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july 2

the weather is gorgeous on this perfect july 4th holiday weekend, and i want to share some of the beauty with you!!! the beauty of the mountains, still with snow, and the green, green aspen trees, the creek (pronounced CRICK, by the way, tee hee....), wildflowers.....

some gorgeous wildflowers

the clouds came in for a spell and then disappeared and we have had sunshine all day...

the gardens at han's resort... yikes, isnt this amazing????

creek action

MORE creek action! (i LOVE the rushing water and the flowers that bloom naturally right next to the creeks here, the sound is just mesmerizing!!!)

the lake with the mountains (in NEVADA) in the background!

i will post more as more happens, although it is quite a relaxing weekend so far..... have a safe and sane one! xoxo

july 4


it is a great one here in the mountains!!! early this morning, it was already beautiful out. here are some pics on the way to the mountain.... the horses grazing in the wild iris field...

the lake in the sun and shadows...

the mountains in the distance....

mammoth mountain! not ALOT of snow, but still enough for some great skiing!

me on the slopes, with my last day of skiing get-up. everyone was wearing something either patriotic or fun. some were clowns (literally), there was a bear and all sorts of fun hats being worn by everyone. here i am in my m&m hat and my kitten gloves... and of course my 1970's vintage partridge family vest... (not really but it LOOKS like laurie partridge could have worn this, right????)

the drive out of town on dirt roads was sure fun and gorgeous!!!

mammoth mountain is now closed for the season.... boo hoo....

have a safe july 4th!!!! xoxo

july 14

lots of gigs this week, and lots of fun at the gigs this week, so far!!! last night was incredibly fun. i LOVE playing the late slot at the liquid lounge... it brings back memories of band gigs at the bars in the old days, which were always a blast... so last night was no different, except i was sans band.... just me and my old trusty guitars... kelly's lot played before me (it's their night.... every month they do the 9:45 slot on the 2nd thursday of the month, unless they are out of town) and had a spoon player sitting in with them! :)

brian and diane take it all in...

bill and some of the peeps at the show...

perry jams

kelly croons

brian and i hang out in the back...

i play my little old heart out....

tonight the duo plays at the simi valley borders, so check it out!!!!

july 19

even tho it's hot and sluggish, it seems like july is flying right by me... so many things to do... not many gigs in the next few weeks, but there ARE a few. i will be traveling a bit in the next few weeks, which will be fun, and promise to book some more shows in your neck of the woods... :D one thing that is kind of new is my MYSPACE site. yes, i finally broke down and signed up and there i am, frantically trying to keep up with the friend requests and learning how to do everything on there. it is a cool home for alot of people, and i have actually touched base with some peeps i havent heard from in a long time.... so it is a cool thing. check it out...
che's myspace site!
i just dont know how people have the time for the upkeep, but i guess they do, and everyone seems to have their own site! so come and visit me and "be my friend!" ha ha ha!!!!
see you soon! xoxo

july 24

it has been so hot for the past, what, 20 days???? and everything is sweltering. so a trip to the mountains was the perfect prescription for the hottest weekend of the year! friends were getting married, so here i am with my semi-hippie dippie dress (thanks to kendra and beautiful disaster!) which is thankfully rain proof because just as the ceremony ended, the skies opened up for a good 15 minutes or so. the lucky people who ended up stuck in the chocolate fondue tent!!!!

reine dances down the aisle!

grace with her dads!

the gorgeous wedding party!

everything was decorated so beautifully, there were twinkle lights everywhere and parasols seemingly hanging from the sky!

the happy couple sings to each other ("leather and lace!") as part of the ceremony!

then it rained...

...and it got chilly and dark, so i stopped taking pics..... but what a wonderful time it was!!!!!!


july 26

greg martin, rip...
some pics from the old days... greg and me

at the tennis court

with the boyz