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march 1

i cannot believe that it is march already!!! time is just flying in this new year of 2005! just got back from a whirlwind trip to utah where the snow was really incredible, and got to ski some stuff that was pretty scary! and i am still alive! :D anyway, no gigs this week, so you guys will have to wait til next week when tisa and i return monday to one of our favorite places, universal bar and grill with the awesome bartendress, kellie ann and her chocolate martinis, and then wednesday to fitzgeralds where they have dropped the cover charge! YEAH!!!! so, hope to see ya soon!

march 8

this weekend i am playing in mammoth at CANYON LODGE, 2:30-5pm, not at little eagle as i had originally thought (changing it up!), so that's where you will be able to find me!

thanks to all you peeps who came out to uni bar and grill last night. we got yet another person to drink chocolate martinis with us and had a fantastic time! dennis, thanks for the truffles!!! we cant wait til our next drink there, i mean GIG there, scheduled for monday april 4th, around 9ish to around 10:15 or afterish.... :D
dennis once again took some pics, and here are a few....

that's it for now!

march 11

last night's drive through the desert, coming up to mammoth, was just glorious... we are very lucky this year because the wildflowers have already started to bloom and they are exploding on hillsides and all along the highways here in california... so i shot some pics of what i saw while driving!!! the clouds and the color of the sky was so beautiful for a whole hour before sunset....

here you can see the bright yellows on the side of the hills, just blooming!!!

mojave is really beautiful right now. usually it's brown and dusty and windy, and it's moist and just exploding with color!!!

more wildflower shots...

went to see my friend stacey board at the mammoth mountain inn last night after my show at canyon lodge, and the mountain still had a little bit of sunlight on it. it's been a stellar weekend here, warm temps, not a cloud in the sky... spring conditions... how long will this last????

march 12

(sidenote=i totally forgot to upload these pics til right this very moment when i wanted to upload stuff from st patricks day and also today! eeek! sorry!)

here i am with stacey...

stacey wows us at the mammoth mountain inn...

the drive back home.....

the mountains just don't look real...

one of my famous "photographing while driving" shots....

march 18

happy st patrick's day!!!

tisa and i played at genghis cohen that night, even tho it isn't quite an irish pub, we had a fabulous time, and alot of friends were there to see us!!! (THANK YOU!!!)

jeff lindsey took some great pics of us, too, so here are a few of them... tisa tunes!

we begin to rock! :D

we had a great time....

march 19

back in the mountains, and there wasn't much new snow when i got here, but it's been dumping all day and is really gorgeous. and a GREAT pow day on the mountain! woo hoo!!!! this was taken with no flash right before it really started getting dark out...

these were with the flash to show you the actual snow...

march 21

spring has sprung!!!! and wow is it ever amazing here in california! i will be posting some pics of the wildflowers in the next couple of weeks for you all to see!

march 27

happy easter!

march 28

wanted to post a few pics from my trip to mammoth for easter.... the drive up was amazingly beautiful. i kept driving towards this cloud that looked kind of like a ufo!!!

easter sunday on the mountain was windy and cold, so we mostly were in, but not for the egg hunt!!!! here is the easter bunny and woolly!!!!

then we all went into woollywood where there was a fun drum circle...

...and dancing!!!

it was a fun time!