Che Zuro's Summer 2013 Journal

August 16, 2013

Unbelievable day of wildlife viewing! Besides deer on the golf course and hummingbirds fighting to get to my feeders, I saw MOOSE and MOOSETTE in my neighborhood this afternoon! Usually one can view them at dawn or dusk, but today they were just out whooping it up like everyone else, and I was thrilled to have been able to shoot some photos!

LOVE their cute crazy faces but one must keep a distance because they CAN get angry and dangerous to humans. (Just ask my friend Anne the Moose-Magnet!)

And then there were two!!!

So many things going on. Lots of gigs coming up in the next 48 hours!!!! And then a trip back east! XOXO

August 11, 2013

SO EXCITED!!! I got to hang out with my old friend Nitebob on Friday night!!!! He was in town with Steely Dan (this time!) and we hit The Red Iguana, a MUST GO RESTAURANT for anyone who comes here for even just a short visit.

We had a great visit, after not seeing each other for at least 5 years, and caught up on a lot of stuff!!!! He and I met a long time ago, before I moved to Los Angeles and when he was working front of house sound with Aerosmith! We lost touch for a little while there, and then when the internet became the way to really find people, we found each other again, YAY!

I had a brainstorm while getting ready to go and hang out with him, thinking about what I have been brainstorming with Mike and Kevin at L.A. Radio Studio, HOW to continue doing a good radio show with them - and BOOM there was my idea, right in front of me. SO, look out for my Nitebob interview with music coming soon on a future L.A. Radio Sessions show OR on another show somewhere, somehow!!!!

MORE STUFF coming SOON!!!!
Make sure you check back more often than every year!

Oh and these journals will be seasonally posted - i.e. I will add things here until September 1st and then start the fall journal, and will load them in the archives as Summer 2013, Fall 2013, Winter 2013-14, etc. OK?

Love ya!

August 7, 2013

People always ask me how I put my outfits together, for gigs, or just for running around. I guess I have a fashion sense, but sometimes I have had designers that I worked for laugh at me for wearing turtlenecks or something that they thought was too matchy match. That always made me feel weird, but then, some of these designers wore the same dress every other day for a year, so there you go. I guess I just wasnt as COOL as they were. Anyway, here I am living NOT in a fashion capitol, but out in the country where there are so many things I can't even figure out where to wear. Having to wait for some event in a different town might have me waiting forever to wear those perfect boots or sky high heels or my favorite vintage hat. But screw it, I am going to wear what I want and people here seem to be soooo appreciative! So often people ask if I happen to have a fashion blog, and that's what I really need, right? ANOTHER BLOG to not update regularly! So here I am wearing an outfit for one of my gigs that was outdoor in July, during our Utah month of patriotic everything -

Hat was bought for $5 somewhere a long time ago. So cheap, that I picked up 2 in case anyone I knew might want one, and Angie Furlong was the recipient of it! Scarf is vintage from ages ago, t shirt I got at Chic Style, our small (and only) clothing boutique up here in the Ogden Valley where D'arcy has put together tons of wearable and affordable outfits from head to toe. (She just opened her 3rd store in Bountiful, and also was a fit model in Los Angeles oh so long ago!!!) for 50% off the $6.50 tag and $1 earrings that I LOVE. Boots are Golden Goose, Italian, very expensive and a gift from my bestie Natalie for this last birthday. (A HUGE SURPRISE!) I always put everything on and then start taking stuff off when it is too much until I feel that it is the right mix of stuff!

Let me know if you want to know more, OR maybe some how-to's?????

August 4, 2013

This summer has been filled with lots of outdoor gigs for me, which has been wonderful, even when the temps were in the high 90s and 100s!!! It's SUMMER!!!! This summer, our local farmers market, called the Ogden Valley Open Market has been changed to Thursday evening, 5:30 to dusk (8:30 ish?) instead of Saturday mornings, when less people in the community were apt to really come out and purchase produce and farm fresh eggs, gifts and frames and have something to eat and sit and watch music. It is working!

I decided to have a community open stage, not open mic, but an open stage to allow people who may never have played anywhere out of their house, all ages, to get up and play one song to 30 minutes worth of music. And it is WORKING. There are a few teenagers who have stepped up to the plate and have taken in everything I have tried to teach them and are becoming very good performers. Christian is one of them. He is becoming amazing. Plays great guitar and has the voice of an angel!

Of course, I always give myself a set, but usually end up playing only a few songs here and there in between the other scheduled slots!

There is a little girl there every week, who comes with her parents who are vendors, and she brings her CAT who doesn't run away and is friendly to everyone. Isn't this crazy??? This was in front of the stage, they were listening to music!!!!!

My friend Linda brought her beautiful farm fresh veggies, including this rainbow chard!!!

We even have Valley kids as vendors, including this young fellow who is there weekly with his shaved ice trailer. And he is doing soooo well as a young businessman!!!

Anne is trying to commit to playing every week and is so wonderful to listen to. She does a mix of Joni Mitchell and Kate McLeod and lots of other artists. We also jam on some of the songs that we know together, which is always fun!

When Em and Bella showed up to play 2 songs, well, people went nuts! Just ukelele and vocals. They have promised to learn more and come back to our great market. Here are Bella, left and Em:

and a really cool pic of Em with the clouds in the background:

When my friend Wayne, from the Lab Rats, a local jam band, came up to play, well, I HAD to join him on all of those fun to play and sing backup cover tunes!!!!!

