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march 1

hmmm... in like a lamb.... baaah.... so i guess we will have more storms at the end of march, you know in like a lamb, out like a lion??? where did THAT saying come from???

off to santa barbara this morning.... see you there???

march 4

gorgeous day, the calm in between the storms....
had to share!

march 8

fun time in mammoth, both skiing and playing at the yodler... here are some pics from apres- apres-ski at the yodler!!!

the "j" crew (and rob!)

me and jeremy

the yodler crew and the "j" crew (and rob!) and me!!!

who's that justin????

jeremy and everyone's favorite boss, scottie!

jumpin at the yodler...

hangin at the bar

and hangin at the bar!!!!

rob and me

joey, or, um, mickey, or is it "D"??? and me!

frighteningly fun time......

march 13

happy birthday natalie and andy!!! i am thinking of you guys!!!
just wanted to update you - i will NOT be at lulu's beehive tonight - so sorry!
please keep your eyes glued to the website for other stuff thats going on!!!!

like.... the soon to be released cd of my collection of orphaned songs....

march 17

happy st. patrick's day!!!

march 24

had a nice relaxing weekend in the mountains, and it was beautiful!!! everyone needs a little r and r now and then, right? and with the stress of the war upon us, well we all need some time to reflect. bless our troops and hope that this is all over quickly without many casualties...

tisa and i have no gigs til april, so hang tight and rev up for next month! don't forget if you want us to perform somewhere specific, please email us at!

march 25

wow, spring has certainly sprung!!!