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January 25

great day for skiing!!!

happy birthday norik!!!

January 22

you can now buy SOAK t-shirts HERE!
Quantities are limited, as are colors and sizes! EEEK!
But they sure are CUTE!

See ya at the Sherman Oaks Lounge tomorrow night!!! XO

January 17

here are pics from last nights gig at hallenbecks!!!
lauren singing with holly sitting in on harp!!!

holly doing her thang!

james doing his...... drumming!!!!

now its tracy's turn!

lauren playing lead on one of tracy's songs!

che and tisa before their stoney show....

January 16

mammoth gigs are cancelled due to me being SICK...

January 15

this HAS to be one of the funniest websites i have ever seen...
wait for everything to load, all four horses, and then click on each horse and they SING together....
what a HOOT!
singing horses!!!
more coming soon!!! (promise)

January 6

Kristos rozhdaetsya! Slav'te ego!

January 3

here are pics from our gig yesterday at pershing square! sorry, none of US, exactly!!! the skating rink downtown...

a gorgeous day!

our hero, karl!

January 1

a beautiful day in southern california, i must say....
went to see the jets fly over the rose bowl this afternoon...
view of the rose bowl looking north,
from "suicide bridge."

i missed taking a pic of the stelth bomber, but caught the F117A's that followed it!

i am BACK from mammoth, which turned out to be an awesome trip,
despite the frozen pipes and the tons of snow to shovel!
(BR>this was shot from the lower gondola, looking down to main lodge...

more from the gondola...

looking back up the mountain...

this is first thing in the morning after the snowfall... on the old road...

skiing in the blizzard!!! michael, frank and nanci!

taking a much needed break!
here i am with michael...

frank and nanci stay warm!!!

i wish you much love and prosperity in this brand new year!!!