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june first

greetings from lovely, rainy and sunny, beautiful pennsylvania!!! its been a blast here - i havent taken many pics yet, but i promise i will, maybe tomorrow.... and post them for you. i HAVE taken some movies and if i can figure out how to put them on my site, i will.... so, stay tuned for the tour of PA, once again!

june second

went to look at some property for sale around here, and this is one of the places that i thought was pretty awesome...

i am having such a great time here!!! golf is fun, even with the rain, and i have just enjoyed the time to relax with my family!!! here i am at lunch today!

hoping to ride bikes on the trail sometime this week, but with the thunderstorms, you cant make plans too well! i will take pics if i go... saw a beautiful rainbow this evening but i couldt actually take a photo of the whole thing - it wouldnt FIT in the camera!!!

i will post more as it happens in this lazy wonderful little town!!! xo

june third

what a gorgeous day it was today! i just kicked around....

and took pics and ran around my old home town area... the river is beautiful with the woodsy area at this time of the year,

...tough to find a view because there are so many leaves on the trees!!! and the flowers.... whew.... well here you go... these were from my grandma z's house that mum planted a long time ago... we have no idea what they are called, do you??? (if so, please email me and let me know!!!)

and the lilies are all blooming....

went to see the pittsburgh songwriters tonight and saw van, tom, joe, and kate perform on such a gorgeous night. and afterwards we went drinking... tee hee. here are mum and i drinking margaritas and mojitos! yum!

thats all for now!!!

june tenth

back in los angeles, still relaxed from my great trip! forgot to share my excitement of meeting a local celeb when i was home, author arthur parker, who wrote the book "the monongahela" which is all about our famous river!!! he was so sweet to sign my very own copy!

here i am with art and my book! a second book is soon to come out, and i cant wait!!!!!

the flowers are really blooming here in california, maybe because its been damp and nice for them to grow!!! here is a pretty garden of wildflowers!!!!

i will keep you posted on other stuff as it happens!!!!

june eleventh

last night i went to a screening of a documentary called "silence is deadly," the long awaited story of hepatitus c, written and produced by kindra ruocco. kelly and perry of kelly's lot did the music, and it also featured lauren adams!

no gigs today, but tomorrow should be fun in pasadena! see ya then! xoxo

june nineteenth


june twentieth

last night's borders gig with bruce goldish was so much fun!!! here are some pics!

jeff and trino!

rusty and me

my turn!!!

one benefit of not having my "band" with me is the awesome road crew!!!! ;D thanks, guys!

dont forget to come to genghis cohen monday night for the circle of songs... my friend mark danziesen will also be performing!!!

june twenty-second

genghis cohen's circle of songs last night was alot of fun! everyone was great and so different and we all sang and played along, very cool! THANKS to dave clarke for taking a few shots during the show!!! here is the group: me, vivian who sat in with mark, mark, amy and jim (i think that was his name!)...

here i am playing (or tuning up... not sure) with viv and mark (about to fall asleep)...