february 7th

it's been so long! but there is lots going on. recording, traveling, enjoying life! hope that you are too!!!

i love feb. am actually traveling back east for my dad's birthday this weekend, will take pics and upload them maybe from there. planning to hang with some friends and go see the reunion show of "the silencers" on friday night, and hang with my family the rest of the time. next week i have a solo show at uni bar and grill and the following week at brennans with the duo. not too many shows, but if there is somewhere you might want us to play, please email the info to me and i will check it out. i am always looking for new exciting places!!!

february 14th

i got out of the east just in time, before the big snow.... as i drove to the airport, it had started to flurry, but not bad. sitting on the plane, it started again, and then we were up, up and away! into the sky above the clouds. flying back to california was great, actually, because it is so clear outside, you can see forever!!! i guess i missed the rain, but that's ok. i got the outcome of the after-the-rain! my trip was amazing, saw alot of friends and family and did alot of fun things. as soon as i download my photos from the weekend, i will post some pics with captions for you to see.... great time, but too short of a trip.

have a wonderful valentine's day, kiss your loved ones if they are nearby, call the ones who arent and tell them those three little words!!! XOXO

here's a little tune for you, ha ha ha!!!!

soon i will have some tunes for you to listen to, download, comment on, sing to, bla bla bla..... :D