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july 1

well, half of 2005 is over and we are now into the mid section of the year, and everything seems to go too fast....
i love july. it's supposed to be really hot for the next few days here, and i am welcoming that. not that i hate the real heavy heat, but that we really havent had much of a summer here in southern cal, its been all about the winter and spring and the rain this year. june 30th was the official close to the "rain year" and this past season ended up being the 2nd rainiest on record, although that could be wrong due to the rain gauge people changing where the gauge is.... in the 1800's it was at main and 3rd, and then it was on the 5th floor of a building and then the 8th floor, etc. now it is on the campus of usc, but who knows at what elevation... so that is the discrepency...

moving onto exciting things, my friend jessica bryant is competing for miss new york this weekend, and i want to wish her the best and good luck and all of that stuff!!! here is a pic of her from the miss new york website....

and then from the 2005 gala, here she is in the center, the tallest one!!!!

we are all wishing her the time of her life and the best of everything and maybe we will see her become miss america???

july 4

i wish you all a safe and happy july fourth!

everyone should read our constitution and also the declaration of independence. here is the stone engraving of the d.o.i. and a link for you to read more....

july 9

don't forget to watch "marcielle presents..." on monday evening, july 11th, at 11pm on adelphia cable. marcielle brandler interviewed me for her cable access show and it was so much fun! we sat at the table with our coffee mugs and i actually performed a song live acoustic, and we showed pics of my old bands and talked about all kinds of things! it was great fun, so WATCH! here is the info: all los angeles area homes that have adelphia cable - channel 98
except: santa monica - channel 77
marina del rey and west hollywood - channel 3
beverly hills - channel 37

let me know what you think!!!

not alot of gigs this month, sorry.... i need a break so am taking one. hoping to soon be in the studio to record the next cd, which i am excited about. there are friends around the world who have said they will play on this next recording!!! woo hoo! will keep you posted....

july 16

sorry i haven't updated this journal in such a long time! what can i say, it's been a sloooow week... so, i will update you on my kittens, rosey and bisou. how's about that? ;) (hey, there havent been any gigs to post pics from, so what can i do????)
the kits barely fit in that little basket anymore!!!

rosey sleeps in my hand...

bird watching!!!

posing for mom ;D!

rosey curls up in my sweater.... and yes i was WEARING the sweater!

can i PLEASE have my chair back??? (no....meow)

bisou tasting my iced coffee, EEEK!

hope to have some gig pics soon!!! enjoy your summer! xoxo

july 19

last night's show at universal bar and grill was alot of fun! besides the band, tisa!!!, we had our friend dave alphonso sit in with us and it sounded GREAT!!!!! thanks to dennis for capturing this on film!

we were happy to have been able to play a nice long set!

david and me

the whole band!


my friend gordon came by with john who is visiting from NYC!!!! thanks tisa, for taking the pics of these pals of mine!!! gordon, me, john

more stuff soon!

july 26

harry's birthday party at the renaissance was GREAT on sunday, and i was happy to help him celebrate... his granddaughter sang a song for him (what an incredible voice she has!!!),

lots of friends, like morgan, jeff and kathy, got to play with the birthday drummer boy,

and i even sat in with harry :D!!! (thanx barbie, for taking some fun pics while i was on stage!!!

birthday harry!

party goers...

july 27

FRIDAY NIGHT'S BORDERS PASADENA GIG HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! it seems as tho some borders stores have been remodeling, and from what we have been told (even though we are on their website as performing there), they have remodeled themselves out of any place for performers to perform. so.... until further notice, we are not playing there. SO SORRY this is so last minute and tisa and i hope that you dont show up and read this after the fact.....