june 19

i cant believe that i still have not updated the journal. you must have thought that i dropped off of the face of the earth??? but no, i was just traveling and keeping very busy. so.... i will actually start where i basically left off, and then work on up to the present time, and hopefully it wont be august by the time i actually do that!!! yikes!

the flowers in town are all in bloom. we had a late season for some things, and then some flowers that were thought to never bloom, especially in a drought year, are in full bloom! the geraniums are amazing... and here in cal, they are year-round bloomers, can you believe it???

and then the jacaranda trees, which normally blossom in april, suddenly exploded in may!...

memorial day weekend kicked off with the annual maypole party at josh and sara's... i went early to hang out and stayed late (for me) to hang out, ate spicy dogs and potato salad, drank snailwater, etc.... it was a blast.

here i am with jeff!

and playing a short set of material...

son sat in with me on my set of cover tunes!!! sounded great playing some zeppelin, blind faith and bad company tunes acoustically!!!!

kids were everywhere and they were all having a blast - it was a perfect day to have a pool party with live music and food and fun!!!!

more music, and note the snail logo front and center! :D

more palz...

violet watches cooper tune up and get ready for his turn on the stage...

more kiddies!

jeff joins cooper on stage!

someone enjoys the food!!!! (this is just soooooo cute! i couldnt resist!!!)


it was a great day!!!

more soon, i promise. i still have the rest of the weekend to post! :D

june 21

continuing! FINALLY!
here goes.... that same weekend, memorial day weekend, i celebrated my birthday up in the eastern sierra, skiing, hiking, bla bla bla, and it was so much fun! skied in mammoth first...then went up to bodie to check it out. i have been there a few times before, but it is always a treat to go.

then onto these hot springs which were just beautiful... it looked like you could be on the moon somewhere - really stoney - took a bunch of photos, too many to post here, but it was just beautiful...

next day back to mammoth for my birthday and the end of the season skiing. there wasnt much snow, but there was plenty enough to slide down the hill! it was a fun day and the end of a great weekend!!!

the minarets from the top of the mountain at the end of the day...

hung out with my friends frank and janice!!!

everyone went to the top of the mountain, taking the gondola up, for the last run of the day. there was a great snowball fight and lots of laughter, a bitter sweet time since it was the last day of the season. a short season with little snow this year. different than last year! anyway, here are a few pics of the end of my weekend....

the view of the elk on the way back down to los angeles. this was around the big pine area where they are usually grazing. spectacular view!!!

ok, thats all for now. i still have JUNE photos to post, but these are basically the end of may, and i will soon be posting more, from my trip to pennsylvania where i played 2 shows and just had a good time with family and friends....

more soon!