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july 1

wow, what a whirlwind trip this has been so far!!! to see where we have been, go to the june journal and check it out! we just got back to pittsburgh from nashville, and what fun we had!!! yesterday (june 30th) we kicked around nashville for awhile then started to drive back through tennessee

then through kentucky.

stopped in at the

national corvette museum during their 50th anniversary of the corvette weekend!

the we went to see one of the many caves that is in kentucky, just north east of bowling green. the mammoth caves are nearby, but we opted to go to onyx cave

and caught the last tour of the day! we looked down into the caverns, where people have thrown coins to make a wish...

tisa says "get me outta here..." (it was spooky in there and we both felt a little claustrophobic!)

this is where the water drips down over some of the formations and makes it look like glitter and jewels....

and yours truly in the depths of the cave...

then we continued our drive, ate in lexington, right past where they hold the kentucky derby = and what gorgeous horse farms around there!!! = then drove through west virginia

and on back to pennsylvania!

what a FUN trip!!!
happy july and more coming soon!!! xoxo

july 1st late!!!

more misadventures of che and tisa!!!
tisa and i got back from our trip to nashville & we went for a little hike on the yough trail! here is tisa down by the youghiogheny river...

and me!

tisa finds some wild berries down by the river...

wild tiger lillies...

later we got to play at the boston waterfront which was ALOT of fun!!!

mom sits in!

my new band, tee hee!!!

the best promo a band could have! lindsey and nicholas bring their friend to see me!!!

sara is exhausted from selling the t shirts and cds all night!!! :D

july 2

still in pittsburgh, and lucky to be able to see the city today in between our gigs!!! here we are performing at market square with our friend jeff marks sitting in. it was wonderful - jeff is such an amazing player and we JAMMED!!!!

donna came by and brought some friends!

colin, joy, gregory and caroline showed up!!!

merch babes do their thing!!!

then i took tisa on a tour of pittsburgh! saw the willie stargell statue (i originally had roberto clemente, but my friend barry corrected me!!!! THANKS!) at the new PNC baseball park...

then to the andy warhol museum...

back to downtown...

and onto point park where we saw the old fort pitt blockhouse, built 1758-1761!!!

tisa is thrilled to see pittsburgh from mt. washington!!!

hometown girl...

we finally ended up at the homestead waterfront for the pittsburgh songwriters show!!! kate rocks out!

p.e. james performs right before us!!!

our turn!

tisa bungie cords her pants so they wont fall down for the rest of the show!

thanks p.e.!!!

thanks mom and dad!!!

tomorrow we go to cleveland!!!!

july 3

cleveland!!! made it to the rock and roll hall of fame before they closed!

saw some of jerry garcia's guitars, one of the only things you can actually take pictures of... the displays were amazing, of jim morrisons report cards, clothing from tours, ronnie woods tour pants which were made by lip service, so many more things!

me in cleveland!

harkness chapel at case western university, where wruw radio station is!

tisa prepares to go to the radio station...

here we are at wruw with cuz'n dave...

and with jim the producer of the show!

cindy shows up at our gig at hi-fi, which is a great little club!

tisa signs an autograph!!!

more later!!!! gotta run to a gig now!!!

july 4

left cleveland for scranton after having breakfast with dustin and cindy!

on the road again...

got to scranton in time to go to a real patriotic place for dinner before we headed out to the show...

the gang! bent blue, the che zuro band and friends!!! counter clockwise from tisa: tisa, marko, smith, mark, pat, terry, ryan, tony and me!

bent blue rocks lake wallenpaupack!

che and tisa hang out after the show!

july 5

what a fun time we had in scranton with bent blue! marko takes us for a tour around downtown scranton!!!

the electric building that may soon be all lit up once again!

one of the awesome old doors at the post office, right in the center of town!

tisa and marko discuss where to go next...

groovey old buildings, which are slowly being restored...

here we are at the courthouse, close to where we performed on saturday afternoon.

marko's jazz combo was fabulous... is that marko playing KEYBOARDS??? i thought you were a drummer!

bye downtown scranton...

and onto pittston where we did a fun gig at the red mill and met some peeps who heard us on the radio and drove from pretty far away to see the dynamic duo! here we are with edd and lisa!!!

after that we drove all the way across pennsylvania, back to the burgh, for the last day here before going back to el-lay..... thanks to marko, mark, pat and smith for making us feel at home in your hometown!

july 6

last day of the actual trip, even though our last gig was last night in pittston. decided to vedge in pittsburgh and get our stuff ready to ship, all packed up, tour over and rather successful, and alot of fun. whew, we are exhausted!!! was it the humidity or ???? decided to have a little bbq at the abode, and had some beautiful, but strange to tisa, PA weather! (rain, sun, clouds, rain, thunder, bugs, hot, cool, breeze, sun....) tom showed up to hang!

