january 5th


i cannot believe that it is actually 2007. last year flew by so quickly, and here we are already into january of 2007.... where does the time go? and what are your new years resolutions? i made a few.... mostly ones i cant tell everyone. but one in particular is to make sure to actually see more of you during this whole year! and i cant wait!!!

new years day was alot of fun, actually. went to see the fly over before the rose bowl, on suicide bridge, and it was WOW as usual! this time, 4 f-18s buzzed our heads.... i tried taking some photos, but they were so fast! this is what i actually captured. (not too bad but not great, so sorry!) (oh, and it was a gorgeous day!!!!)
here they come! here they come!

i TRIED getting all of them when they were right over my head, but i must have misjudged when to take the actual photo! yikes!

the next day i had a gig at one of my fave venues, universal bar & grill, and the guys showed up! bern and dennis, and then my friend john was in town from nyc and stopped in to hang with gordon and marc. we had a blast! here's gordon and john...

and me and the boyz: marc, me, gordon and john... just like the old days!

john and me! CHEEEESE!!!

more to come now that we are well into the year. and alot more shows coming up, at the old regular places, some new places, and dates to come for mammoth!!!

january 6th

Khrystos Rodyvsya!!!
It's Christmas Eve in the Eastern Orthodox religion and my family celebrates, and has since I can remember! So, once again, Merry Christmas!


january 8th

not alot, but a little bit of snow in the eastern sierras... this is lone pine, and we are looking at where mt. whitney is, altho that peak is hidden in this shot. gorgeous, huh??? hope we get more snow and soon!

january 14th

cold snap in so cal! wow, freezing temps everywhere, accidents from cars sliding in the ice all over the highways.... its nuts! but it has been beautiful... here is the local snow, mt. baldy in the distance. there was snow in fontana and all over the southland.... pretty cool, actually!

this is looking towards orange county. it was so clear you could see for miles and miles!!!

lots of gigs this week! check the calendar for all of the details and hope to see you out and about! bundle up! :D

january 25th

been recording all week, a new FULL BAND cd, with tisa and our friend marko from scranton, PA! jeff at the controls and studio - hot pie! yum! some of the songs we are doing are tease, trembling hands, she's bringing you down, stay forever, lots more. so far, it is sounded better than we thought it could! :D here is jeff setting up marko for the next song...


marko from the control room...

working out a guitar part...

tisa hangs out...

i will keep you posted on how the recording is going and also when you will be able to purchase the new cd or songs on itunes!!!!!