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june 3

vaca has been pretty wonderful... but i keep forgetting to update the journal, so i hope you don't mind the old news....
played at the waterfront on tuesday night with the pittsburgh songwriters and it was once again wonderful. they have a new staging area, near the improv instead of by starbuck's, but it's just a short walk if you need your latte fix! (like me)... van started out the show with some of his great songs....

my producers/roadies/whatever :D and i enjoyed the music!

forgot to get a pic of erin whom also played her great tunes and picked that guitar like nobody's business!!!
p.e. james plays for us!!!

and some friends came by to hang out!!!! me with terri, donna, and vicki!

my turn and a fun time for me!!!

the new PSA schedule is tuesday and friday at 7pm, with the addition of sunday at 12:30pm for the duration of the summer months, til it starts getting cold, and weather permitting!!!! thanks guys, for having me there!!!!

next day it was back to the OTHER waterfront, where the river was quiet but for some fish, a lone duck and one boat...

and in the front yard for the past few days, have been a couple of baby bunnies. the other night when we came home from having dinner and cocktails, there they were, out of their hole and on their "front porch," no mother in sight, ready to leave the nest. didn't want to use my flash, so this is the best pic that i could get!!!!

more soon!!!

june 14


sorry i had to cancel some gigs lately, got a bad cold probably from the airplane when i flew back from pennsylvania.... so, i am coughing and not singing well... i should be back in good shape by the next show, june 29th at brennan's, with my duo featuring tisa and her new guitar! :D so hang in there and i will see you soon! xoxo