july 2

so much for catching you up on my JUNE! so now it is july, a very very HOT july, and i am going to finally catch you up on JUNE! is that OK? i guess it is better late than never....
pics are from my trip back to pennsylvania... started out with my first day there going to and performing at mckenna's birthday party! it was a pirate theme, but i didn't bring any pirate garb, so wore a dress :D

the awesome cake

here i am with captain jack sparrow! tee hee...

ready for a sword fight!

the gang in the pool (looks great, huh, esp if you are in cal right now with our 100 degree temps!)

in my little town, there was a white house that just sold and the owner decided to take off the white siding and the sunporch, and gasp, found the 2nd oldest house in the area. the logs alone are worth a fortune, but the historical value, IMHO, is worth much, much more! here are some pics of what it looked like in june....

some close-ups:

mid week i took the producers out for their anniversary... for spanish food, which was truly amazing! drank sangria and just enjoyed!

the pennsylvania countryside that i love so much... where my ancestors settled in the early 1800's...

i missed my kitties so much when i was gone, but was able to have a foster kitty (thank you mary jane and jessie!) all week long, cookie, the mole patrol cat.... :D

july 14

finally trying to finish my JUNE trip photos for you....
so, my last night in town (pennsylvania) was fun... sara, bill, greg and i went out to a bar that is owned by an old school mate, so it was packed with people i grew up with... here are sara and bill with yours truly, just getting the evening started!

the band was rockin'! brucie and harry were really in great form!

then greg went up to play with them....

then jeff showed up to play and they invited me to come on stage and sing a little bit!!!!

jeff and i work out a song...

and then sing back up on something...

hung out with my old friend, michael!!!

it was SUCH a great time!!!!!!!

july 15

forgot to post the pics of the wild turkeys on the golf course. played and was on 13 when i hit the ball and in the rough below was a very large turkey. then i saw something move and something else and something else, and realized it was little chicks!!! (baby turkeys!) there were about 7 in all, and they were soooo cute! i was afraid to get a birdie on that hole! tee hee...

july 16

ok, now pics of the 4th of july!!! it was a bit foggy and overcast out, but there were still alot of fireworks all over los angeles, and i thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them!!!! now you can enjoy!!! :D


july 17

sad to report that an old music cronie of mine has passed away. kelly johnson of girlschool was always supportive of other girl bands. we met back in the 80's when she moved to l.a. and hung out a bit at all of the fun clubs around town. she will be sorely missed...

july 20

movie review...
yeah, i know, i have never done this, but i thought it might be fun!
went to see ratatouille! and it was the cutest movie! it was not a little cartoon, it sucked you right into the plot and you loved and hated the characters. i give it 10 hearts (which is my highest rating!) :D

more different stuff on this page, soon.....

july 30

sad to hear of the loss of ex pirate, bill robinson
who also graduated from my beloved "old-betsy-high" (years before i did).
p.e. said he spoke at graduation the year before we graduated, but i wasnt there
so don't remember.
bill was on the 1979 pirates team who won the world series. during that decade when pittsburgh ruled!!!
(pittsburgh STILL rules, but maybe not as much sports-wise as it did in the 70's)