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january 1

well, well, another year down the drain!!! tee hee! happy new year to you, and thanks for giving me a great 2003!!! woo hoo! time is flying, huh? maybe not as fast as the jets that flew over pasadena earlier today before the rose parade and the rose bowl!!!

had to go and check out the floats before the parade: here i am in the back of the moosic mooosic moooosic float, with, of course, COWS!!!!! it was a great year of music themed floats!

one of my faves, the dragon float!

not alot of gigs this month, but i will post what is happening so you can follow the news, OK? lots of love! xoxoxo

january 8

"Pack of Lies" from my latest CD Orphans (yet unreleased! sorry!), has been chosen for ROCKRGRL Discoveries 2004 CD! The artists and tracks included are Molly Bancroft for "Hey Cheri" (also won the grand prize Fender Guitar!), Jana Peri, "Dating Sucks", Deborah Crooks, "Dream Me", Patti Witten, "Another Minute More", Annie Minogue, "Love Parade", Amy Vee, "All in Me", Rachael Sage, "Bravedancing", Che Zuro, "Pack of Lies", Switchblade Kittens, "My Ride", Tart, "Anna Said", Enemy Kite, "Knife in Backs", Katy Pfaffl, "As She Stands", Jessi Hamilton, "I'll Cry For You", Kelda, "Fairytale", Simon Stinger, "The Future Will Blow Your Mind", Viki Nova, "Nothing Changes". For more information about the CD as well as about Rockrgrl, go to their website at http://www.rockrgrl.com! Cool, HUH???? XOXO

january 11

weekend in vegas!
went to vegas to meet my cousin this weekend and had a blast! here are some pics!
the buffett..sara, john, me, greg, kristine, jenn and matt

here i am with my cousin, sara, on fremont street in downtown vegas!

the half pipe on fremont street! saw a great show!

the screen at fremont...

the gals disco down..... tee hee

january 13

off to oregon for a few days, so i will try to post some pics or writings about whats going on there, OK??? next gig is brennans on the 21st, at a later time for those complaining that they cant get there on time straight from work!!!! xoxo

january 23

oregon was great and beautiful! not all of my pics turned out, but here are some scenery pics that are awfully gorgeous....

some of the students promoting their own "the americana project."

here i am with kerani and lauren, two of the stars of "the americana project!"

hope to get back there in the late summer or early fall!!! thanks to jeri and susan for making the trip awesome, wish i had a clear pic of you guys!!!!!!!! eeek!!!! xoxo

january 25

happy birthday leroy!

i keep thinking that its so strange that its already 2004.... 2004!!!!!!!!!! wow, where did the years go and wow, we are in this new century with things ever changing. its amazing to see all of this. i almost cant wait til i am really old so i can say all of that "i remember that!" "when i was YOUR age" and all of those things that our elders always said. well, maybe i CAN wait to be an elder. argh.... watched the sun set into the ocean tonight while drinking my martini, and thought, what a charmed life i have.... thankful for everything i have and ready for the challanges ahead....
postscript, added later today...
just got an email that our local NSAI co-coordinator, rex poindexter has passed away. very sad news...