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january 2

happy new year! hope you had a great new year's eve celebration and also an awesome beginning of 2005!!!

didn't have a chance to post any pics from the rest of my new years tour, so i will do that today.....thursday morning i left sue's house and they all left to go skiing!

then drove to meet my friends brenda, bob, christina and aunt dot for breakfast...

then i drove to hershey, pa, for my chocolate fix! tee hee... i was so excited to drive down main street and see the kiss shaped street lights - i have heard about them for years and even tho i am a pennsylvania girl, have NEVER been to hershey, so what a treat for me!!!!

this is the hershey factory!

and chocolate world!!!

then i drove to bethlehem to play my gig at the wildflower cafe and gallery, which is a cute cozy place which just opened in august!

stewart brodian (from wdiy) showed up to support my show!

and jim steager played my second set with me, and it was GREAT!!!

here i am with michelle, the owner, who made me feel so at home!!!!

the next day i drove to scranton for my new years eve gig at scranton's first night celebration.... tom and cindy showed up so i had pals to hang out with after my show, too... it was alot of fun!!! didnt get any pics of me performing, but i did take some photos of the town and fireworks and US!!!! here is my friend marko (on drums) with his jazz group that played at the ritz...

cindy, tom and me at one of the restaurant/bars in town...

the town square...

we caught the fireworks at the stroke of midnight while eating soft pretzels! what a pennsylvania thing to do!!!!

here's a blurry pic but it really shows the excitement of the evening!!!!

happy new year from moi!

january 6

well, i am back in los angeles and back in the swing of things! (back to the grind!) and i have some good news.... first of all the next cd will be available SOON! it's called SNACK and is just a little something to hold you over - a live cd with 10 tunes from the crooked bar. tisa and i are numbering and signing each one and they will be available at all of our live shows as well as on cdbaby.com, so i will make the big announcement whenever they are ready! out of the 10 songs, 7 of them are previously unrecorded, so that should satisfy some of you!!! the second piece of good news is that my song "tied your baby down" will be on a new compilation cd called LA WOMAN, released on groundhog day (for those non-pennsylvanians or people just not in the know, that would be february 2nd), so i will also let you know about that! some of the things that will be added to my website in this new year will be everything i have ever recorded (have to figure out how to scan an ALBUM cover.....) and also a friends photos section on the photo link.... so stay tuned, and check back often. i will make announcements here, more than likely! happy new year! xoxo

ALSO.... in this new year and because it's the month of the annual "white sale," i have put all of my cds for sale at cdbaby in the $5 specials section! the only rule is you need to buy 3 of the cds that are in this section, they don't ALL have to be MINE, but wouldnt that be awesome????? so check it out!!!!!!!!!!!! this sale will end on january

january 11

last night's gig was FUN at universal bar and grill. what a great place!!! we love kellie ann, the bartendress, who made the most amazing chocolate martinis last night, and they also have great food, so please come down to see us sometime there! we debuted 2 new tunes last night, so dennis was treated!!!! :D he also took some pics of us:

looks like we are having fun, huh???

then dennis got creative and artsy fartsy with his photography skills.... tee hee...

come see us at brennans on wednesday!!!!! xo

january 15


woo hoo!

january 24

sorry i havent posted for awhile.... but i have some cool pics from my weekend in mammoth! it was gorgeous there and i had a BLAST!!! here is a view from the top of chair 9!

ready to swoosh...

the views from everywhere were amazing... went snow hiking and had to take alot of pics of everything that surrounded me...

even the snow crystals were amazing looking...

my last day there i got to go skijoring.... and it was so much fun! here i am starting out, and then getting going with gypsy!

here is gypsy boy!

more snow crystals... looks like coral!

thats all for now!!!

january 31

can't believe that its the end of january ALREADY!!! but i did have another glorious weekend in mammoth.... here are some pics i took while driving up there, through the desert...

and the snow on the mountains just while i was driving every day was perfectly gorgeous... we got new snow from another storm that had come in wednesday, thursday and friday, and i got to reap the benefits...

i cant help myself with the picture taking while driving.... tee hee!

no gigs til next weekend and then i have a bunch of solo and duo shows for you all... plus the tour is taking shape, for the east coast in may.... so watch out for dates, soon!!!! xo