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june 2

it's june gloom here in southern california, but not REALLY at my house.... i have 2 new additions and i want to introduce you to them now.... this is bisou:

and this is rosey:

what a joy!!! i will keep you updated with pics and everything, like a good mother should! :D

in gig news, we just booked the tehachapi mountain festival again, this year on sunday august 21st, so mark your calendars. also, THIS month, don't forget about the hep c carson city FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE concert at the pony express pavilion in carson city, nevada, saturday june 18th from 12 noon til 9pm, and did i mention that is was FREE?????? (tee hee) so there are alot of things going on this summer and we hope to see you out and about!!!!!

june 7

i forgot my camera cable over the weekend and so i couldnt share the great pics with you, so here they are now.... this is the ride up to mammoth, over the crest, with all of the spanish broom in bloom, more than i have ever seen, as well as yucca blossoms everywhere!!!!

mammoth mountain...

here i am right before skiing the face of three...

the lake in spring.... gorgeous, huh???

the pack horses are back in the mountains!

and the wildflowers.... all in the back 40:

it was a great trip and i can't wait to go back up!!!

i came home to THIS! "the refrigerator bandits!"

june 11

more kitty pics: rosey outside hanging....

bisou and rosey in their basket, which by the way, they are not fitting in very well this weekend :D

me with bisou

and with rosey

june 12

last night was brad elterman's photo show in venice, and WOW what a show!!! it was so great to see so many old friends and band mates and also see all of brads pics up close... it's a MUST see if you are into music!!! here is the announcement:

i re-connected with my backstage pass band mates and dear friends from when i first moved to los angeles: holly, genny, marina, and pam, and it was awesome to see them after all of these years. here i am posing in front of the pic of rodney bingenheimer and the original backstage pass with holly, genny, spock, rod and marina.... (photos by jeff lindsey!)

it was also a 2/5th orchids reunion :D sunbie came to see the pics too, and we HAD to get our pic taken with brad, since he took quite a few pics of us when we were in the band!!!

and here are sunbie and me with jeff, who used to come and see us ALL of the time, esp at the starwood!(photo by drew? or jenny lens? can't remember!)

sunbie brought her son, drew, who is an aspiring photographer!!!

also making an appearance was jenny lens, another great photog from the past, and she said she has some pics of the orchids debut show, which would be amazing to see!!!! here are sunbie and me with jenny, chatting up a storm!!! (www.jennylens.net)

it was a fun night!!! congrats to brad on a successful opening!

june 16

tisa couldnt make it to the monday night show at uni bar and grill, so i did an almost 2 hour non-stop set of material which included some new songs, old songs, seldom heard songs and a few covers for good measure.... it was a blast. dennis took pics again! here i am singing my heart out!

che gets serious... (i know, believe it or not!!!)

kellie ann makes some drinks! (she makes a MEAN chocolate martini, by the way!!!!)

the girls get down!

kellie ann advertises "soak" tisa and my first live cd!!!

more pics from more shows coming soon! :D (thanks dennis!)

june 20

i didnt fire up the computer the whole weekend while on tour, but that doesnt mean i didnt take pics and have alot of fun! our drive to sacramento was hell, but we did have a fab time thanks to my friends mark and holly williams!!! mark is an am talk show host and actually played cuts from jalama road and welcome hom on his show thursday night and told people to come to the show, and they DID! here i am with mark, holly and tisa, at borders...

mark and holly...

went and had a bite with them and a couple of their friends... mark, holly, siobhan, nancy, me, tisa.

saturday we drove from sacramento to reno and then down to carson city, and it was an unbelievable drive, and even tho i have pics, it doesnt give what we saw justice!!! there was snow between 5,000 and 6,000 feet through the donner pass, and we saw the beautiful trees that looked like someone sprinkled powder sugar on them! right after the storm...

through the window...

we still have a long way to go...

made it to carson city in time to hang with kelly and her crew!

we were well protected by the sheriffs department!

kung fu sophie performs...

tisa and i take the stage (thanks to kelly for the great pics!!!):

downtown reno from our hotel room!

sunday was a fun day, alot of driving, but on the 395 where anywhere you look it is absolutely gorgeous!!! the drive down south with the snow capped eastern sierras in the background...

the road to bodie... (the old gold mining ghost town!)


tisa warms her ears...

we took the dirt road out of bodie towards mono lake...

the road to .... nowhere??? ...

mono lake!

june 27

thousand oaks borders was really alot of fun.... its a GREAT borders to play at and also a great one to SEE music! jeff snapped a few shots of me and the band and here they are!

keep a look out for any changes on the calendar as well as new additions! it is going to be a great summer!