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march 2nd

sorry its taken me sooooo long (what, 2 days???) to get this march journal up online! just got a new computer and even tho i am not using it right NOW, i WILL be as soon as i learn HOW! :D dont forget to come and see tisa and me at the joint tonight! all of the details are on the calendar! you can also download and print out a flyer to get in for cheaper than the door cover, OK????

orphans update = ALMOST finished. stuff will soon be up on this site for you to listen to, and also lyrics to read, etc etc etc.... stay tuned for more details! xoxo

march 11th

hello! not much to report except that "orphans" is almost ready to go go go!!! you can go to the discography page here on my website and check out lyrics and sound bytes (only real audio at this point in time, but i WILL get some others up soon.... OR YOU CAN BUY THE CD AS SOON AS IT'S AVAILABLE!!!!)! happy to meet new friends in mammoth at my gigs there, and also to see some old pals at the in town shows... there are some fun shows coming up too, from the alhambra summer nights to cold spring tavern in the mountains north of santa barbara, where we share a show with the most fabulous brice goldish! oh, and can he play that guitar! woo hoo!!!! so, sign up on my mailing list for all the news and gig updates, OK??? xoxo

march 15th

just got back from a glorious weekend in mammoth, where the snow and sun got together to make my couple days of skiing phenomenal!!! i also ran into and got to ski with antara and delilah from santa barbara who were up there playing canyon lodge for the weekend! it was a blast and the snow was so great - you NEED to get up there! check out their website at mammoth mountain dot com! i will be back up there performing on easter, and maybe before, so keep coming back to this website to find out any updates!

hope to see you at the universal bar and grill tomorrow night - tisa and i play at 10, and its our last duo gig before we go to florida for our little mini tour! woo hoo!

march 19th

the new issue of ROCKRGRL MAGAZINE is out, and it includes the ROCKRGRL DISCOVERIES 2004 compilation CD, which includes my song "Pack of Lies" from my upcoming CD Orphans!!! other artists on the CD are some of my Indiegrrl and CDBaby palz: Patti Witten, Rachael Sage, and Simon Stinger, and every track on the 15 song CD is awesome!!! fun to listen to and it ROCKS!!!! the CD can also be purchased for $10 from the website, or it comes free with a 2 or 3 year subscription!!!
check it out!!!

that's all for now!!! XOXO more news coming soon.... and i promise to take pics in florida on the dynamic duo's mini tour!

march 30th

our gig never happened tonight, so sorry to all of you guys who may have shown up! it seems like they booked too many bands tonight and we wouldnt have played til way late into the night, so we cancelled! but we WILL be at brennans tomorrow night at 9pm, so dont miss it!!!!
i have pics from florida, but my camera broke halfway through the tour so i only have a few, and cant download them til my camera is fixed.... so, i will post the pics from the tour sometime in the april journal. seems like everything is just falling apart, huh??? xoxo