caught in a snow squall on the angeles forest highway... it was so beautiful. like someone was sprinkling powdered sugar all over the mountains! then in palmdale and outside of mojave, it was just gorgeous!!!

the gig today at the eagle lodge was fantastic! lots of great people and great energy in the room and alot of great powder outside!!!! this was the view back to my house!!! breathtaking!!!

that's all for today! more soon....

march 10

last night's duo gig at the liquid lounge was alot of fun! thanks to dan evanoff's great photography work and his quickness in sending the pics to me, i have a bunch of photos to share with you! THANK YOU DAN!!! here is what you missed (unless you were THERE!):

tisa rocks out!!!

it was a great gig, alot of fun, and kellys lot duo went on after us (it's their night!!!) and they were awesome, too.... a couple more pics...

i am back at the liquid lounge for a solo show in april... check the calendar for all of the updates!!! more stuff later...

march 11

lots of weather up and down the california coast, including los angeles... its cold (for here) and its gorgeous... here is what the sky looked like yesterday in between the raindrops....

i have officially started recording my next cd!!! yahooo.... went in with the most fabulous bernie larsen who co-produced "welcome home" and we started recording "emmaline," maybe one of your favorite songs???? we will try and finish it this week, and then i go in with billy gruber to start another tune this week, as well.... so i have been kick-started, which is a good thing!
bernie's band "cry on cue" has a brand new amazing cd, "truth to rhyme," which everyone should buy.... you can get it at the spinout records website, where it is listed on the front page!
thanks, bern, for all of your support and help over the years! xo
more soon!!!

march 15

some pics from monday nights show at universal bar & grill, which, by the way, was GREAT! so much fun and the p.a. sounded good and good friends were there! thanks again, dennis, for the pics!

the crowd watches intently... tee hee...

no gigs til the end of the month, but hopefully i will have some more recording news, and if lucky (for me, actually) maybe an mp3 of what i am doing!!!!

march 17

march 19

forgot to post this pic of my friend bob and me at the little eagle lodge when i was there performing!

keep practicing that guitar, young man!!!! :D

march 23

got to go to see jennifer nicholson's show during l.a. fashion week at smashbox studios last night and it was awesome. here she is with her dad...

took tisa with me and we had a blast! met andre from project runway and wow, what a people watching kind of night. jen's show was incredible and her clothes are just gorgeous! here are a few of our favorite pieces from the collection:


more cool stuff soon!