tisa, debbie and mckenna discuss life in general!

hitchins galore! :D

ok, like i'm laughing.... barry and van stop by, someone gives me the horns (guess who....), and my dad laughs. VERRRY funny....

on the street in mayberry...

and a very special performance by street gang live! (featuring mckenna, maggie and chloe)

the dancers, chloe, maggie and mckenna!

hollywood is calling!!!!

the whole street gang!

thanks for joining me on the tour journal.... so long from pennsylvania. see ya in california!!!!

july 8

back in l.a. and exhausted, but happy about how successful the tour was! lots of gigs this week, although i am having to cancel the brennans irish pub gig due to having no voice... (actually i have a voice but it sounds like demi moore when i talk, and when i sing, well, nothing comes out, really........) it's nice to be home, but traveling and seeing old friends and family members and also meeting new people was really quite wonderful! thanks to everyone who made this trip awesome, from stewart brodian who broadcast my phone interview on june 28th on wdiy (which we couldn't hear because we were still driving to kentucky!!!!) to lisa who booked us into the sternwheel regatta, to bobby who put us into the lipstick lounge, and doak who cheerleaded our show there, to erynn and sara and chris whom i havent seen since mammoth last ski season, to michael who met with us at charlies office, and charlie - it was great to meet the mayor of music row, to the kolesars at the boston waterfront and all of my friends and family who made it out to see us there, to lon, dana, and josh at market square for making us feel at home, and jeff marks for adding so much to our set that afternoon, to van and joe and barry and kate and amanda for making our pittsburgh songwriters association show successful, to cindy for letting us invade her home in cleveland, and to dustin for sleeping on the sofa (;D), and veronica for booking us in at hi-fi, what a GREAT club, and to all of the local musicians for coming to see us and applauding and appreciating our music!, and to dave and jim for having us at wruw, and to nick for understanding that we were too shot to do a set at maple grove (but it was great to see you!), and to marko, mark, pat and smith for welcoming us to scranton, and making us part of your family, and to mom and dad for letting us stay at the zuro hotel for no charge, and coddling not only me, but tisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and to everyone else who supported our shows, sent emails about hearing us on the various radio stations, new fans who were surprised to see california girls rock out, etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!! had a fabulous time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

july 10

found the little article that was in the pocono record online: http://www.poconoweekend.com/insstory/tdo81276.htm but the journalist unfortunately put that we opened for BRET BLUE instead of BENT BLUE. anyway, they are bent blue and their website is http://www.bentbluemusic.com !!!

july 12

wanted to post what i have been reading, since some of you are interested. yes, i am an avid reader and usually have a book on tape in the car as well as a book or two by my bedside... this week's fave: "Lady of the Glen" A Novel of Scotland by Jennifer Roberson. it's a historical fiction before the time of bonnie prince charlie. verra good! :D

july 18

happy birthday lisa johnson!
newsflash: the circle of songs show at platinum live on july 25th has been cancelled! mark your calendars, DONT SHOW UP!!!!

july 22

FINALLY, you say, an UPDATE!!!
swift rescue.... (cute, huh???)

che's lounge at hallenbecks featuring the song circle delights of cindy faith, stacey board and lisa johnson!

and brass tacks...

the gig at the rainbow on sunday was so much fun, and the old gang showed up!!!

l-r: patte, sylvia, jeff, tisa, victoria, and mony!

no gigs for a little while, so hang in there! i will try to post more pics of regular stuff and report on anything worth reporting!!! :D

july 24

some pics from yesterday! here's "star" working hard at blue dot!!!

here i am taking a cuddle break with star!!!

enough of that work stuff, it's play time!!!

later on, i worked on charlie's cd at buena vista studios (tee hee)... charlie hard at work laying down some basic tracks

what guitar should i use???

no tuffy, thats NOT a new sleeping spot for you, sorry.........

july 24

i have added more SOAK t-shirts for sale at the buy music page!
If YOU have a SOAK t shirt, PLEASE SEND ME A DIGITAL IMAGE OF YOU IN IT for the website. Soon i will have a PALZ IN SOAK T SHIRTS PAGE to upload on the photos page!!!! WOO HOO!!!

july 28

pics from harry's birthday party in dana point!!!
the jam session...

harry pounds the skins!!! BAM BAM!!!

drew and friends sit in...

harry's granddaughter sings to grandpa!


jim, me, and frank hang out....

happy birthday harry!!!!!!