Local people, come out and hang!!!!! When I am unavailable to run the stage, we still have it thanks to Trish and Ken who have offered to help out, set up their sound system and run the show.

I am soooo happy!

July 31, 2013

House concerts are a big thing for the indie traveling musician as you all must know, and although I had never really thought about throwing one, when my friend Kelly Z told me about her solo tour this summer, a house concert was right there in the front of my brain!!! Thanks to friends Julie and Trish, I found out the hows and whens and all of the details and set everything up for Kelly. The concert was on Sunday night in Liberty, Utah, and ended up being a huge success thanks to the impending stormy weather which never became storms, the guests who all showed up regardless of the impending storms, and the artists who all really had great shows! I started out with a few songs

and then invited gal pal Anne Toombs up for a few tunes

which everyone seemed to love! It was great seeing all of the audience, all friends and neighbors, out there on beach chairs and blankets with their tables and plastic wine glasses and food, just enjoying the evening!

Kelly came on and told her stories and sang her songs from her CD "Plain Simple Me" as well as tunes from other Kellys Lot discs. This was the 2nd stop on her tour.

I had to pass out blankets during her show because the weather got COLD! All week it was HOT HOT HOT and then boom, the night of the outdoor concert everyone was freezing!!! Funny! It was a great time!

At the end of the night, Anne and I went up to sing and play with Kelly on her song "Let's Go To Love" which was so much fun!

Check out Kelly's website and see when she may be in your town! And also go see her band - they are AMAZING!!!!

July 3, 2013

It's the day before our country's anniversary of independence, and where are we in comparison to where we were in 1776? We are FAR down the road and are relatively free. I know that some people think that Big Brother is monitoring everything we do and our taxes are high, and bla bla bla, but LOOK AT WHERE WE HAVE BEEN and all of the freedoms that we now have! Voting, freedom to go wherever we want to go, pretty much choose a career or field of work, choose who we want to marry (soon to be expanded!!!), and I could go on and on and on. When you feel like complaining, PLEASE RE THINK THAT. Enjoy your life and your friends and the fruits of your hard work and whatever you love to do around where you live, or wherever you travel to. Just be grateful and thankful and count your blessings!

Please be safe during this holiday. I have quite a few fun gigs going on - check out my tour dates for all of the updated information.
We have "Liberty Days" here, in my little town of Liberty (sweet land of liberty!) with a rodeo tonight and games like "mutton busting" (google it!) going on all day tomorrow after a patriotic breakfast and parade! It will be a fun time weather permitting. It's been sweltering here, like everywhere in the West for the past week or so, with record high temps and a lot of red flag warnings for fires, or fires that have already started. Now they are forecasting thunderstorms, which I hope will not ruin this wonderful celebration.

Please say a little prayer for the 19 firefighters who perished in Arizona on Sunday.

These out of control fires have been dangerous this year, and with no real rain in sight, we could be in for more damage and destruction and death. PLEASE be careful!

On a happy note, if you have been watching some of my Facebook postings, my baby robins have grown and fled the nest. The daily photos were amazing, up through "then there was one!" There are baby swallows on the golf course right now, about 5-6, too small to get up, but their little heads are either up in the air waiting for food, or passed out over the side of the nest.

Really cute and funny!

Until next time, XOXO

June 18, 2013

Father's Day is done this year. The first year I ever spent without my Father. (He passed in March after 8 months of many different illnesses and set backs.) Believe it or not, the hardest part of it was seeing all of the Father's Day cards and gifts in the stores and all of the commercials about buying this and that for your Dad for this year's Father's Day. Not buying at least a card really killed me although I do have other men in my life who are like Father's to me. But nothing like MY Dad.

He LOVED music and golf and fixing things and sports and golf and music. He made me not afraid of the ocean.

He also taught me how to fix stuff, just by taking things apart and trying to see what was wrong. What I learned is that 99% of the time it is a loose screw or something just broke in half, and very easy to fix! Whenever I needed him, he was there. I know he is watching over me, especially when I am trying to fix something and I can HEAR him saying "Just take the whole *$^* thing off!"
Love you, Dad, always.

For those of you who are in my vicinity, I have to announce that I am going to be performing (almost) every Thursday evening at the Ogden Valley Open Market (the new Farmers Market, more like a French Market) in Eden. The committee this year is made up of some different people with different ideas, and my contribution is going to have a music stage every Thursday night, and invite others to perform on certain nights. At the moment, the 3rd Thursdays, which is this Thursday, will (hopefully) consist of teenagers and other young people from the Ogden Valley who can sing and play - the genres we want to include are folk, pop and rock done acoustically, blue grass, country, americana, cowboy music and anything that fits into the mountain market theme. Interested parties have to contact me directly (and not just show up) to be able to have a scheduled slot on a particular night. Finding young people that are interested isn't that difficult, but finding young people who will actually CALL to schedule a slot is a whole other ball of yarn!

This week at the market, some of my guests will be the beautiful and local gal, Anne Toombs, as well as accordion player Al DiMarco who will be visiting us from the mountains of North Carolina! Al did a stint at Disney Japan playing accordion and will be serenading us with some French songs as well as some of his own material!

Please join us, whether you live in the area or just out of town, for a wonderful new event every Thursday evening at 5:30 til dusk (except for July 4th) and listen to some great music, buy some local produce, farm fresh eggs, pottery, alpaca yarn, sheep cheese made HERE in this valley, jewelry, and more.