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july one

wow, july already???? it's SPARKLE BUG MONTH! that's what tisa called the fireflies/lightening bugs that she saw for the very first time last summer on our eastern/mid-atlantic tour... and when i found the images online, i had to put them here for you guys to see. did you know that sparkle bugs are only found east of the rockies??? anyway. the gig last night was fun! we hope to see you guys this weekend, during your independence day festivities.... come on out and see us! xoxo

july two

hey kids! i know some of you are getting away from it all this weekend, but those of you who choose to stay here in l.a., there are TONS of things to do! besides our gig at coffee cartel tonight in redondo beach, you can come up to the mountains tomorrow afternoon, where tisa and i will be playing from noon til about 3:30pm - we are going to be outside in the sunshine, in the clean mountain air, hanging out with you all, at newcombs ranch. now, if you havent ever been to this place, or to the san gabriel mountains, here is your big CHANCE!!!! the drive is spectacular! the views are amazing from up there, too, and you may even spot a bobcat or a bear!!!! they serve food, and even have a bbq outside during the holiday weekends, full bar, and you can bring the whole family, ride up on your harley, hike around the area... a nice weekend for all of the above! i hope to take some pics and post them of our weekend! anyway, have a safe independence day weekend!!!!! xoxo

july three

'twas great to see you guys today - what a glorious afternoon at newcombs ranch!!! and the BIKES! wish i would have taken a pic of them all lined up in front of the place! whew! anyway, thanks to dave (and maybe bill) we have pics to post! woo hoo! oh, and by the way, WE SAW A BOBCAT on the drive up! unreal, huh? so, here ya go.... here we are - with a view of the ski lift seat in the front of newcombs...and me through the looking glass, tee hee!

we jam...
hey look! it's kelly, who came up with perry to hang out!!!

we take a break and talk to mountain bicyclist and world champion, michael lukich...

me and dave

bill eats!

rich writes ?????

july four

happy independence day!!!

hope you are all enjoying your freedom today, it being independence day, and maybe brushing up on some of america's history! here is a great link about the revolutionary war, what led up to the actual war and the years after the signing of the declaration of independence.

july five

pics from last night.... hope everyone had a safe and exciting 4th!!!
walking up the hill to "the spot!"

downtown l.a. in the fog... and smoke...

fireworks central!!!

yours truly...


july six

it's lotus blossom time in echo park, here in l.a.... HAD to go down and see them, but they weren't in bloom like they must have been LAST week when the pics were taken for the newspaper... isn't downtown los angeles gorgeous??? thought i would share these pics with you!!!

if you would like a larger copy of this last photo for your desktop, please email me and i will send the larger file to you! i have it on MY desktop and it is AWESOME!

july eight

thought i would post the pic of my goddaughter and her brothers here (my cousin beth's kids, for those of you who remember her!)... here is reilly with her brothers nicholas and stephen!!! (looks like she takes after godmum che, with that vintage hat!!!)

july nine

watching the morning show on nbc this morning, i freaked out when i saw al roker's bit in dallas, texas, and standing in the audience were my music pals antara and delilah! it's always so much fun when you see people you know on TV!!!!!

july ten

another sunny day in southern california.... thought i would post a pic of my cat, tuffy, laying under the bird feeder, with seed all over her.... obviously the birds aren't even getting NEAR the feeder!!!!

here are flowers from "chuck's garden!"

hopefully we will see some of you guys in rancho santa margarita this evening at our gig!!!! if not, then somewhere else soon!!!!!!

july eleven

last night's gig was FUN in rancho santa margarita!!! morgan, harry and deborah came by and a few of us went out for cocktails afterwards! fun! here we are: deborah, me, harry, tisa!!!!

that's it for today!!!! xoxo

july fifteen

buster, we are going to miss you...

july sixteen

hey dennis, thanks for the pics from wednesday's gig at the coffee machine!!! it was a HOT show! literally!!!!

july eighteen

pics from friday nights borders gig in puente hills, thanks dave for the fun pics!!!!


karen checks out the cds (above) and Silvia, Diana, Manuel Jr and Manuel Sr enjoy us!!!(below) and then get our autographs!!!

thanks again, dave!!!

july twenty-two

went to see kellys lot down at pershing square this afternoon, in downtown los angeles. it was a gorgeous day and the music was awesome!!!

and even JAMES was there, playing his tambourine!!!
our gig at brennans next wednesday has been changed from 10:30pm to 7:30pm, so all of you guys who have been complaining that we are playing too late out there, it's your big chance to come and see us earlier!!! our set will be for about 45 minutes, so BE THERE!!!!

july twenty-three

hung out with our friend devin last night who flew into l.a. from texas! the last time we got to hang out was in orlando, when tisa and i played there in march! (i have yet to post pics from there, because of my camera problems.....) anyway, last night was che, devin, and tisa, hollywood 2004 night.... took him down the boulevard and had fun! here we are after dinner (and DRINKS!)....

thats all for now!!!! xo

july twenty-four

good news!!! i am featured (along with some of the other Rockrgrl Magazine Discoveries 2004 CD artists) in the new issue of ROCKRGRL MAGAZINE!

if you go to the rockrgrl website you can actually either subscribe to the magazine (if you get a two year plus subscription, you get a FREE copy of the compilation cd!!!) or find out where in your area you can find the mag! it's pretty cool!!!!!

july thirty-one

end of the month, and tisa and i are on tour once again!!! our first stop was at borders in goleta, just a tad north of santa barbara, right near UCSB. it was a fun time for us and the weather is perfect!!!!

tisa tells me what to do while packing up....

hello from me!!!

and then we went to our hotel, and check this out, a view from our hotel room window.... THE RUNWAY of the local airport.... CRAZY!!!!

will be posting more as we go along, from our weekend tour.... hope you can make it tonight to ghostriders tavern, or to the cal mid state fair tomorrow afternoon!!!! xo