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june 4

i am back from the east coast, and the weather is EXACTLY the same here - cool and overcast and kind of rainy, and WHERE IS MY SUMMER?????????????????????? i guess i should enjoy the june gloom for now, coz it will be hotter than a pig in heat really soon!

before leaving town, i went down to the boston waterfront (where tisa and i will be performing on tuesday july 1st) to see joe grushecky.

we had a great time! here are dad and mum rocking out!!! :D

farewell, pennsylvania........

june is going to be a great month of gigs and recording and fun, and hopefully "orphans" will finally be ready for release!!!
stay tuned!!!!

june 5

i HAD to post this pic.... i got cash for my birthday (remember, my 29th????), and when i was in cleveland, i was dragged by my friend cindy to a thrift store, where we saw this awesome thing while checking out. (i am not talking about a handsome man, sorry.........) - went over to check it out, and after some haggling on cindy's part, we were walking out of the store with me as its new owner.....

weird che yankovic

what a hoot, huh? so, now i will be taking lessons, and who KNOWS, maybe i will even play it on stage someday soon........ i will definitely warn you though, for those who may wish to leave the country.....

june 7

another crappy (weather wise) day - good one to write sad songs, but i have nothing sad to write about, so i think i will do some other things.... :D
the SOAK UP THE SUMMER TOUR 2003 is coming along nicely. i still have a few addresses and phone numbers to get for a few gigs, and have a couple of radio stops to squeeze in here and there, but for now, you can check out the upcoming shows on my calendar page. scroll down to see the beginning of the tour, sat june 28th is a driving day to the cincinnati area and then its gangbusters with gigs and driving all over the place! i am soooo looking forward to it! so, if you have any friends or family in any of those markets, please send them out to see us perform, OK? and tell them to come up and say "hi, i am _______'s brother/cousin/godmother/ex friend/whatever!"

june 9

some sad news... i just heard on tv that my old mate trevor goddard has passed away. there isn't anything else that they have reported, so i have no news. but it's sad. trevor and i were the fit models at guess? in the early 90's and saw each other often when we were trying on clothes for the designers and patternmakers there.
he will be fondly remembered...


june 11

a couple of pics i want to share! my last night in pennsylvania, on june 1st, with my pal dave...

this is at brennan's irish pub where tisa and i play once a month! jp den tex from holland came out and played a set before we started!!!

tisa and our bud jeff from the band cowspace!!!

our favorite bartender, tommy boy!

after a few nights back in l.a., i finally got to go to my friend victor's restaurant in pasadena - called breadcrumbs. the food and atmosphere are EXCELLENT!!!!

a view of the place:

more coming soon!!!!! xo

june 13

the gig in alhambra went really well, except for the music that is piped into the fountain area - we had to compete with a big band part of the night, eeek!!! here are some of the kids hanging out right in front of us!

tisa singing a barney song....

some of my "babies!"

june 14

here are some pics of our day in orange county!!! here is tisa showing mark some of our songs before we left for the gig at the rib joint!

tisa and i jam at the rib joint!

my surf pals show up!!! karen, pat, bryan and susan!!!

somehow, (probably because i was PLAYING), i got NO pics of the band, mark, harry and morgan! we wanna thank them for sitting in and sounding GREAT!!!!

june 19

whisperz gig was fun on tuesday!

eve and leslie showed up early to hang!

cyhndi at the door!

charlie (2nd from left) played earlier and stayed to hang!
(lots of hanging going on, huh?)

leslie and me

leslie plays after me!!!

hope to see you guys tonight at hallenbecks!!! it's going to be a FUN evening!!!!!!!!!!

june 24

hey gang! not much to report, because all of my free time has been going to preparing for this upcoming tour! eeek! i have just one more gig before i leave = tomorrow night at lauren adams americana song circle over at hallenbecks (check out my calendar for all of the info!). i did a radio interview the other day, with stewart brodian of WDIY in lehigh valley pennsylvania, talking about the upcoming gigs in that area. we unfortunately wont be able to make it to allentown or bethlehem this time, but maybe next time!!!!!!! you can hear the interview on saturday night, june 28th at 11:30 pm eastern time, on WDIY!!! woo hoo. tisa and i will be driving from pittsburgh to near cincinnati that evening so we can settle in to the hotel before playing the 26th annual sternwheel regatta in augusta kentucky. of course, i keep thinking pennsyltucky which shel from multiple photos always calls in when i say "pittsburgh!" tell your friends and family in the areas where we are playing to please come by and say HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! this is tisa's first trip to this area of pennsylvania, and she hasnt been to cleveland or nashville or anywhere where we are going, so, this is gonna be FUN FUN FUN! thelma and louise's big mid atlantic adventure!

i will check in before we leave on friday to say hi or post any pics i might take of any adventures i may have!!!! xoxo

june 27

getting ready to fly to PA tonight! for our big soak up the summer 2003 tour, woo hooooooo!!!!!!!
since we are getting close to the 4th, and everyone is feeling patriotic, i thought i would collect some flags from the states where we are going to be in for the tour....... here's pennsylvania, my native state!!!

will be in touch, take some pics of the beginning of our whirlwind trip. stay tuned to this very page for all of the updates, pics and all of that stuff, coz i promise that it will feel like you are traveling with us!!!!!!!

june 29

tried to get these up last night with no luck getting on the web...
tisa on the plane....

dinner with mum and dad before leaving for cincinnati!

we FINALLY made it to the hotel: tisa tunes her guitar!

che sleeps...

june 30 (late)

what a day sunday was.... starting in maysville,

we drove on route 8 which went up the ohio river to augusta, where we played the sternwheel regatta, and passed some gorgeous old homes.


look at this beautiful view!

geese!!! (i LOVE geese! = see may 2003 journal!)

here we are rocking out on the river! cool stage, huh???

the belle of cincinnati comes to town!

thanks lisa!!!

onto nashville to the lipstick lounge!!! our friends erynn and sara showed up to see us!!! (tisa said "too much frickin blonde!" - we say "open eyes!!!")

time to PLAY!!!

thank you doak, our official photographer of the nashville leg of the tour!!! ;D

the lipstick lounge gang!!!

thanks for a great night, bobby!!!!

we are in nashville tomorrow and then will mosey on back to pittsburgh!!! so, stay tuned for more cool stuff!!! xoxo